Scales and Feathers

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  1. "Momma... What are those things in the sky? Are those dragons too?," A small 5 year old girl with wide dark green eyes asked as she pointed with her free hand to two large birds in the sky, admiring their golden feathers gleaming in the sunlight. The girl herself had very wild dark hair and skin, and wore vine green clothing decorated by small gleaming coins that clinked together musically as she moved. The older woman who held her hand looked up and scoffed.

    "Alluriana, don't be silly. How can you mistake lowly pheonixes for your own kind? Ridiculous. You're the future princess of our tribe, so don't give their kind another thought."

    "But Momma-"


    " ... Yes, momma... ," The girl replied as she looked down. The woman patted her fluffy hair with a smile.

    "Good girl. Now come along, your dancing lesson shall begin soon!"
    "Okay, Zeke, again!," a elderly man said as he tapped his staff on the ground. A tanned skinned boy with spiky white hair and gold eyes glared at the old man, before gritting his teeth. His small hand transformed, turning into a giant bronze scaled claw and crushing the ground where the elder tapped his stick.

    "Good!," The elder said as Zeke's hand receded in size, before he kneeled to the ground, panting. The elder sighed as he walked over and placed a hand on Zeke's back,"I know you want to keep going, but its almost dinner. Come on, you aren't going to become king tomorro-"

    The elder paused as Zeke whipped around, as if sensing something in the bushes. The elder's silvery eyes looked at the bushes, before he helped Zeke up,"Come on, your mother and father must be worried. "

    'Pheonixes. The Dragons' sworn enemies of the sky. Birds of fire, to go with the reptiles of the air. I never understood why mother and father hated them so much. However, when I'm Princess/King, I will stop the fighting.'

    Name:Alluriana Flair



    Personality: Alluriana is a very curious and energetic girl, and usually very bubby and fun loving. However, she is also very hot tempered and easily flustered. She tends to get into a lot of trouble with her need to know about everything, eespecially about Phoenixes. She hates being along most of the time, but since she is not a morpher, she usually is. However, instead of being a morpher, she has the ability to understand Dragons who cannot morph into humans, making her a Nurturer of smaller dragons. As such, she is seen tending to eggs a lot, especially the orphaned from the war long ago.

    Name:Zeke Flair



    Personality: Taking his position seriously from day one, Zeke is a very determined and intense individual. He has a head for politics and a determination to keep his people and family happy. He is just as curious (if not more so than his twin sister), but its harder for him to express it. He's very awkward around other people, save for his sister, but he's genuinely kind.

    "Reinheld! Reinheld! Have you seen the princess anywhere today?," Zeke said as he entered a field and approached an old woman, who was stroking a small ruby dragon. Her silvery hair still had a slight reddish tint, and she still had a bit of fire left in her deep blue eyes.

    "I'm afraid not, my king. Have you checked to see that she's not wandering the rocks outside the forests?," the woman asked, tilting her head. Zeke stared at her for a moment, before muttering, "Curses, Alluriana!"

    Alluriana, on the other other side of the forest, leaned over the cliffside, barely dangling from the edge as she spots a nest of golden feathers. In her hand is a sketchbook, a pencil in her other hand. Her tongue poked from her mouth as she scratched in the book.
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Amora Kilias
    Age: 17

    Personality: Amora has a want to learn more about the world that is out there. She is also a born leader, always taking charge when she needs to. As she is from the Pheonix tribe, she is a part of royalty. Though she does not associate herself with being a princess since she is too into adventuring. Even if she is adventurous, she is also rather elegant like the other beautiful feathered creatures she is a part of.

    - - -

    "Valerie, where did you go?" The young woman questioned to herself as she walked through the trees of the forest. She was looking for a red Phoenix that had flew away too far from where she was resting. The small bird could be anywhere, hiding in the leaves of the trees or being quite curious about something that was in the forest. Amora had to look for the little one before she headed back home.

    She picked up the skirts of her red dress to not be snagged by any branches. The dress was beautiful itself, complimenting her golden brown skin tone with the gold accents it had. Clearly it represented that she was of royal blood.

    She walked from the bushes to look up, and then stopped as she saw a girl sitting up at the cliff. Someone that she has never seen before. Then again, the cliff indicated the border lands of the dragons that were on the other side. They were supposed to not like each other.

    Since the woman wasn't bothering anyone, she continued her search by the cliff. Valerie liked being by them for some reason.
  3. Name: Cristal Mazuela
    Age: 17
    Dragon Form:
    Fresh, yet dark skin tone; he's often referred to as a hopeless romantic. He can be very idealistic, and sometimes his ideas (which are intentionally in goood will) are too outlandish for the present conflict between the two Tribes.

    Cristal values honor and integrity; and his moral compass doesn't sway easily into the hands of others. He's compassionate and peaceful and often enjoys long hikes and ambush hunting. Although he's from the Dragon Tribe, he doesn't consider himself neither Dragon nor Phoenix, as he can associate himself with both of them (though he thinks he's more of a "Phoenix" than a Dragon.) He considers all animals equal to humans, and connects spiritually with nature and animals.
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  4. Name Kyala grey
    Age 18
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Personality being head of the pheonix tribes royal guard, it was her job to protect the princess at any cost. She is calm and collected, but the moment you endanger the princess she will turn into a true monster.

    Kyala was walking through the forest looking for the princess. I'm going to lock her in the cellar when I find her. Truly she hated when the princess snuck out cause, if anything happened to her she would be executed. She ended up finding the princess at the cliffs of the border. She grabbed the princess's shoulder. " we shouldn't be here princess."
  5. Zeke sighed as he sat on the ground, adjustinf his circlet. He had gotten nowhere in his search for his sister. "Mother is gonna murder me," he muttered as he looked around. Suddenly, a pheonix's cry caught his attention, and he shifted his eyes to the side.

    A small red Pheonix hopped towards him, tilting its head. How cute, Zeke thought, holding out his hand,"Come on, little one, I won't hurt you." As the bird came closer, Zeke smiled, "Are you a shifter, or a normal? We should go give you back..."
  6. "We shouldn't be here, Princess."

    Rough hands gripped the tree bark of a trunk - he swung to the forest floor, careful to not announce his presence.

    The man swallowed uneasily - Kayla, the head of the Royal Guard of Pheonix. He forced his beating heart to slow - perhaps he could just calmly leave without a scent of him left. But he knew that wouldn't be easy.

    Cristal observed the sketch pad beside the Phoenix nest... So the Princess was sketching? Right on the edge of the boundary? He took note of how vulnerable she was to the Dragons. He'd have to make sure none of the more brutal dragons invaded; he gave one last look and softly began to step softly away...
  7. Amora had looked back to see who it was who had her by the shoulder. A sigh escaped her lips, seeing that it was only Kyala. Of course she had gone looking for her, the princess did leave announced after all. "I am not leaving until I find Valerie," she told her. "She is mine to protect, so I must find her."

    "Though there is no sign of her anywhere," Amora said with a frown, looking around once more. The small red Phoenix seemed to be no where near the cliffs like she thought the bird would be.

    The little Phoenix that found Zeke was simply curious about him. She hopped to him, carefully observing the male. Ruffling up her feathers, she seemed to coo affectionately as she reached his hand. Valerie simply rubbed her head against the palm of his hand.

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  8. Alluriana grinned as she sketched quickly as a Pheonix flew by, her quick eyes able to catch its form. However, the Pheonix flew towards her, to which she narrowly avoided by laying back. A laughed escaped her throat as she sat back up and got her stuff, before running into the forest to dodge the next attack. However, she heard voices, and froze, clutching her book to her chest as she looked around, before seeing Cristal and sighing in relief, "Oh, its just you..."

    Zeke smiled,"Here you should head back to the cliffs. I'm sure your owners or tribe must miss you..." He slowly stood up, and stretched his back and arms as he looked around.
  9. Valerie looked to Zeke, watching as he stood to his feet. She tilted her head to the side as she observed him longer. The creature knew that he wasn't of the Phoenix tribe, and he hasn't tried anything to harm her. For now he was in good graces with her since he wasn't like those dragons in the stories she heard.


    The small Phoenix looked around, hearing her name being called by a familiar voice. It was Amora. Valerie seemed to pay no mind to her name being called as she looked at Zeke and let out a small chirp.
  10. Zeke blinked, before turning to the sound of the name,"That must be your owner now... Maybe I should leave, because I don't know what they're like..." He smiled as he leaned down,"But then again, it would be rude... Especially since you wandered so far..."

    He looked like he was weighing his options, before he looked up, "I guess its only right to stay. Besides, you are only a chick, by your size, and I don't want any of my dragons to get at you..." He plopped back down and sighed, with a smile,"So let's wait for her, shall we?"
  11. Valerie looked at Zeke as he sat back down. The small phoenix took the time to hop over to him, and then placed herself beside him as she ruffled her feathers.

    Amora didn't wait for Kyala to sat anything, and she had gone forward to look for the small Phoenix that got away from her. She had to make sure that the little one was okay, since she had vowed to take care of her.

    She went forward in the forest, and then spotted a male around her age. Looking beside him, she saw the baby pheonix that was sitting next to him. "I am so glad that you are okay," she said, sighing in relief with a smile on her face.
  12. Kyala sprinted thought the forest after the princess. She found her and the baby phoenix and an unknown male. She lunged out placing herself between the princess and the unknown male. She reached forher sword. "State your name and business dragon."
  13. "Y-Yeah," he scoffed nervously. Cristal looked around; voices were faintly speaking in the distance. It appeared that Amora had run off somewhere and Kyala was running after her. "I think something's up," he nodded towards the spot they were. "I just saw the Kyala, the Head of the Phoneix's Royal Guard, and Princess Amora..."

    He looked at her, "i'm gonna go follow them." Cristal was too curious... and since Zeke was missing, it'd be a good chance to see if he was there. Kyala did look pretty flustered... and the scent of dragon loomed towards the direction they went.
  14. Zeke put his hands up,"Prince Zeke Flair, the heir to the throne. I was simply waiting for the bird's owner to return. Lately, dragons have been getting out of the pins, especially since my sister has been dwelling the cliffside." He smiled at the girl who the bird belonged to,"I'm glad you got here. I'm sure you were worried sick."

    "I thought I was the one supposed to cause trouble, brother," Alluriana said as she walked to her brother, and put her hand on her hip,"Please be calm, we mean no harm. Besides, my brother is a pacifist, and weak stomached, so he could hardly harm a pheonix."

  15. Amora shook her head as she stepped in front of Kyala, not wanting her guard to be too intense. The baby Phoenix had hopped over to her, letting out a small chirp. The princess bent down to pick up the chick, soon having her perch on her shoulder.

    "Thank you for staying with her until I found her," she said, giving a smile to Zeke. She was thankful that he was there or any dragon could attempt to eat the baby pheonix. "My name is Amora Kilias, princess of the phoenix tribe. It is a pleasure to meet you all, even if you are part of the dragon tribe."
  16. "Of course, your majesty," Zeke said , bowing low. Alluriana smirked and bumped him with her hip,"Stop being so stiff. Besides, don't you think its be long enough since the war that its time to be more casual?"

    Alluriana then turned to Amora,"Hiya, I'm Alluriana! Call me whatever. Nice to see your guard too!" She grinned as Zeke sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose,"Forget my rough sister."
  17. Kyala growled as she released her grip on the hilt of her sword. She looked at princess amora. "I'm sorry your highness."
  18. Name:


  19. Name: Yaran

    Age: 12

    Appearance: Stawberry blonde with immense blue eyes. She's superbly tall; Her legs are like a baby horse in comparison to her body.

    Personality: A bubbly young girl, very excitable. Has a history of nervous habits. She is a Dragon, but she doesn't understand why Dragons and Phoenixes are enemies. She wishes to meet and become friends with one.