SCA5 - Bringing Affirmative Action back to school

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  1. So there is a bill in California right now that has passed voting in the California Senate and is awaiting vote in the California Assembly. If it passes there it will be put to vote on California ballots come voting season.

    In a nutshell, SCA-5 would allow colleges and universities to give preferential admissions to incoming students on the basis of race, gender, and a number of other non-academic (and primarily race-related) factors.

    Its goal is to improve diversity in higher education in California because it's currently dominated primarily by Asians and Caucasians. While I understand the lack of diversity, it seems an awful lot like the return of affirmative action, which we got rid of years ago and for good reason.

    I am of the opinion that admissions into higher education should only be merit-based. This essentially denies certain people the opportunity to attend college despite the fact that they may be qualified to, all because they were born a certain color, which wasn't within that person's control.

    That's tantamount to giving a taller student a higher grade because there is a lack of tall people in higher education. No educator in their right mind would do that, because it's biased and ridiculous, and SCA-5 is not far off.

    Just wanted to throw this out here to see if maybe I am missing something. I get the lack of diversity, I really do. But this is not the solution. A better solution would be to improve funding for K-12 schools that have primarily non-Asian and non-Caucasian students. I dunno. I feel like it fixes one problem only to create more.
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  2. I think most minority people would rather get into schools on their own merits than because of their heritage.
  3. via

    For as many times he gets shit fucked up, does fucked up shit... he manages.


    An example of HOW this shit starts right at the first line of an application, the name field.

    via The New York Times

    Even the National Bureau of Economic Research wet their feet in this puddle

    Fuck, that's JUST starting in on the name portion of an application and fuck it, while I'm on names in the first place


    Hell, this somma shit too

    "Neither Black Nor White: Asian Americans and Affirmative Action" by Frank. H. Wu

    Harvard Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe from

    The Retreat from Race: Asian-American Admissions and Racial Politics
    by Dana Y. Takagi
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  4. Koori makes the good points.

    What Affirmative Action does, is to open opportunities to deserving applicants of colour who otherwise would not have been admitted on the basis of their race or even their perceived race.

    What Affirmative Action DOES NOT do, is just 'hand out' welcome letters to any and everyone of colour, just to meet a quota.

    Be sure, if affirmative action will do is tell students of colour, "Hey, you should apply. You have a good chance." Right now, without it, they think: "I have to change my name/hide my heritage/sound as white as possible." So, with more diverse students applying, the school will be able to focus more on the grades and the rest of the application and not allow the subjective 'name selection' that currently goes on.
  5. All I do is just post shit from sources that are from Not Me 'cuz everyone wanna get their underpannies up in a pepperoni pretzel twist since I don't platter it up with nice garnishes. Didn't even have to go deep into the interbutts for these links, they're all from shit that's fairly new for an 'old' topic.

    But points I do wanna make tho:

    Situations don't happen in a vacuum; there's context, history, history of application, history of whatever-ass relevant fuckin' shit that makes up, adheres to, is pertaining of the current situation all got hands dirtied in that situation.

    Folk abuse systems, ch'yeah bruh no shit. Not really my own point but you know that shit is gonna come up anyway.

    Take whatever rose-tinted glasses'n shit off and look at shit for all its corncobbled, stray hair, questionable white speckled lumpy glory.

    Oh yeah, also just to stay in character:


    lol k done

    Oh, actually, Cammu you made me think of this:
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