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  1. Name: Hecate or Spiffy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Years of roleplaying experience: Eight years
    Interests/Hobbies: Writing, reading, making text banners, roleplaying, character creation, listening to music, and drawing.
    Likes: Homestar Runner, wasps, insects, biology, watching video reviews on pop culture, science, mythology, folklore, Vincent Price, horror movies, horror literature, classical literature, MST3K, reading, writing, roleplaying, character creation, symbolism, winter, snow, dark roleplays and plots, and a gazillion other things.
    Dislikes: Jerkfaces, tomatoes, heat, summer, stupidity, and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff.

    Roleplay genres preferred:
    Naruto (I can only roleplay OCs. D:)
    Modern fantasy
    Medieval fantasy
    Harry Potter Marauder's Era or Harry Potter Trio Era (I can only roleplay OCs. >_<)
    Yu-Gi-Oh (Again, only OCs.)

    Random facts about yourself: I like using emoticons. A lot. :V
  2. Hey there and welcome to iwaku. I'm also a fan of naruto OC rp xD Well hit me up sometime if you'd like to play and hope to see you around.
  3. Welcome to the site, Hecate.

    Judging by your interests you'll fit in well here : )
  4. Awww, thanks for the welcome, you awesome people. :D