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  1. Plot: Liam has a younger sister who’s deaf and meets Zayn, an alumni from his sister’s school at an event there. They immediately hit it off and go from being good friends to a couple. At that time, Zayn has just found out that he’s qualified to receive a Cochlear implant and decides to go through with the procedure.


    Zayn Malik fingered with the sleeve of his royal blue blazer as he waited to go on stage. It was prize night at the Princeton School For the Impaired, and since Zayn was a senior graduating that year, he would have to help hand out the awards to the students receiving them.

    He had been deaf as long as he had lived, but he didn't mind. He desperately wanted to hear what music sounded like, for example, but he could live as he was.

    He glanced out over the audience and caught sight of a girl sitting with her family. Sara Payne. Zayn smiled to see her. The thirteen year old girl was always running around the school with a smile, and she was actually getting an award for Best Attendance this afternoon.

    His eyes drifted to her side and his jaw nearly dropped. The boy sitting beside Sara was gorgeous! Zayn stared for a while before looking away when the ceremony actually started.
  2. Liam Payne was in black trousers, a white shirt, with black tie and had a black leather jacket on with shoes. He was all dressed up for his sister's prize night, why not dress up for the occasion for his little sister. He took a seat next to her with a smile and signed to her that he was proud of her. Yes he could do sign language but that's because his little sister was deaf and he had learned sign language because it was easy to talk with her then, he was a caring older brother and loved his little sister and had a lot of laughs with her.

    He gave his sister's cheek a kiss with a smile and even if his little sister didn't win a prize, he was still proud because of how far his little sister had come and yeah there was a little bit of an age gap between them but he wouldn't change his little sister for the world. He rubbed the stubble on his cheek before looking up at the stage and noticed a boy staring at him that look very attractive but he didn't say anything and watched the ceremony as it started.

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  3. After the ceremony, everyone had refreshments. Zayn shyly hung around by the punch bowl, his eyes darting around the place for the boy who was obviously Sara's brother. He handed out punch to the other people as he anxiously looked for the Paynes.

    Sara bounded up to Liam and tugged on his sleeve. She signed, "Come and get some punch with me - there's too many people for me to go over alone."
  4. Liam was happy for his sister that she won something and after the ceremony he of course stayed and was holding a drink in his hand and talking with his parents and the parents they were talking to until he felt someone tug his sleeve and looked at his younger sister and what she signed and he looked to the punch bowl and gave a nod of his head to say he would and wrapped his arm around his sister's shoulder's with a smile and took her over to the punch bowl, like the caring older brother he was and saw the guy again that was staring at him and was honestly nearly just staring at the guy who was gorgeous and he tapped the guy on the shoulder and signed to him with a questioning look on his face.. "How come you are handing out punch, shouldn't you be having some fun"
  5. Zayn jumped slightly when someone tapped his shoulder and he turned around. He bit his lip with a smile and signed back, "I'm a volunteer for this - besides, I get credit for my college application. I'm Zayn." He then finger spelled out his name for this boy. "Z-A-Y-N."
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  6. Liam didn't mean to make the guy jump and he did feel bad for making him jump until a smile was on his lips and he smiled back at the boy and looked at what he signed and he nodded with a smile. "Well I hope you get amazing credit for your college application" he signed to him and chuckled when he finger spelled his name out for him and he done the same back with a smile on his face. "L-I-A-M"
  7. "It's great to meet you Liam. You're Sara's brother? She's a brilliant girl." Zayn's hands moved as he spoke using them. "I tutor her every Friday in Art." He smiled. "What are you interested in?"
  8. Liam smiled at him and gave a nod of his head at some of the things Zayn signed to him. "It's nice to meet you too Zayn, yeah I am Sara's older brother, she is brilliant, I agree" he signed with a smile and nodded. "So you are the one who is really good at art and creative" he signed and thought about it. "I'm interested in music, I sing a lot and write music, what about you? or is it just art"
  9. Zayn's heart skipped a beat when Liam signed that he loved to sing. He could bet that Liam's voice sounded beautiful....but he couldn't hear it.

    He looked down and smirked. "You've got a stain on your shirt by the way." He signed with a grin, pointing out the purple mark on the shirt.
  10. Liam had a smile on his face still that wouldn't go away while he was talking to this guy. He raised his eyebrow as the guy looked down and smirked and he looked at what the guy signed and he looked at the purple stain and he blushed a little and put his leather jacket on and zipped it up, hiding the purple stain was there. He cleared his throat and rubbed the side of his neck, trying to think. "Well that was embarrassing, thankyou" he signed to him and looked at his sister. "Right I better get you that punch" he signed to his sister and looked back at Zayn. "I can pour her punch, you honestly don't have to, that isn't fair on your" he signed to him.
  11. Zayn bit his lip, trying to hide his grin. He shook his head and poured a cup of punch for Sara, handing it to her.

    Sara took it, and glanced between Zayn and Liam. She signed to her brother, "You like him, don't you?" She grinned, and turned to Zayn, signing to the deaf lad, "Liam's gay, and he totally likes you. Ask him out."

    A dark blush spread over Zayn's cheeks and he looked down quickly, pouring another drink to hide his embarrassment.
  12. Liam looked at his sister and shook his head at what she signed to him and he blushed a bit himself. "Sara you can't just go around telling people I'm gay, I'm pretty private about my sexuality and you know that" he signed to her and had clearly seen what Sara had signed to Zayn about asking him out. He noticed Zayn's cheeks in a blush as well and noticed him looking down and he rubbed the back of his neck, some of his tattoo coming on show and not knowing what to say or well sign because he was embarrassed that his sister had just said he's gay.
  13. After Sara had hurried off, Zayn glanced up at Liam, and smiled shyly. His hands moved, signing, "I'm gay too, so you feel better. Can I get your number?" He took out his phone after he asked that, and held it out to Liam to type in his number.
  14. Liam shook his head as Sara hurried off. "Oh Sara, how i'll get you back when you are older and dating" he said before looking at Zayn as he was signed to and raised his eyebrow to know that Zayn was gay as well and he nodded his head. "How can a good looking guy like you be gay, you can get any girl you want" he signed to him before taking the phone and typing in his name and number in for him and gave it back with a smile. "There you go, my number is all saved" he signed to him.
  15. Zayn laughed, and grinned. He took his phone back and put it back in his pocket before signing to Liam, "I could get a girlfriend, but I'm not attracted to girls." He winked.

    Just then Mr Payne called across the room, "Liam, we're going now!"
  16. Liam smiled as he heard his laugh and loved the sound of it and laughed himself at what he signed to him and the wink and he looked at his dad. "Alright, I'm coming dad!" he called back to him and have Zayns cheek a gentle kiss. "I've got to go but text me" he signed to him with a smile.
  17. The kiss sent a flood of colour through Zayn's cheeks and he nodded, watching Liam leave. Suddenly he left all sense behind and hurried after him. He tapped Liam on the shoulder before the taller boy could leave.

    "I’m having a birthday party tomorrow- would you like to come?’ Zayn signed to him.
  18. Liam looked when his shoulder was tapped and he stopped walking and turned around to look at Zayn and nodded with a smile. "Send me the address where it is, the time as well and I'll be there, how old are you going to be?" he signed back to him with a smile. "But of course I'll come" he signed.
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  19. "I'm turning 18, and I'll text you tomorrow." Zayn beamed and turned, heading back into the school again. This had been incredible and he was actually going to meet up with Liam the next day! He almost squealed with excitement.

    The next morning, as soon as Zayn woke up, he texted Liam,

    Hi - this is Zayn :)
    Meet me at the Hyland train station at eleven?
    I'll pick you up there.

    Zayn's house was quite a bit away from London, so he knew Liam would have to get the train to get near enough for Zayn to pick him up.
  20. Liam smiled at him and nodded his head. "Text me tomorrow, it will wake me up anyway" he signed before going with his family.

    He was fast asleep still in his double bed when it went off and groaned as he lifted his head up and took his phone off the side and saw it was from Zayn and he looked at the time.

    Will do Zayn, I'll get the train
    I'll be there at eleven, hoping the train will be on time
    -Liam x

    After sending the message, he got up from his bed and made his way to the shower and would pick Zayn up a gift on the way.
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