Saying Goodbye

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hey everyone, don't know who wants to acknowledge this or not but I decided that I would probably be leaving Iwaku for a while. Mostly because life is moving forward and I'm having less time or interest to find myself posting. I lurk here occasionally but that doesn't seem enough to warrant me really staying here. I'm not going to delete my account just yet, just so that now and then I can pop in to say hello, but know that I probably wont be here for extended periods of time.

My time here has been great and I've made some great friends! Perhaps one day when life has slowed down a bit I'll come back full force but who knows :P well guess t hats it. Just figured I'd post a heads up and didn't know where else to put it so here it is!

Good bye Iwaku and it's inhabitants ;) take care!



P.S if you'd like to contact me I believe I have my e-mail in my profile
Bye, Bye have a good life *well tell yah the truth is that I kind of never been on as much as I do now.*
Sorry to hear you're leaving.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

I normally reserve this for the dead but it seems like it may be appropriate.

Fair winds and following seas.
I'm sad.... but you have your life to live! GO SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!

I'll miss you dearly, we can still talk, right?
of course tk you know how to get ahold of me
Aw! *hugs* I hope things go forward to a good place, and that you enjoy the journey.

Go in peace, know you are always welcome back here, even as a lurker.
That sucks ya have to leave. But it's very understandable considering the way things are in the world right now.

Well remember to stop on by when the time is right. You will be missed. Just take care and I hope all goes well for you.
See ya around Angl and have fun out there!
We've had some good times eh?

Take care of yourself eh? I know how College can swallow you whole sometimes.
I should really stop leaving for prolonged periods of time. Every time I do someone else says they will dissapear for a long time or simply are leaving.

Sad to see you go but remember on the horizon there was that little place Iwaku. Remember to visit us when you can and we will be sure to welcome you back with the same open arms you've enjoyed in the past. No matter where you go the moonlight follows.

Writing in the Moonlight,

We're really going to miss you Angel-chaann <3


I hope everything works out for you so you can come back to Iwaku~ <3

Take care ! :D

So "Local"... isn't going to be so local anymore?


You could totally get a gig in the voice-over industry. I stand by that... er, assuming you can act. ^_^

Take care!
Bye angel.... you where one of the biggest influences with me staying after i first joined and I'll miss you....
*Whimpers a little*

I'll miss you, Mommy....
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