Scarborough Fair (w/ AshenAngel)

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  1. A Rp originally by Lewi.

    Circa, The Messenger
    Circa turned to follow the deep voice coming from the middle of the machines, frowning at the noise é chaotic ambient. She made the leather hover a little higher, so that nothing would come to happen to it. After a few turns around the maze that the place was, Circa finally found the daemon. And before she could say anything, he beat it at her, giving the Hybrid instructions.

    "Sure." The girl murmured with a roll of her eyes, bringing the leather lower and dipping it in the barrel of water, soon setting it on the table next to it. She turned towards Leone once again, watching him work on whatever he was working on.

    "I have no idea how you're able to work in a place like this." She said loudly, frowning at the clanging of the metal. Indeed, she had no idea. Circa would have gone crazy on the first day. But then, she wasn't really a creature too fond of chaos, it gave her headaches.
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  2. • Leone Valcrosse •

    Leone smirked hearing the angel give a bit of attitude towards his request, yet she did as he asked anyways. He casted a spell, in the daemonic tongue of course, and the leather began to prepare itself, slicing itself into strips on a small hook-like blade that was mounted on the table.

    A small chuckle escaped him as she spoke about how he was able to work in the forge. Now that was an entertaining thought. After all of his experiences, on the battlefield and in his homeland, this place was downright calm. He considered his response for a short moment, finding the best wording for it. He wouldn't give way to his history... But he'd definitely take the chance to seem a bit wiser of the world and its workings.

    "Some people can find a sort of peace in chaos."

    He continued to work on the chainmail, focusing on the delicate work of creating small metal chains and looping them together.
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  3. Circa said nothing for a while, nor did she look away from the chainmail. Her mind traveled away as she remembered a quote her mother once said, a quote about chaos.

    "In chaos, there is fertility." She finally said, her voice coming out as a whisper, as if she was telling a secret. The hybrid frowned a little, as she always did whenever she remembered such quote. Not because she disagreed with it, but because it made her remember of...things. Of a person. Not her mother though, no. Never mother. She retook. "My mom used to say that, but I never believed in it. She said I was the result of chaos. I never understood it, though." The Nephilim shrugged. "I still don't."

    Circa raised her head to look at Leone, trying to understand how the daemon worked, no matter how useless it was. They were creatures of complete different nature. She was a Nephilim, child of an Angel, a creature of light. Leone...not so much. Two sides of a coin. The whole Yin Yang. They weren't made to understand each other. Perhaps chaos isn't supposed to be understood by all, perhaps beings such as Leone were the only ones gifted with such knowledge. Perhaps...

    The hybrid sighed, there's no use to keep wondering, there's a war coming. No time for philosophies.
    "Do you think you'll be able to finish everything in time?" She asked, changing the route of the conversation.
  4. Leone listened closely as he continued to work, a softer smile on his face as he considered the quote that was but a mere whisper from the little angel. He thought about the right wording for it, to be respectful and all that fun stuff.

    "Your mother was a brilliant person."

    His words were a tad bit softer now, a slight gentleness to them not often used by the daemon. He wouldn't explain the quote, as it was up to Circa to learn it on her own. It would be unfair to unravel the meaning and steal the experience of discovering it from the nephilim.

    As the topic drifted on to the more pressing subject of war falling upon the kingdom, the daemon gave a small shrug of his shoulders. His wings spread slightly with the gesture, revealing more than a few old scars before folding against his back once more.


    His gruff nature had finally returned. He was always quite the piece of work, and he could tell that the little angel was attempting to figure him out. Honestly, he should just tell her to give up now, but where exactly would the fun be in that?
  5. Circa simply nodded at the other's comment about her mother, completely agreeing with him.

    "Maybe I could be of any help?" The hybrid asked a tad hesitantly, not really sure about her own offer. She was a messenger, not a blacksmith, she knew absolutely nothing about forges or weapons and stuff like that. But, as many say, desperate times call for desperate measures. And if there was anything she could do to help them win this war, she'd do it, anything, even if it costs her life.

    "I might not know any of...this." She considered the whole room. "But I could do something simple. I don't think the King would have any use of me right now."

    (Sorry about the short post, I'm in a bit of hurry so I couldn't elaborate on it)
  6. Leone frowned a bit with her offer of help. He paused from his work to look around the forge, before actually looking at Circa and evaluating what she could do. He had most of the simple tasks handled already through his own magic, though one thing did stick out in his mind.

    "You any good at casting protective charms?"

    His tail slowly flicked as he considered it. He was definitely not the best at casting charms. His magic was more combat-based than anything, though he was able to adapt to the forge and manipulate most of his common spells to suit his relatively new position. But he'd never screwed around with charms until he found himself in the forge, and he really hated putting so much focus into such a trivial thing.

    As he awaited her answer, he turned back to his work and put the last touches on it. With that, he moved it over to the done pile. He then picked up the stops of leather and began to work on the handles of the swords.
  7. Circa considered for a second, before nodding her head as a reply.

    " I'm not the greatest at it, but I can make do." Her mom made sure she learnt things such as protective charms, especially since because her father's an Angel and, apparently, a master at such arts. That's what her mother said anyways, it's not like Circa would know, her father never really had the guts to show his face before. Mother used to say that he was too busy to come down, that he had important things to tend to in Heaven. Circa called bullshit.

    "I am an Angel after all." She paused for a minute before resuming. "Well, a Nephilim actually, but it counts." She did have the wings and all that stuff, she just never really met God or whoever her father worked for, it's not like she cared anyway. The only person she'd gladly accept orders from would be the King, who took her under his wings and gave her a home and something to live for. The only things she'd die for would be this Kingdom and its people. Since they're the only things keeping her from going rogue, and what prevented such destiny. And for that, she'd be forever grateful.
  8. "Alright, that pile of shields there need to have protection charms casted on them, if you don't mind."

    Leone gestured with his tail to the shields neatly stacked on a nearby table to make it clear which ones he was talking about. It felt weird having someone else working in the forge with him, though he had no problem with the angel, or nephilim as she called herself.

    He shrugged it off and began to put the leather on the swords, and used his favorite type of magic to create a nice, tight bond between the glue, leather, and sword. That magic being hellsfire. A daemon's hellsfire is like their signature, almost never like any other's. While daemons were a scarce race at best anymore, no other daemon that Leone had met had the same type of flame burning in their core.

    The little black flame hovered about two inches above his palm, radiating an odd blue-purple light and producing a massive amount of heat. It also made the leather turn a shade or two darker from it's original state. Yes, his hellsfire made things darker as well. It sometimes made him question himself and his nature, though he found no reason to really delve deep on the matter.
  9. Circa turned to look at the pile of shields, setting her lips in a thin line of determination. Her hands hovered above the shields, before closing her eyes and concentrating. Firstly, my dear, you must close your eyes. Her lips parted away and started muttering a strange tongue, the language of Angels: Enochian. Feel the purity in your veins, do not worry in finding it, you won't miss it. You are the child of an Angel, after all. Soft words slipped through her lips, each of them like breath. Her wings stuffed and subconsciously opened themselves above the Nephilim and the shields, casting a shadow above them. You'll feel lighter. Her hands started shining with a soft bright light, nothing too bright though, just the enough to light up the whole table. Then, you'll feel warmer, as if you're being embraced. Do not worry, that will be your father. Circa didn't move in a while, lost in warm light and memories long gone. However, the most important part of a protective charm is the intetion itself, if your will is pure and benign, then there won't be a stronger charm. Do not forget about this, child. Once your soul gets corrupted, you'll lose not only your wings, but yourself as well. Circa's hands finally stopped shining, her eyes slowly opening to look at the work in front of her. Her mouth curled up in a nostalgic smile.

    "Remember, both good and evil exists inside one's soul. One can not live without the other. 'Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.'." Circa murmured more to herself than to the daemon present, continuing the old memory of warmth and love.

    Finally, she broke away from the shields, her attention going to the magic that was being cast by Leone. She never turned towards him, she only felt the power; it was darker than hers, heavier. "Your magic is troubling." Her quiet voice whispered, with no intent of offending the other, that's just what she felt. "It makes my wings tingle."

    A pause.

    "I still don't know if that's a bad thing or not." The Nephilim chuckled softly, finally turning to Leone. However, her voice quickly sobered up. "The shields are done. I believe they can take quite a hit before becoming useless."
  10. Leone kept his mind on his work, though he did hear the odd language uttered by the angel and arched a brow at it, before shrugging it off. He used the daemonic tongue to cast his magic, so it would make sense for the nephilim to use her own tongue.

    Her words about his magic made him pause, his gaze turning down to the floor for a second. He shrugged it off, keeping his temper in check and remaining mindful not to growl any obscenities. He glanced back at her with a hardened gaze.

    "Well, this fire makes up my soul, so please watch what you say."

    His voice was cool and calm, before he flicked his gaze back to his work. He'd actually managed to keep his temper in check. That was actually a pretty decent surprise. He thought about what she could do next since she'd finished putting the charms on the shields so quickly.

    "Alright. They need leather grips on them yet before they face any sort of damage. Bring 'em over here, I'll show you how to do that."
  11. Circa flushed a bit in shame at the hardened gaze of the other, she should know better than to comment on the other's ability. But she didn't back out, nor would she. She didn't say anything for a while, only carrying the shields with the help of her telekinetic ability to the daemon. She stood up by his side, not really caring if he made her feel shorter, she didn't worry about petty things like that. When she was closer, Circa could feel the vibrations of Leone's magic, stronger than before. She really didn't mean to offend him, and while she didn't feel guilty for saying what she did, she felt the need to explain her words.

    "Your magic," She started before he could say anything at all. "I said it was troubling for the likes of me, and that wasn't a lie. But that doesn't mean your Fire is less bright, less powerful than mine. I would think it otherwise if you used it for other means, but instead you create with it." Her wings puffed for a while, as if excited about something, before going back to normal. "Perhaps that's what troubles me. You create, but then, you also have the power to destroy. Well, that must be the chaos inside you, huh?"

    Circa couldn't help the little smile as she thought of that, as much as it terrified her. No wonder daemons and angels aways clashed, with natures so different. "Anyway, enough of that. Let's finish these shields."
  12. Leone opened his mouth to explain what she was to do, however she beat him to the punch. He listened silently as she tried to make amends of her previous comment, though the daemon remained unmoved by her words. His tail flicked slightly as she spoke of the chaos that dwelled within him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, attempting to change his focus to the task at hand.

    He began to demonstrate what he wanted Circa to do, explaining while he did so.

    "Alright, you see the pairs of metal hooks on the inside of the shields? You're going to hook a strap of leather between the hooks. The strips just need holes in them, and that's what the press here does. Slide the end of the strip into the slot and press down. Do the same to the other end, then hook it into place. Got it?"

    He asked, his gaze fixing on he once more. He wanted to be sure that she knew what to do.
  13. Circa noticed the reaction of the other, or rather, the absence of it. But she chose not to comment, better not to get on the daemon's nerves. Instead, Circa listened carefully to Leone's explanation on how to put on the leather grips. It wasn't as hard as she thought it would be, but it wasn't that easy either. Well, she could manage it.

    "Yes, it shouldn't be too hard. I can do it." The Niphilim replied, confident in herself. She turned around to pick a glove, so as to not hurt her hands in the process.

    "You can continue with whatever you were doing, I'll be fine." She said as her hands concentrated on putting on the gloves, her yellow eyes trailing up to the daemon only to go back to more important matters, like the shields that needed to get finished in front of her.
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  14. Leone watched as she did the first shield, just to be sure it was done right. Seeing as she had it under control, he went back to putting the handles on the swords. If she said anything more about his magic while he attempted to do his job, he would certainly loose his temper.

    His work was quick and precise now that he could focus fully on it. Soon the pile of swords that had piled up while he had been waiting for leather was set in the done pile. Satisfied with that work, he turned and went back to working on the chainmail armor. He glanced about the forge once he was in a good rythym, pleased to see that he was pretty much caught up with everything.
  15. @AshenAngel sorry, I don't think I'll be able to continue with this rp, I don't feel the same way about Circa as when I created her, she's not as interesting to rp anymore. I'm deeply sorry.
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