SAW: The Role Play

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Well, it's totally up to you~ I'd be delighted either way, so take your pick~ :3
Okay. I'll take Finton.
Alright. answer the following scenario using the characters personality:

The trap you are in is easily escaped but only some people can be saved. You have already gotten out. Do you save others, continue on in the game or stay and watch them suffer.
Yell at them to do what I did, and yell harder at the ones who are panicking. If they can't suck it up and follow my example, then fuck them. The weak are no use to me.
Sounds good.. Sounds good.. A bit more detail and you've got it! Try again with this one:

It's either both of you or just you. You can't save each other and can only save yourselves. Once you have escaped, what do you do? (detail detail detail~)
Er... can I just ask first why you're testing us?
I'm a bit of a stickler on whether or not an RP goes well..! ^^;

Sorry if the testing thing is strange, I just wana see what people are really capable of when it gets right down to it~
Er... aren't we all sticklers for that...?

And... isn't the actual roleplay for seeing what people are capabale of?

You're really going to test 11 players in the OOC before you allow them to be killed off systematically in your game?
......... Isn't that kind of how the movie plays out as well..? He watches over the people, hand picking the worst of the worst and setting them in his traps.. His game is the devils, a game of death and suffering..~ That's why I love it so much!~ Plus, would you want to cast someone who has a happy-go-lucky personality as the dark and gloomy character? Adapting to your characters personality is important, and I just need to see whether or not people can. It should only take one post per person after they say who they wanted to be, but meh~
Would you settle for links to all my other posts where I play dark and morbid characters with tenuous morals who delight in murder and desecration?

I highly doubt a "happy-go-lucky personality" is going to join a Saw Roleplay with pre-prescribed characters and a foreknowledge of their own death. You've already set the entry requirements to masochistic and now you're diverting player energy and time into further OOC challenges with word count expectations? And you're going to do this 11 times before we even get to the part where we start dying according to your list?

What's the point in testing us here, if our deaths are already pre-determined? Surely it doesn't matter what we do or how good we are, since you're going to kill us off anyway.

I'm not getting it, Shattered. I'm really not getting it.
I enjoyed it as an exercise. But I guess that's not the same for everyone.

I can see Asmo's point. Not everyone is going to be a fan of the testing (I like it because it helps me get into the character. But yes, this is normally done IC). It's not particularly hard, but some people might not like the idea. If we want to get as many players as we need some changes might need to be made. However, it's up to you. I'd say observe where you see things going and decide on that. We're not seeing much interest right now which is something to consider.
Heh, call me Scarrlet.

And, I think that Hartke is right.. I guess it's just a thing of opinion..~

And, actually, that would be great!~ :D

I'm going to give people a choice now: Link a post of their that makes a good example of their talents OR take the test~
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