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    . : . A SICKENED RACE . : .
    Since the year 2018, the savages described in ancient that were thought to be hell born have crawled from the darkness and into our world. At first the so called "demons" appeared in small, pathetic amounts in large cities, but soon enough they were everywhere. Powers granted to these beast gave them not only the ability to reek havoc on the Earth, but also gave them the ability to hide among the race that they feast upon: humans.

    . : . DEMONS TO FEAR . : .
    Many types of demons have sprouted among humanity with each having their own set of special powers. Some of these kinds you may have heard in legends and myths while other names may be new to your ears. Either way, they are all dangerous. Watch your back, because all of them posses the ability to have a human form.

    Alp: A demon that is often associated with nightmares. They posses the ability to turns one's fear into reality, but only if those fears match the alp's type(s). (EX: An alp whose powers are fueled by the fear of the dark would have several abilities connected to the dark.) The more common a fear is, the more common alps connected to that fear are. An alp's power tends to develop in their later teens and early twenty's.

    Incubus/Succubus: Demons who get their energy from having sexual relationships with humans. Gender does not matter in terms of the humans they feed upon, and the more the human loves them, the more energy the incubus/succubus receives. Prior to legend, these demons do not shorten or kill their "prey," but rather leave their partners sore as hell after "feeding" off of them quite often. They often have high manipulation skills and charm. Most even have the power to "label" their "prey" by changing their human partners' auras.

    Poltergeist: Demons who are able to become invisible and haunt the lives of those who the demon wishes to kill. They have strength beyond any human's and can prove to be highly dangerous as their anger grows stronger and stronger with each week their victim manages to live through. They have even been seen to posses those who have great hatred towards another person in order to have a clean way of killing and a easy way to not take the blame once their target is killed. They cannot, however, have offspring and are highly weak against emotions. They also cannot have more than one target.

    Ghoul: A more, err, grimmer demon in the ways and things in feast upon. Although they do not necessarily hunt the living (Unless its weaker prey such as human children), ghouls feed on the bodies of the dead. They have extreme senses of smell, taste, and sight, and are quite strong considering they can easily dig through graves. They usually stay in their human forms as long as they can until their hunger drives them to change into their demonic forms.

    Singed Beast: Demons who appear more like the stereotypically monsters living in the flames of hell. With leathery skin as black as the night stretched tightly against a thin skeleton, they have a dark, decayed appearance to them. They also posses powers that manipulate fire. Different colours of their fire represent their strength: Yellow, orange, red, light blue, and white Yellow, the most common, is the weakest while blue is the strongest, but vary rare. Other colours such as black fire do not exist within the Singed Beast race.

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