Say, come inside, and meet the missus.

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  1. I love coming to a new site and using that title. Anyway, I've hopped from site to site after the place I was introduced to roleplaying closed. Currently, I'm lurking around a writing website and occasionally posting only to be ignored because... I guess I'm into weird stuff? I don't know. I really like horror and the people on that site were more into romance. While I do enjoy a good romance I don't like it to be the center of a plot, most of the time. I tried hanging in and staying with that website because that's where my novels are posted, because another website closed and automatically sent our writing to that site. From what I've seen I'll really like it around here - and it's very colorful! I'm hoping I can call this home because I've been needing a good roleplay - for a year. I think I'll be lurking around for a time because I'm way too shy.
  2. Hi there Mister... or Miss Degas? O___O

    Romance ends up being the most popular roleplay source, and I am one of those people that are to blame. 8D But, I am definitely in agreement that it shouldn't be the oooonly part of the roleplay. It's no fun when you don't have some action and drama involved.

    OH OH OH. 8D You joined at a good time too! We're getting ready for Iwaku's Horror Festival in October! Maybe you can join the planning committee to roleplay stuff!

    We will have your livers and your plots and your eye sockets, but mostly the former.

    Oh, and I am Iliana by the way~ It's a pleasure to have you here!
  4. Hello Sir or Miss Degas. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Nothing is too weird to be into. People just see it differently.
    Surely you'll call this home, because it's home to many to people!

    If you need anything or have questions, lemme know!
  5. Thanks guys! I'm female. Edgar Degas is one of my favorite impressionist artists and I needed a new username.

    I like romance, love reading it. It's just that I need other elements in order to not curse the other person out, in my head.

    I have seen the horror thing in peoples signatures. I'm curious what happens during these events so I'll go browse a little.
  6. *Walks in and sits down at the kitchen table* Am I in time for dinner?

    Welcome to Iwaku. There are a couple of us that could rp nothing BUT horror themed rps and be happy : ) Not a lot, but a couple. So I am sure you'll fit in well here.

    Stick around! Check out some games! Start your own threads!
  7. lol Is your title quoting the worm in the beginning of The Labyrinth?
    :D If so, YOU'RE AWESOME!! High-five! _(^.^)/\(^.^)_

    ...& welcome to Iwaku! ^^; I'm new, too.
    So... Another high-five! _(^.^)/\(^.^)_
  8. I like this place because it's very welcoming and isn't all elitist and stuff. I hope you enjoy yourself here. I've really liked my time here. I'm still pretty much a noob too though. :)
  9. Thanks for the welcomes!

    Ani-Eimi: Yessss! I could watch that movie repeatedly and never get sick of it.
  10. First off, welcome to the site!

    Second off the theme months are when we have and encourage RPs and challenges of a certain theme or genre! You just missed Pirate month but I can assure you Horror month will more than make up for it. >=)

    If you want to gen involved check out the
    Planning Group or simply start planning an RP. Then more horror you bring the happier this admin will be.

    If you have any questions about the festivals or the site then feel free to ask the staff!
  11. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku, and this is actually a very good site for many different styled RPs, you just have to go looking for them! I'm pretty new too and I've actually been on this site with most of my free time, just skulking around, and I hope you like it as much as I do!