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  1. David:age 38

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  2. Name: Arla
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  3. David sighed, looking up from his paper at his wife. Things hadnt been good in the office lately, he had had to work late and he hadnt felt attracted to her anymore when he came home.

    He took a sip of his coffee before setting down the newspaper. "Aria? I think we need to talk." David said, trying to keep a calm tone. He wasn't sure how she would react to his thoughts.
  4. Arla loved being around her husband. She loved him so much. She didn't think that their marriage was perfect but it was just fine, least that's what she thinks, of course. She set his breakfast in front of him then hers as she sat across from him at the table. She arched her eyebrow before she brought the food to her mouth. "Uh.. sure love.." She smiled at him softly.
  5. "I want a divorce." He said simply, before taking a bite out of his bacon. They had been together for years, but it just wasn't working for him anymore.

    "I've made out with my secretary. I haven't gone further, but I've wanted to." David admitted, wanting her to know he was serious. They were just on different paths now.
  6. Arla's entire face fell. She didn't cry as she set her fork down. "Really now..?" Her voice broke a bit but gave a bright smile anyways. She heard the thing about the secretary and she felt like she heard her heart broke in her chest. "Oh.. " She slowly got up. "Excuse me.." Arla took her plate and put it away. She then quickly sped past David to the bedroom with tears falling down her face.
  7. David closed his eyes. He still hated the way she cried. It still affected him. After a moment he went after her, sitting on the edge of the bed.

    "Listen, you know the cliche stuff? The it's not you it's me? Well... That's how this is. I've changed Arla, I've changed so much and you just stay the same. I can't take it day in, day out. You're the perfect wife for someone, just not me."
  8. Arla sat there and cried and cried. She heard him and listened to him and it only made her cry more. She was hurt. She felt stupid. Betrayed even. He didn't love her anymore. She didn't know what to do now.
    She started to pull her knees to her chest and cry into them. She cried heavily that she started trembling. She felt as if her heart wouldn't stop hurting. "But... I love much.." She said between her tears. "You're all I have and you know that David!" She yelled to him then put her face back in her knees. "You're suppose to be my all.. when we got forever.." She said quoting a line of her vows that she wrote for him on their wedding day. Arla couldn't feel any more pain than she did now.
  9. "I know sweetheart, I know." David whispered before moving towards her and wrapping his arms around her. "I still care for you... I hate seeing you hurt and upset, but Arla... I just can't do it anymore. I can't pretend something is there when it's not." He explained.

    The past few months he had tried to carry on like nothing was wrong and it hadnt worked out well for him. It had made him dread coming home, dread sleeping because it would be next to a woman he didn't love anymore.
  10. She didn't lean into him like she always did when she cried. She just hugged her knees tighter and didn't care what he said anymore. "Okay David.." She said a bit harshly. She got up and went to the bathroom without another word and locked it. She went to the shower and turned it on getting in after getting undressed. She only went to the shower upset to be alone in her thoughts. There was the only place she could truly think as she slid down the shower back wall and let the water pour down on her as she pulled her knees right back to her chest once again.
  11. "Fuck." He muttered as she walked off. Of course he knew she wouldn't take it well, but he hadnt really prepared himself for it. With a sigh David walked back to the kitchen, putting the food in the fridge and cleaning up the dishes.

    It would take awhile for her to calm down and he knew he would just make it worse
  12. Arla didn't come out til the hot water got cold. She came out and put on some a t shirt and a pair of jeans. She grabbed her car keys and walked past David. "I'll be back later.." She said simply and walked out the door. She didn't tell him where she was going or anything. She needed to be away from him right now.
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  13. David simply nodded before heading back into the bedroom. He took off the sheets from the bed and focused on getting some laundry done.

    Perhaps he should have went about it a different way, but he was glad that he had told her about his thoughts.

    After a couple hours past by David texted his secretary, saying he had told his wife about wanting a divorce.
  14. Arla did some grocery shopping. She wasn't planning on going grocery shopping but it was something to keep her mind off the heartache she just went through.
    She comes back and starts bringing groceries in. She mostly got things for herself just in case he wanted her to move out. She puts groceries up trying to completely stay occupied.
    When she gets done putting up groceries she starts to clean out the fridge. Yep, she was pretty much doing whatever she could to keep from thinking about that man that didn't love her anymore.
  15. He heard her come in, but didn't make a move to go towards her. When the dryer went off David made his way to the laundry room, past the kitchen, but didn't say anything to her.

    Once he was folding the laundry he finally spoke. "I can move out if that will help you, I'll get an apartment or something." David wouldn't kick her out. He knew she liked this house a lot more that he did.
  16. Arla shrugged her shoulders. "Do whatever you like David, looks you've been doing that anyways.." She told him harshly as she put the racks back into the fridge. She was so pissed at him and so hurt she didn't even want to see his face.
  17. David ran a hand over his face and moved back to the kitchen. "Did you really think things were good?" He asked her, leaning against the wall. They hadnt had sex in almost a six months, they never talked about the future and hadnt gone out to eat in awhile either.

    He had thought that she might be on the same page as him despite the smiles she gave him.
  18. "I didn't think things were perfect but I thought we was alright..DAVID!" She practically spat his name out in a disgusting manner. She starts to cook dinner for herself slamming a few things. She didn't want to listen to him or even be around him. Arla just wants to be alone since that's how it's going to be for awhile.
  19. "I suppose we just didn't have much communication." He muttered before walking towards their bedroom. "I'll be out in an hour. I'll have my cell on me if you want to talk." David told her, figuring she just needed some time to relax and think about things.
  20. "Whatever.." She mumbled as she kept trying to cook but can only think about the wrong David has done to her. She felt a tear roll down her cheek so she shut her eyes and leaned on the counter letting tears stream down her face. Before she knew it she was crying hard over someone that probably never loved her in the first place.
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