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    Note: !!! - The number of exclamation
    points, is the rate of desire I hold for a plot.
    Ranges from 1 to 3.

    About Me

    I have varied tastes of enjoyment. From the dark and depressing to endearing and kind, from flirtatiously shy to a cruel demeaning tease. I am fond of creative writers, ones in which can create a twisted plot and devious little traps for me to uncover. And of course, as the doting host I am, I will satisfy your desires if not make them grow. As for how long I have been roleplaying, the guess can be estimated roughly around 5 - 6 years. As I have grown in my writing skills and pondering mind, I have come seeking partners who will still my wondering heart and enrapture me into a world of wonder and compromising delusions.

    So I beseech you, come jump down the rabbit hole.

    Time to Review
    I ask that my partners know what they are getting into before sending me a PM. I am a serious writer and give time and effort into my characters, plots, and posts. I write not only for my own pleasure in my spare time but so that I can learn. I believe that a writer is never done learning, there are too many things in this world to explore and think about. Too many styles and people who can give hints and tips. Writing is an art, something few people can grasp with clarity for what it is. So when you ask me of my time, I request that you also do your best in a reply. I do not take one liners. I refuse bleak, dull descriptions. So yes, you may think of me as 'uptight', but if you can't respect this then there is no reason for us to talk.
    I focus on stories more than smut. I like character depth more than how deep can your character tease mine with their fingers. I write more than a paragraph (usually four to six on the regular), but make a silent agreement based on how much detail has been put into a reply, the same will be given in return. If your creativity has hit a dry spell, please tell me. If you wish to stop a current story, also please tell me.
    I understand that breaks are needed.

    Preferred Genres
    Action - Military Fiction, Spy Fiction, Heroic Bloodshed
    Adventure - The Lonesome Duo, Childish Fun, Seeking The Truth
    Crime - Detective Story, Murder Mystery, Whodunnit, Hardboiled, Kill Me or Kill You, Legal Thriller
    Erotic - Nuff' Said.
    Victorian - Steampunk
    Faction - Historical plots, events, or people mixed with fanatical lore.
    Fantasy - Contemporary, Urban, Dark, Fables, Fairy Tales, Epic, Legends/Mythic, Dying Earth

    Intelligent Partners
    Battle of Wits
    Rough Seduction
    Force/Manipulation (Mental and Physical Power Play)
    Rough Housing
    Clothed Intimacy
    Sexual Tension
    Themes >>> Dangerous Lust
    Betrayal of Trust
    Corruption of the Pure
    Powerful Men/Women Being Stripped of Glory & Pride

    Demon General x Human Weapon
    Police Officer x Detective
    Detective x Sociopath
    Mythological Creature x Human
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Human
    Demon x Human
    Shapeshifter x Shapeshifter
    Experiment x Scientist
    Dragon x Human
    Dragon x Royalty

    Hunter x Hunter
    Hunter x Human
    Predator x Prey
    Assassin x Royalty
    Alien x Human
    Teacher x Student

    Pirate x Noble
    Druglod x Noble

    Plots -

    Purple = Taken
    Green = Open
    Peach = On Hold
    Blue = In Development

    -- As of this moment, plots are either being developed or are already posted. Remember that these plots are long term and not meant to be used only for frick-fracking. Serious partners are wanted and please refrain from stealing plots. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Any who feel need to speak of a plot, do so freely. All advise or suggestions will be noted and discussed. --

    Cross Thy Borders
    Dragon x Human
    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure

    The delicate lines that held the world in peace have unraveled and war rages among the races. With utter destruction looming with forbidden power, the Ash Beast is awoken by human kind. Now it is up to the young mortal chosen by the Delegates to keep the monster hidden from the Blood Cry and all who seek it's power. Morals are tested and trust is stretched to its very limit. Can the duo string peace back together or will their own stubbornness bring the world to its knees?

    Veiled in Black
    Dragon x Royalty
    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure

    Humans and the OtherWorlders have never seen a day of peace. Wars have thinned treaties and promises have been broken. With the world hinged on a fragile balance, a stranger veiled in black appears one late summer's night. Speaking of an enemy far greater than any seen before, a decision must be made. Thus a thousand year prophecy shall break ideals and cloud the mind in doubts and fear.

    Breaking Tides
    Demon General x Human Weapon
    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action

    Scarlet has become the Earth's daily drink since Demons broke free from the inner crust of the Mediterranean Sea. Rising from the surface of the waters, humanity was struck with a deadly blow and pushed to the brink of extinction in a matter of months. No man made weapon could stop the forces on the battle lines and hope was lost, until a special symbol was revealed. The Children, mortals gifted with power beyond comprehension led humans to their first victory. Now a century has passed and the Demons want to take back the land they lost and the lives along with it. Spies are sent and the search is on. Find the Children and kill them one by one.

    The Hunter's Handbook
    Hunter x Hunter
    Genre: Horror, Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    The 'False World' is ignorant of the truth. They don't understand what happened on the other side. That Things lurk behind the doorway and the only instrument keeping them at bay is The Fabric of Law and Order. But something has torn through and now the monsters have escaped. Two chosen hunters are set together to find and kill the beasts they meet and search for the answers of what or whom tore the veil.

    Too Cold
    Hunter x Vampire
    Genre: Romance, Action, Fantasy

    The King's Order has opened it's doors to the Black Bloods. Due to resent incidents around Europe, the suspected Kin Club is being questioned on their morals and members. The world seems to be turning upside down and without a stable ground, panic ensues. A Black Blood Royal and Sensor must work together to find the leader of The Kin and stop the madness before the humans realize what's happening.

    But You Can't Bite
    X Vampire x True Blood
    Genre: Romance, Action
    What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?
    Rule 1. Don't go out to midnight parties
    Rule 2. Don't go out to midnight parties hosted by a vampire
    Rule 3. Don't get cut
    A college sophomore is sent for a shock when it turns out they are the main course at a wild, blood thirty party. It's only when they are saved by the ultimate vampire killer, that truths are revealed and being careful is a must.

    Guns 'n' Roses
    Detective x Sociopath
    Genre: Crime, Physiological
    California is a big playground for a killer. It's also one hell of a mystery for a detective. The police do their jobs, but they are reckless and hold very loose ends. When L.A. Police drop a filed set of crimes, someone has to get their hands dirty to solve the case. From the underworld of the illegal to the top of the business pentagon, a killer remains on the loose with a sick fetish for roses.
    Note: The Socoipath is a killer. A murderer. Not just someone who holds strings and can twist people around. Those who wish to play this role, will have to know how to write a kill. Different kills. If creativity fails you one this, don't ask to play it.

    Notes & Rules
    • Romance is not a needed genre. It's only placed in each plot because of expected prejudice. If you wish not to play a romance story, tell me firsthand. Gore/Blood will also be placed in these settings simply because my plots usually go there.
    • Once a plot is taken it will not be opened until the story is dropped or completed. Be quick if you wish to select a story and stay to that story when we start. First come first served.
    • To my Yaoi fans, I am stating this now so confusion and embarrassment can be avoided. I have experienced somewhat traumatizing roleplays with this community and I approach it with high guard and caution. If you wish to roleplay this with me, I need to see how you write and information on you and your history with this genre. I am selective with all whom I write with, but this is one of my strictest cases.
    • An active partner is needed. Someone who can reply at least once a day if not more. After 7 days any roleplays that have not been replied to will be dropped automatically and reopened to the public. I have allowed one too many people suddenly leave without notice or warning, and I am patiently waiting like a floundering, air headed fool for their return. A month passes and when I forget all about them, they want to come back and go straight to the roleplay again. No. I refuse to be used in such a manner. I bond with my partners and their characters. For my flow and drive to keep moving, there needs to be discussion in place. I am adamant on this. Only if you are leaving on a trip, or some emergency has arrived will I be willing to keep a roleplay open after the set time period. Only and only then.
    • Respect me. If you can't do this, I won't speak to you again. Be offended all you want but I need respect if I want to work with someone. My rules need to be respected. My ideas need to be expected. I need to be respected. Keep that in mind and we'll be fine.
    • If you do something that I find weird, like kinky weird, I'll PM you. I may not have my anti-kinks posted but if I see something that makes me squirm in a bad way, I'll notify you. I'll also PM you if I get bored with a roleplay. I shall always respect someone's time and effort. If I ever feel I am giving you half my effort, I shall tell you and we will move on.
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  2. I'm interested in a few of your pairings and genres, but I'm also interested in seeing what plots you're going to put here.
  3. Very interested. I have a soft spot for the genres Horror and Crime, so I would love to do something along the lines of those with you.

    Just leaving a post because I too, am eager to see what plots you have to add.
  4. Also interested in seeing the plots you decide to share!
  5. I'm going to stay tune with what you have in stored. I'm very interested to take a peek at what you may have.
  6. interested in how your dragon parings work.
  7. Bump

    New Updates have been made in the Plots section.
    I shall be working on more through out the night and if you wish to use a pair or claim 'dibs' on it before anyone else, PM me and I'll save you the slot.

    Have Fun!
  8. So far I'm really interested in Breaking Tides , The Hunters Handbook, and Too Cold. But Of course I would love to hear about the other plots, and have a few questions answered before I pick one.
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