Scariest video game you played?

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  1. Mine was Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge.
  2. Scariest game I EVER played? It's a bit of a cliche, but Slenderman is mine. I don't usually play scary games.
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    Except homecoming.

    Fuck homecoming.
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  4. The two video games that have really horrified me are To The Moon and The Path, though the horror they induced was more of the deep, psychological kind you probably weren't referring to. I'm planning to try this game for a scare next, or maybe this one (Ooh, or this one). (Btw, last three links are to Call of Cthulhu, Planescape Torment, and The Walking Dead)

    As for scare as in thrill, I'd have to go with Minecraft. Yeah, I've tried actual thrill-horror games like Silent Hill or Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but nothing beats a real good round in Survival Games, especially when you're somewhat rping as you play. EDIT: Oh, but the times I played that game with the pages and that game with the creepy thing where you're in a weird facility sort of come close. Wait, no, SCP's definitely the one that scares me the most, not MC. I think....
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  5. I'm actually the type to WATCH people play horror games. Because I'm way too much of a wuss to play any of them.

    I'll base it off of what game made me jump the most while watching.

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  6. Fatal Frame 1, 2, and 3.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Fuckin' Amnesia. X__X I haven't even played through the whole game. The fact I can't kill anything is what makes it scariest for me. I can handle horror games if I'm armed, but this game is just an object interaction type of game. You need to just get the fuck out, especially if your character is being driven too insane. What's worse is that when you find a place to hide, the monsters are perfectly capable of breaking the barrier down so it can keep chasing you. That shit's crazy.
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  8. Sonic.exe - someone in the gaming world deciding to create the Creepy pasta story come to life though it is only 10 minutes scared the ever loving shit out of me. It's truly disturbing.

    Call of Cthulhu - though the second half of this game becomes easier on my heart...the first half wrenched my heart nearly out of my chest

    Silent hill 4 - The room - I had to pick one and picking one silent hill was very very very hard,but when it comes to Scare and fear in the player, 4 takes the cake! this game was ANNOYING!! but jesus christ of all the SH games...this particualr one made me feel so uncomfortable....especially the face room D: silent hill fans know exactly what I am talking about.

    Penumbra - Black plague. holy shit. best one of the three games. tense and unsettling.

    Slender The eight pages - Best of the best Free Indie games out there. I have beat this game countless times...but no matter how many times I play it I am always jumping....non stop.

    Cry of fear - VERY much like fatal frame, but soooo much more intense and way more scary....Highly suggested to those whom Love to swallow their own hearts. I recommend this game to every horror junkie out there.

    SCP Containment breach - probably the greatest most simple, and FREE, horror games SCP/173 is one of the scariest SCP files I have read and had the pleasure of meeting through gaming. The last thing you want to do with this game is shut your eyes.

    I know of alot more....ALOT more...but I ran thorugh and picked the ones that gave me the best recent scares and the ones that I will never ever forget.

    Majoras Mask - this game wasn't so much scary as it depressed the shit out of me. The moon however was eerie and unforgettable. now internetly famous for the horror short BEN DROWNED. While BEN DROWNED is not a game, the video that was created for the story still strikes me into the same category as this is still closely related to gaming.
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  9. This game gave me nightmares just SITTING in my room even if I hadn't played it for months...... I used to keep it in a drawer because it freaked me out so much.
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    The second video has spoilers!
    Don't watch it if you don't like spoilers!!

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  11. Dead space 2, I actually peed in my pajamas when Isaac went through the crypt >_<
  12. Amnesia is one of the most terrifying games in existence. Just play it in the dark, and you'll see why. I've heard of a game called Outlast that's supposed to be pretty scary too, but I haven't played it yet. Now I want to...
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  13. I don't play games myself, but I watch Gibs play games and the one that scared the shit out of me was F.E.A.R. o_____o
  14. I typically do not find actual horror games to be scary. I find their plot exciting and their jumpscares thrilling.

    But... games that aren't categorized as horror, like the whole idea that the second half of Final Fantasy 8 was Squall's delusions as he was dying. That gave me chills.

    Also, Fallout. Dead Space. Portal. They each have their own really fucking creepy moments.

    Plus, all those super weird easter eggs in seemingly normal games.

    ._. Hel is in a dark place now
  15. Probably either Penumbra or Amnesia, though I've hardly played Amnesia. I generally don't play too many horror games.
  16. Not sure if I'm just one of those oddballs that doesn't really get scared of horror games. Tense from suspense but rarely scared. I have played Amnesia and I will say I was rather creeped the fuck out and had a few jump moments. Though I blame Stephen King for making me fear, well fear.

    It's not the dark one fears, its the tearing experiences one carry with them that this one fears.

    ...but if I had to say anything, it'd have to be Amnesia and System Shock 2.
  17. Well, honestly: ANY UNDERWATER AREA IN ANY GAME. For example: In Shadow of the Colossus, having to swim through that lake to get to the third colossus. There wasn't even anything -in- that lake. And not to mention the horror that was HYDRUS, THE UNDERWATER EEL COLOSSUS. I am having heart palpitations just thinking about it.
    Murky water, even in video games... (shudder)
  18. the links below will take you to FREEEEEEEEE HORROR GAMES most on the list are pretty decent!
    you must go to the youtube page itself and look underneath the video ^_^
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  19. Superman 64. I still have nightmares.
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  20. I would have to say, as a child, the dungeons in Oblivion were rather frightening. I mean, come one, there were lots of zombies and ghosts in them. As a kid that would be pretty frightening. (Well, to me.) The game that I currently find scary would probably have to be Outlast. Well, it's more screwed up than scary, but it still has moments that just about made me piss myself.
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