Saw VI

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  2. They trying to set the record for how far they can run a movie into the ground.
  3. I loved the first one so much. That was so my kind of movie, unffff~

    Didn't see anything beyond Saw III. Part II was alright but you could tell that it was going downhill. I'm a fan of the traps though. Pretty much the only reason I watched anything after the first one. MOAR TRAPZ!

    But now there's also going to be a Saw videogame! =D REJOICE, CHAOS, REJOICE
  4. Guillotine


    Jeannine Sauvage
    Origin: Cursed
    Age: 27
    Race: French
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'11"

    Intelligence 2
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Durability 3
    Fighting Ability 5
    Energy projection 4

    Trained and experienced with swordsmanship as well as hand to hand combat

    La Fleur Du Mal - A mystical sentient blade that thirsts for blood and cursed Jeannine to wield it under the identity of Guillotine. It speaks directly to the user's mind, not normally heard by others. It is strong and sturdy enough to cut through the nigh-indestructible shield of Captain America, as well as summon the spirits of previous wielders to assist in combat.

    When she was twelve years old, Jeannine Sauvage was lured by a voice to a room in her house that was usually locked. Inside a chest she discovered a sword, La Fleur Du Mal. While inspecting the weapon, she accidentally slit her finger with its edge, and the blood dripped into the sword. This caused Jeannine to become cursed to wield this bloodthirsty sentient sword like her ancestors before her. While the sword was evil, Jeannine used it for good, acting as a vigilante in Paris named Guillotine when she grew up. However, Guillotine had a dubious reputation, caused by the dark legacy of the previous people that used the name and the sword.

    The night after Guillotine helped capture criminals, police inspector Marc Joubert, who was also Jeannine's fiancé, called out to Guillotine, swearing to find her. Guillotine heard him from a rooftop, and she subsequently confronted her sword for its intrusive thoughts that tried to incite Jeannine to give in to carnage. She was abruptly attacked by a Summoner, who brought her to the Battlerealm, in order to partake in the Collector and the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions.

    After surviving numerous battles, Jeannine returned to her home reality when one of the contestants, Outlaw(Nigel Higgins), managed to seize control of the Iso-Sphere from the Maestro, who in turn had taken it from the Collector earlier. Outlaw used the power of the Iso-Sphere to return the contestants to their homes. Guillotine returned with Outlaw to England, and together with the contestants native of her universe, posed the idea of forming a team.​



    Anya Corazon
    Origin: Classic superhuman high school origin
    Age: 18
    Race: Mutated Hispanic human
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'3"

    Intelligence 4
    Strength 4
    Speed 3
    Durability 4
    Fighting Ability 6
    Energy Webbing projection 4

    Skeletal Flexibility: As a skilled gymnast, Anya has developed her body's muscles and bones to an extraordinary point allowing her to compress/contort into small cavities, similarly against high impacts to soften the blows.
    Bilingual: She's also bilingual. She can speak in Spanish and English.
    Cunning Intellect: Though only of average intelligence Anya has seemed to developed amazing investigating skills and a powerful ability to evaluate the situation, stay calm under pressure, and improvise solutions.
    S.H.I.E.L.D Training: S.H.I.E.L.D. training teaches a variety of skills for on the field work in espionage, containment, and heroism. Combat training and hacking as well, which she took a liking to.

    While not starting out as a member of the Spider-Family, Anya was a member of the mystical part of the Spider Society and usually acted as their hunter. However, an adventure with Spider-Man eventually made her renounce her allegiance and pursue her own path.​

    She was amongst the Pro-Registration heroes in Civil War acting as Carol Danver's sidekick, and while questioning her worst moments, she continued to be on Carol's side, the two helping each other out despite her father's misgivings. Carol once saved her from the mind control of Puppet Master, solidifying their relations.​

    Like the rest of the Spider-Family, she wasn't heard from any more until Grim Hunt, where luckily for her, Araña managed to survive the events and helped Spider-Man defeat Kraven. In the aftermath, she was handpicked by Julia Carpenter as the successor of the Arachne suit and becomes Spider-Girl as Julia succeeds the late Madame Web.

    Spider-Girl became Jessica Drew's protegé, and joined the Multiversal Spider-Army when the Inheritors threatened to destroy every Spider from all realities. Her abilities were indispensable for the Spider-Army to discover the Inheritors' plan, as her powers and relationship with the Spider Society allowed her to read their scrolls.​
  5. Can't say I mind it. It has more of a plot than most horror franchises, and I like seeing how they slot it all together - all the flashbacks to previous films and the time overlaps.

    Even now I'm intrigued to know what was in "the box" and what becomes of the detective dude trapped under the crushy room.

    The Saw films could be a lot worse you know. Scantily clad blondes saying "I am so freaked out right now!". Buff meat-heads saying "Trap this, motherfucker!" as they blow away Jigsaw with a shotgun. Cameos from generic black rappers saying "Dayum, that trap is fucked up!". Little creepy girls saying "He's going to kill you aaaaaaall". Matthew McConnaughey. Rob Schneider conveniently avoiding all the traps in an hilarious slapstick manner. Cats that need to be rescued. A grim preacher saying "This was foretoooold!!!".
  6. There are more than 2 Saw films?
    Is this like the horrible rumours of American Psycho 2 and Spiderman 3?
    Of course they don't exist : D They wouldn't ruin good films like that!

    (Because I can't have voice tone online, this is sarcasm ^^" and also an in-joke among my friends)
  7. i like the "Trap this motherfucker" bits myself.
  8. I've never seen any of the Saw movies... They look so stupid. I only laughed when I saw a sixth one was being released.