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  1. I don't normally like to talk about my problems or worries with anyone, not even close friends and family. It's just that I've never been that way, I'm always the one supporting everyone and helping so it's hard for me to talk about certain things.
    However I'm trying to change that aspect about myself so I'm not stressing or depressing myself as much anymore.
    Well I have this issue...about a year ago I was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst (or Bible cyst), there are two types: one that the cyst grows upwards and can be easily fixed with a simple smash from a heavy book or medicine. The second type is where the cyst grows roots and moves outwards from the joint. Mine is the second type and is located in my left wrist joint. Since finding out about the cyst, the roots have grown from my wrist to my elbow, it's pretty painful when the roots grow and creepier when I can feel it growing.
    I've tried the steroid regiment from my doctors and that only helped with the swelling, took an MRI suggested by said doctors and had a steroid injection directly into my wrist (they said it would help get rid of it). Sadly that didn't happen.
    Next step is surgery to remove the cyst and roots.
    Here's my dilemma...I'm scared to have it done, I know it's a simple outpatient operation and I will be required to wear a cast for a little bit and then splint and then brace. It's just that I've heard some stories about not gaining back the ability to use my hand and such forth.
    I'm a writer and it scares me to think that I won't be able to do that anymore or at least not as well because I lost the use of my hand. (Even right now typing this is taking forever because my wrist is hurting and making it hard to type)
    I've even thought about just living with the pain and what not but the downside to that is, if I continue to let the roots grow the doctors said that they could grow into my chest cavity and wrap about my heart causing more complications. I know the risks of getting the surgery and not getting it but I still can't bring myself to get the surgery done.
    I guess maybe I'm looking for a little bit of encouragement because I don't normally get any from friends and family when I do talk about my fears.
  2. Have you gone and had a second opinion. I think any time you are doing something that is recomended by an expert that is causing you sucha dilemma you should seek out a second opinion. The second doctor by validating the first doctor's advice might put you at ease. Also they might have some other suggestions to try.

    In any case, good luck and much health!
  3. I agree with Ocha you should definitely talk to another doctor just to get their take and opinion on the matter. Because unfortunately right now healthcare seems to be more of an art than a science. But have you talked to the doctor about your fears? They would be the ones I would trust more than just simple rumors and wivestails. Because a lot of the stuff is unfounded, or it was caused from something else.

    I believe it would probably be worth it to have the surgery if they are able to fully remove the cyst. Because I would think that it will only get worse for you with pain, and lose of mobility caused by the cyst. The possibility of losing mobility in my hand would frighten me, but the thought of dieing or losing my hand completely scares me more.

    In the end though it is up to you.
  4. Did you have the surgery yet? If so, hope it went well.

    Surgeries are scary things and I'm glad to hear you're being proactive about your condition. Don't let fear stop you from taking care of yourself. I'm pretty sure they have therapy if you need it after surgery. From what I gather, it seems a lot like grabbing or dealing with a stress ball of sorts but who knows.

    I wish you the best of luck and know you'll be writing with no pain in no time. Keep your head up!