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  1. So I have been watching the anime "Say I love you" If you have heard of it then great! If not I can give a brief summary.

    The general plot is a girl (MC in this case) For some reason dislikes people. She has spent most of her life not talking to them, not making friends and no one really hears her, but YC comes by (He is the popular guy) and they some how meet. He tries to get her attention and she rejects him a few times and it slowly turns into a romance with plot and twist ext.

    I need some one to play the Male or the "New guy" Honestly I am also willing to turn this into Yuri F/F as well as Yaoi M/M but in both I will be playing the more "Sub" role not solely sub but more sub of the two. I am wanting to do it the role play with different people as well. I like to see how each one goes it's own way.
  2. I'd be willing to do this!! I read the manga (if I can remember correctly). Can this be MXM?
  3. YAY!!!!! :3 You just made my night!

    Of course it can be mXm :3
  4. Awesome! Just message me and we can think of things. :)
  5. T^T any one else!