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  1. Do as the title says. Don't just write "nice and kind", but actually for ex. read his/her roleplay resume and tell an interesting fact from there. Or if you've chatted with the person and know him/her, tell us something that you don't think everyone knows. You can also tag some of your friends into your post so that this will go on longer. You can't post again before there are at least 2 comments between your latest comment and the one you're going to post now.

    For ex:
    "An amazing describer who writes really long posts when rping."
    "A person who cooks a lot and loves food."
    "He makes up amazing plots."
    "She's part of _____-group and an active member of it."
    "His last activity was ______."
    "She knows how to tame an unicorn."
    (yeah, there are people who can do that. I, for example.)
    "His hands are magic." (you pervs who thought that this had something to do with -that-, I meant that he's a good writer. ;)

    So, go on people. I dunno if this'll work on this forum but I hope so. Who dares to start? ;)
  2. I don't know you at all, but based on this topic alone I can gather that you're a real sweetheart that likes to make others feel nice.
  3. ^ You are literally a crow O.o
  4. You have a sick avy and post cool science/breaking news threads.
  5. You really like playing the Board Games here! I know this because I keep running into you :D
  6. Always makes me think of owls. And loved the card she sent me.
  7. Has a funny avy and sig. Um...yeah.
  8. ^has an avatar that I honestly can't call boy or girl on - it's a trap!
  9. Lol really? I guess she's a bit manly...


    Minibit says a lot of funny shit and I like her avatar.
  10. Thinks they can out post me, Lol.
  11. The person above me joined my roleplay when I was feeling unsure if it was good enough, and made me feel better :)
  12. Your avatar is pretty depressing.

    But I love the 'Laughing Lunatic'. Makes 'Madman of Iwaku' a good title to bear knowing that I am not the only nutcase (no offense, made that to be a joke)
  13. (GoodKid I WILL outpost you haha).

    I see you all around board games and you say some pretty funny shit.
  14. Always ready to post a pictur after me.
  15. Your name and title contradict themselves, but you seem like a very likeable person
  16. You totally mistook me for Diana (earlier in this thread), but you're not the first!
  17. My apologies. I'm a bit dense. But loving your avatar!
  18. Still think your avatar is pretty funny hehe.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.