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  1. *Before You Judge* If you don't know what exactly a space opera is, it isn't a musical in the vast open void of space. Think of Star Wars. What I'm really looking for is a sci-fi fantasy, mixed with drama, action, well written characters, and a great plot. My vision is really anime or CG characters, with some anime cliches like some echhi (spelling?), some fan service, mechs and large mobile suits (gundam), maybe some hand to hand combat, for sure laser sword and sword play for sure. There will be dramatic character deaths, so multiple characters are okay to be played. There is a main plot, but there will most likely be side plots, plot twists, and a sequel or two if this goes well. Think of Star Wars, Mass Effect, Gundam and Battle Star Galactica mixed with anime.

    Humanity has gone endangered. The time of humanity is in a dark age. Earth has been destroyed years ago, but it had been abandoned by the human race before it's destruction. Humanity claimed space, using fleets and colonies of ships to explore the vast darkness of space. The B.E.M.F. (Beyond Earth Military Force) discovered arificial planets, made up of metal and machinery by races of cyborgs. While the B.E.M.F. explored the outter reaches of our solar system, most of the Earth Colonies that stuck by the remains of Earth were caught in the cross fire of attacks from Cyborg ships and the same aliens that destroyed Earth in the first place.

    With only the military remaining and only one hundred humans escaping from the colonies, the Cyborg race known as Citonians welcomed the B.E.M.F. into their worlds with open arms, and warm hospitality. The Citonians blamed themselves for what happened. The human generals and commaders were allowed to merge their armies with the Citonian military. Cyborg mated with humans (the Citonians have proper human organs and reproductive systems, the only difference in organs is that a lot of them have mechanized hearts, and oil flowing through their veins. Nobody knows exactly how the Citonians came to be, or why their bodies and internal systems are all different) and began to repopulate the human race, but better.

    The last of the colonies escaped on life boats, being able to hold only four people per ship. Ships that didn't get taken by pirates found their way into black holes, or didn't have enough fuel and were drifting in space, until either a planet's gravitational pull sucked them down, or a salvage crew found the ship, the passenger's on the edge of death.

    main plot​

    The main plot focuses on the rising and uniting of alien races throughout the solar system, and galaxy all together. Alien fleets are appearing out of no where, and threatening all Ci-Human life. The main focus is around a diplomatic ship of Ci-Humans who are to travel to the Pirate space fortress of Perith to unite Ci-Humanity with the pirates, so that they can all stand up against the rising forces and take back the solar system. The Pirate king is willing to comply, so long as the pirates get treated as humans who grew up on Earth, and not aliens that look inside and out like humans. The roleplay is a journey across space, then turns into fighting in the war, then has a few other possibilities. The technology, timeline, lore and history will all be expanded on when the roleplay starts.

    Anybody interested?
  2. Does this leave room for us to make our own species, or do we need to play as one of those two default races?
  3. You can make your own race if you'd wish. I don't see a problem with it. You could either turn to help the ci-humanity military, or you could play a villian for part or all of the story, if you'd like.
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