Saw VI

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A Relic of a Bygone Era
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They trying to set the record for how far they can run a movie into the ground.
I loved the first one so much. That was so my kind of movie, unffff~

Didn't see anything beyond Saw III. Part II was alright but you could tell that it was going downhill. I'm a fan of the traps though. Pretty much the only reason I watched anything after the first one. MOAR TRAPZ!

But now there's also going to be a Saw videogame! =D REJOICE, CHAOS, REJOICE
I'm actually with Amp on this one. The series ended in my mind with the third one, but I still watch for the traps and to see who gets fucked over and who doesn't.
Can't say I mind it. It has more of a plot than most horror franchises, and I like seeing how they slot it all together - all the flashbacks to previous films and the time overlaps.

Even now I'm intrigued to know what was in "the box" and what becomes of the detective dude trapped under the crushy room.

The Saw films could be a lot worse you know. Scantily clad blondes saying "I am so freaked out right now!". Buff meat-heads saying "Trap this, motherfucker!" as they blow away Jigsaw with a shotgun. Cameos from generic black rappers saying "Dayum, that trap is fucked up!". Little creepy girls saying "He's going to kill you aaaaaaall". Matthew McConnaughey. Rob Schneider conveniently avoiding all the traps in an hilarious slapstick manner. Cats that need to be rescued. A grim preacher saying "This was foretoooold!!!".
There are more than 2 Saw films?
Is this like the horrible rumours of American Psycho 2 and Spiderman 3?
Of course they don't exist : D They wouldn't ruin good films like that!

(Because I can't have voice tone online, this is sarcasm ^^" and also an in-joke among my friends)
I've never seen any of the Saw movies... They look so stupid. I only laughed when I saw a sixth one was being released.