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  1. The four mercenaries stood around the holo-board. The calm looks over their faces wouldn't reveal the immense stress they were under mere moments ago. It turns out it is very hard to break out a life sentenced victim from a max security prison buried on an asteroid. "He should be here soon" Faasha stated calmly. The man he was talking about was the man who had hired theses three to break out a fourth from a prison, the man who had hired these two to find an ingenious twelve year old fur ball with a robot, the man who had hired a soulless hunter to track down a 7 foot turtle warrior. The man that was offering 100,000,000♦ for an undisclosed job. The
    circular board flickered in front of them. The slow hum increased in pace rapidly before a flickering light jolted up out of the board and created an image floating above. The hooded man spoke. "Good, you are all hear." He muttered softly, his voice crackling through the old tech in this titan cruiser. "I first made contact with Faasha at his home colony. I want to say he was full of energy and excited to do this job for me, but he wasn't. He was lifeless, soulless. Death was scarring his mind. He was the perfect man for the job." All heads turned to Faasha, all wondering why they were here. "I scouted you three and ordered Faasha to find you. It appears he has finished his first job." The hooded figure looked around him, as if checking his surroundings. His eyes were fogged over however, not making eye contact with anything in particular in the bridge. He must have been searching the room he was actually in, the room he was broadcasting from. Turning back to the holo-corder he started once more. "I presume Faasha has told you of the money I am willing to give for this mission to be completed" The men nodded in unison, the robot beeped. "I will send you a log reader, it will contain all your orders and all the information you must know at each point in your mission. No more, no less." The figure once again borken eye contact to turn over his shoulder, he seemed uneasy. "Do as I say and the money is yours." The figure nodded before his image flickered and the board slowly dimmed once more. On the board a small pad flickered into existence; the log reader.

    Faasha picked it up and read aloud.

    Mission orders:
    Order one.

    An echoing crash bounded down the hallways as the whole ship shook. The radio transmitter blasted out a shriek of sound- "You will not leave this sub-sector alive!" Another shot hit, the cabin shook once more. "Action time, let's go!" Faasha yelled.
  2. Dauult picked up Bulbium with one hand and set off running. He was fairly slow to start with, but soon gained momentum, thundering forward and keeping pace with Faasha. Tym was scuttling alongside, still a little... uncomfortable with the way this big green thing was treating its master. It's logic core however, did firmly remind it that this was the solution that gave a 34.37882% increase in speed, so it kept quiet. Dauult looked ahead. He needed to get Bulbium to the pilot centre so that they could jump to ftl. "Startttt up the ion-pulse engines" he shouted to the other two, his speech impediment of harsh t sounds coming across quite clearly. Stupid human language, so blunt and unelegant he thought to himself as he jogged
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  3. From Bulbium's vantage point atop Dauult's shoulder he watched the walls sweep past. He got out his compound pistol and scanned the wall as they went along. Dauult's shoulder did not provide the best seat, and the measurements were somewhat shaky, but he gained some valuable intelligence. Dauult was too slow. He yowled to Tym, who grabbed Dauult's fronds and tugged him forwards, heliblades whirring and sputtering as it took his weight. Dauult fell to his knees, but got up and continued running. Tym's faceplate lit up with what can only be described as a contorted, pained expression, but Bulbium sat back, happier, if a bit shaken. Dauult's velocity was fast enough. He smashed through the door to the pilot room and they collapsed on the floor in a heap.
  4. Lucifer slung the large blade over his back and began to run. The sound of the pursues shrieked from behind him. Lucifers well built body meant he could easily keep up with the large turtle. He kept his pace, trailing behind the turtle. Lucifer watched as the boy dismounted Dauult, only to land on his robot.As Dauult smashed through the doors Lucifer took three large strides then vaulted Dauult, laughing as he did
  5. Faasha had turned down a hallway a few doors back. "I am heading to the armory, get those FTL drives running!" Faasha yelled through the radio systems. Faasha scanned the room and quickly picked up a few tools, keeping some for himself and getting some for the others. Faasha packed the items in his bag and rushed out the doors of the armory and quickly ran to the pilot center. "Here," Faasha handed each person one of the items he picked up before applying what he found for himself. An electro-amplifier. His arrows would pass through the device as they fired and would be electrified. "You will need these."

    //OOC// Choose what item you want to receive, it will give you your first ability, then add it to your character sheet explaining the ability.
  6. Bulbium turned the object over in his hand carefully, afraid to use the item incorrectly. He thanked Faasha in his growly voice and pointed the object away from himself - at least he thought it was away from himself. A curious Tym scuttled over to check out this new object, working out to a 91.65% probability what it was before Bulbium activated it and the shield sent Tym spinning across the room. Bulbium laughed aloud as Tym hauled himself up off the aluminium floor before promptly collapsing in a heap again. "Don't worry, buddy. I'll get you fixed again." Bulbium got out his Morph-O-Spanner and got to work.
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  7. Dauult picked himself up and sighed heavily. These warm-bloods were such r'yanndrels... He took the Pulse Augmentation Device and fitted it in quickly. He looked around for the furball only to find him fussing over his robot "Come on Bulb hurry up and pilottttt the ship!" He said trying to coax the genius fluffy retard into the pilot seat.
  8. Suddenly, alongside a furious blast and tremble of the ship, the lights cut out before quickly being replaced by the dim red glow of the emergency lights. The lights faded in and out in unison with a loud siren that signaled a hull breach. They were being boarded. Faasha sprinted over to the holo-board of this room and brought up a hologram of the ship showing that the breach was in cargo. Faasha, although not the brightest knew his way around a control panel. In a few swift movements he sealed the cargo hold and quickly set the oxygen supply to 200%. This sudden burst of air being blown out of the vents and being sucked out into the vacuum should remove and unwelcome visitors down below. "That should get rid of them. But still keep an eye out on the surveillance. Bulbium, get this ship going, we don't have much time!" Faasha yelled forcefully over the screeching of the siren. With the majority of the oxygen supply being vented to an area open to space, Faasha knew that they wouldn't have much time left if they wanted to keep breathing.
  9. Dauult rushed to the engines, hoping to manually begin the jump phase preparations and speed up the ftl jump. As he ran down the corridor to the engine room, he noticed the deadlocked doors and realised that there had been a hull breach. He ran on regardless, figuring that Faasha had probably followed procedure and blown the hull section. It wasn't of as much concern to him, as his species used a catalyst in their respiratory system to use nitrogen for their main source of energy production. His shell suit had a small tank for emergencies but there should be enough of it in the air for him to survive. As he arrived at the engine room, he input the password and walked inside.
  10. Bulbium reclined in the pilot seat with Tym at his side, ready to begin the jump. He knew Dauult was on the way to the engines, and admired his courage, but decided to focus on his task. He removed the compound pistol from his tattered shorts and looked over it for any scratches that it might have received in his earlier fall. He was extremely relieved when he realised there were none, and flicked the switches that would turn it on. Scanning the control panel, he gleaned no information before a tinny, female voice squawked "Unauthorised Access! Unauthorised Access!" He punched the console and it went quiet, but he knew the task was harder than he expected. He removed his hacker's toolkit from his satchel and trailed it via a lead into the console. "This won't take a moment." he shouted to a stationary Faasha, across the room. Sure enough, soon the console flickered into life and Bulbium began the bootup sequence while Tym hovered with a Morph-O-Spanner, ready to assist his master.
  11. Lucifer took the pair of gloves from Faasha. Once fitting them on his hands they gave a orange glow, he drew his giant blade and the glow seemed to engulf it. "It's been a while since i had something this expensive in my hands" he smirked evilly, bearing his unusually sharp teeth. He watched over the others as they did what they could to get the ship moving. There wasn't much he could do, unless it was killing someone.
  12. Dauult heard the engines begin to whirr as Bulbium began the FTL jump process. Grunting in irritation but with a begrudging gladness, he began the walk back to the rest of the group.
  13. Bulbium flicked three switches one after the other, and a rumble of machinery came from the centre of the ship. "Seems good to go," he muttered to himself, before taking the Morph-O-Spanner and tightening a loose screw on the console from where he had removed the access hatch earlier - much to the dismay of Faasha as alarms began bleeping across the ship, before they were silenced by a hard whack from Tym's iron fists. Bulbium adjusted the throttle and felt the ship quake beneath him - he was ready to begin the jump. He broke the safety cage over the FTL jump activation button and pressed it down firmly. Instantly the ship's interior lit up with a blue glow from the engines and Bulbium's stomach was wrenched sickeningly backwards. His vision blurred over and he collapsed, exhausted and unconscious.
  14. Dauult was walking though the corridors when he felt the ship begin to jump. Acting quickly so as to prevent him from being flung into the nearby wall, he grabbed a nearby handle, installed for such purposes. The ship had counterbalancing measures for the jumps to try and make life inside the ship seem as normal as possible, but the SC4R4B was quite old, and Dauult knew from experience that it alone would stop him being chucked down the corridor. He grabbed on and held on tight.
  15. Lucifer didn't fly often, and when he did they where one man ships. Because of this he didn't expect the jump to be so rough. He watched as the ship began to glow blue for the jump. Until his body was suddenly flung backwards. He was launched across the room until he collided with the back wall. His head smacked against the metal with a loud crash. "Man that hurt" he murmured as he held onto a bar to stop himself from falling over again.
  16. Faasha, poised forwards as to not tumble backwards with the increasing momentum of the ship, realized something was wrong. A low hum echoed through the hull. Slowly growing the hum soon transformed into a bone rattling screech before a quick pop sounded. Followed by a tremendous bang that shook the SC4R4B like it was food in a blender. Tearing sounds ran down the hallways as the crew members looked to each other desperately hoping for a solution, or a cause to this. A flash of light burst through the cockpit window quickly replaced by the huge grey mass of an Omega Class Planet Destroyer. "Z3LT0N" was marked along the hull of this beastly machine. "It must have jumped to assist the prison, what did you do to get in there!?" screamed Faasha to Lucifer, "Actually never mind, i don't think i want to know." The Z3LT0N, keeping the pace of the SC4R4B despite its size, was beginning to send pulsating lights down towards it main cannon, a signal of its charging. Out of no where and with one quick move, the Z3LT0N slowed its pace, turned towards the SC4R4B and fired. Spinning, floating, screaming. As the SC4R4B's front half hurtled towards the nearby planet of Has'Bathoon the crew had either lost consciousness or was developing a migraine due to the constant spinning of the cabin. The only member unaccountable for was the turtle like being Dauult. Faasha hoped he had survived, though it was not certain. The whole ship crunched on impact. Silence, darkness. Were they even alive? Faasha regained consciousness and saw the bright yellow-green light shining through the now shattered screen of the cockpit that not moments ago was protecting them from the vacuum of space. Faasha laughed to himself whilst thinking this as a butterfly floated through the screen. Oh how the mighty have fallen he giggled to himself. "You guys okay?" He shouted whilst pulling himself up, slightly deafened by the action.
  17. Dauult's Shell Suit whirred as the air around him soared in temperature. It automatically closed up, to protect him from the fierce heat of the blast near him. He was propelled forward, hurtling down the corridor in front of him. It was then he saw the ship begin to pull ahead of him. They were in free fall. His clawed hands latched onto some of the panelling as he went and he managed to get his feet on the ship. He pulled himself forward to a side container and threw himself inside. He sat, and prayed.

    The impact was hard and fast, slamming him back and forth, his suit and hard skin cushioning the worst of it. He heard them grid to a halt and slowly emerged.

    "Faasha?!" he called out looking around
  18. Bulbium was awoken by a shrill screech from Tym, who, although his logic circuits told him Bulbium was fine, was still in a state of high alert. This particular noise was caused by his motion sensors detecting a butterfly flitting past him. Bulbium hauled himself up out of the bog he was lying in dismally, before shutting down Tym's personality matrix with a quick push of a button. Bulbium enjoyed his company at times, but at others he found him annoying. Slinging him onto his back with two straps that popped out of Tym's metal hide, he strode over to Faasha.

    "So, boss? What's the plan?"
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  19. "just when i thought it was over" came Lucifer's voice from under some ship debris. His hand punched through the wreck as he emerged from the ruble. He trailed his large blade behind him before swinging it over his back. His pointed tongue darted out his mouth to catch a drop of blood that trickled down his forehead.

    He slowly made his way over to the others. Avoiding bits of metal as he did, "yeah, what's the plan?" he also asked as he got closer to Faasha
  20. Hearing Dauult's cry, Faasha spoke over the intercom, hoping it worked. He was reassured by the blasting screech through the ship. "We're in the Pilot Control Room, come up if you can." Faasha then pulled out the holo-log to see if their mysterious sponsor had updated it. "Yes, there is a new entry: Repair the ship and fly to sub-sector 25-b." Faasha sighed, "That is my home, why must we go there? Anyway, let us get to repairing this ship." A small beep arose from somewhere in the room. Faasha turned his head to see a small blip on the radar. A small shake, another blip. A larger shake, more blips. Faasha pulled out his bow at the sounds of trees being mowed down. He covered his mouth with his finger, signalling for silence. "We have company, get her quick." Faasha messaged to the panel on the main hallway, hoping Dauult would see it. "Get ready." Faasha whispered, drawing back his bow.
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