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    November 7, 1692

    The fear of witchcraft was in its prime. People locked their doors at night, prayed before bed, and accused everyone for commiting curses. That night was just like one of those nights. A storm had tumbled in from the south, and an unrelenting rain shut everyone in for the night. The wind had been especially brutal. Door and windows crashed in, fences were torn from the muddy ground, and trees fell over onto barns and houses.

    In the morning, the sun's rays blessed their glow across the town of Binsmerry. Despite the carnage, the town pulled together to begin reconstruction. During a villager's venture into the woods for supplies, they came across a startling scene. A young girl no older than 18 was found lying under a large tree. At first, the man thought they were dead on scene. However, he inspected further and found that the maiden still breathed. The villager ran back to the town, shouting and yelling for help. Withing minutes 30 of the town's residents came together to lift up the tree off the girl.

    They carried her off back to the villiage and into the herbalists. The girl was unconsious, but despite being under a heavy oak tree, the girl lived and with very minimal injury. At one point during her long rest, Rosetta, the herbalist, discovered a locket around her neck. It was long and drooped down into her dirty black gown, and at the end was a small ellipse. Rosetta knew better than to look through the unconsious girls things, but she felt strangely attacthed to the locket. Upon placing a hand on it, she felt a shock pulse up her arm, and moved away promptly. Rosetta didn't touch it again, but she did tell everyone about the locket. Minus the part where it shocked her.

    A couple weeks after the girls arrival, she still remained unconsious in the herbalist's house. Every night that passed, stranger and stranger things happened. At first it was minor. Bruised clouds often covered the sky, and the nights were drenched with rain. Then, it got more serious. People began to bleed from their nose periodically, and others said they would cough up blood after eating. At night, people could hear their doors being scratched on along with terrible shrieks and howls. Livestock went missing, and their remains found in the woods. Nothing but skeletons.

    Panic insued among the villagers. The immediate thought was that there was a witch among them. Which soon turned into people believing the unconsious girl was the witch. Some threatened to kill her in her sleep, others wanted to hang her at the spot. Very few begged for everyone to give her a chance, and to let her wake up before executing her. The town divided. Some for killing the girl, and others defending her. Which will you be?

    Welcome to my new RP! You will be playing as villagers in a small village during the 1600's. The objective of this RP is to unravel the mystery behind the sleeping girl, along with the other odd things happening around Binsmerry. I will be playing as some characters, like Rosetta for example. I will have a map and more information posted if we get some interest. How about some character sheets?


    Inventory: (Based off of your profession)
    Family: (Haven't really decided what I'm going to do with this. For now list your character's family.)
    Notes/Important Things: (Allergy to bees. Lost a toe in combat with an OP witch. Etc.)
  2. Name: Ruby Valentine (Maiden name Ruby Jane)

    Age: 22

    Appearance: (Girl on the very left.) She is about 5'6 feet tall, slim body, pale skin and has long beautiful black hair. She wears a black dress with a white ruffle at the top, and has a necklace with a ruby gem on it.


    Profession: Alchemist

    Inventory: Alchemy kit, herbs, Empty Flasks, Has a giant pot for bigger brews at her house, A few remedies she carries around in case of emergencies.

    Family: Bruce Jane (Father), Mary Jane (Mother), Blake Valentine (Husband)

    Notes/Important Things: Phobia of large crowds, Burned herself around the shoulder area while mixing remedies, got married on the day they found the girl under the tree, Rosetta helps supply Ruby with herbs so they are great friends.
  3. Looks good! Thanks for joining. :)
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    5'11, Well built body for his age. Normally wears dark colors, and a hat at all times if possible.

    Drake Carver






    Musket (With Attachable Bayonet)
    Flintlock Pistol
    English Dagger
    Several Spare Bullets

    Wife - Rebecca Carver (Missing)
    Rebecca Carver died during a fight with Drake, after leaving the house in a storm during the night, and was never seen again.
    Daughter- Victoria Carver (Havent seen in years.)
    After the mysterious disappearance of her mother, Victoria left to the bigger city.

    Notes/Important Things:

    Constantly drinking.
    Considered rude and disrespectful by most.
    Doesnt enjoy talking about family.
    Afraid of heights.
    Blames himself for his family leaving.
  5. Another good sheet! Thanks for joining!
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