Scale of the Universe

I love messing with that thing! also makes me feel tiny. t___t
Best wasted hour of my life ever. Thanks!
SOmeone else noticing Sirius B out there? I didn't know Sirius black became a planet when he died xD or maybe it was a moon.
-Shakes head at redblood.-
It is okay, child.
You are too small to understand and value the wide space that is the many galaxies and unknown around us.
You shall learn one day.
One day.

I'm 19, how old must I get? 1900? xD hahah
But seriously, sirius black was out there :o That's fucking amazing :D You old people just don't get it -_-'
Go to just near the end of the observable universe and check out "The Great Attractor" and the "Eridanus Supervoid".

Then bring me roleplays.
This makes me want to do stuff, though, on a totally serious note.
It makes me want to do big things and make stuff and discover everything.