SAW: The Role Play

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. Hey there all you horror movie fans!! How'd you like to take place in gods, I just cannot do this..
. *throat clearing noise* Hi guys. I've just gotten through watching a marathon of the SAW movies and I've decided to make a role play thread for it!~
. Now, the way this will work is as follows. I'm going to need a certain amount of people, a certain amount of people WILLING to either live or die (this all revolves around you people), and two people to collaborate with on traps and settings.
. I'm going to post a list of people below and all you guys have to do if you want to participate is say who you would willingly play as. You can NOT play as more than one person and once your character is chosen, you can either accept that person or leave completely (I'm not changing peoples characters because they got "bored" with them after three posts.).
. Ok.. Here comes the list of people!! Reply with whomever you would play as:

Characters Needed (all taken will have a check mark):

Larry Carson (M)
Occupation- Lawyer.
Live/Die- Dies third trap.
Savior/Saved- Saves on the first trap, gets saved on the second.
Background- Easily fooled, tends to take the easiest most immediate path out of things.

Michael Tebid (F)
Occupation- Receptionist.
Live/Die- Dies first trap.
Savior/Saved- None.
Background- Fairly smart, but shy and has very low self esteem. (in other words, she sacrifices herself.)

Christopher Finton (M)
Occupation- None.
Live/Die- Dies second trap.
Savior/Saved- Saves someone first trap, dies second.
Background- Former gang leader, tried to fix his life but only got back into the gang life. Tough and stone cold.

Jennifer Murphy (F) ✔
(Taken by Cooking Mama)
Occupation- Waitress.
Live/Die- Dies second to last trap. (ninth)
Savior/Saved- Saves first three traps, saved next two, saves next, gets saved last three.
Background- An honest and kind person, but a thief. She is sneaky and nimble.

Mike Brady (M)
(Taken by Hartke)
Occupation- Bar Owner.
Live/Die- Dies sixth trap.
Savior/Saved- Saves first two, gets saved until he dies.
Background- Not the kindest person, but trustworthy. He is incredibly strong and has high pain tolerance.

James Newood (M)
Occupation- Singer.
Live/Die- Dies fourth trap.
Savior/Saved- Saved first three traps, dies fourth.
Background- A fool in a geniuses skin. He is greedy and snotty in all cases.

Patricia Goldbloom (F)
Occupation- Teacher.
Live/Die- Dies fifth trap.
Savior/Saved- Saved first two traps, savior second two, dies fifth.
Background- Evil for a good cause. She would change answers given on students tests and rewrite them to be wrong so students would study harder.

Nicole Cril (F)
Occupation- None.
Live/Die- Dies seventh trap.
Savior/Saved- Saved all but on the sixth trap.
Background- An alcoholic and a liar. Arrested three times in a year for alcohol abuse.

Gary Cast (M)
Occupation- Professional Golfer.
Live/Die- Dies eighth trap.
Savior/Saved- Only saves once, on the fifth trap.
Background- While at the top of his game, he committed several murders, knowing he could get away with it.

Rico Mandez (M)
Occupation- Illegal Drug Dealer.
Live/Die- Dies on last trap. (tenth)
Savior/Saved- Savior first five, saved until he dies.
Background- On drugs since a child, dealt drugs since a teen. The end.

Vanessa Clarry (F)
Occupation- Artist.
Live/Die- Survives until the end. Wounded badly, but alive.
Savior/Saved- Savior for the first four, saved next four, saves until trap ten.
Background- What started as a simple hobby turned into a profession. Then her paintings went to the dark side of the moon and became, not homemade, but stolen.

. So, yep!~ That's that. I'll be playing Jigsaw and setting up all the traps and such. The rules of the game are very simple; die when you have to, save or be saved when directed. This is a CUSTOM SAW GAME, so it's not exactly like the damned movies in its planning. The people that I pick to collaborate with for traps will be playing my two minions and will dawn the traditional pig masks.

. The way I'll be picking my fellow collaborators is; If you want to be one of the minions, just pitch an original trap idea to me underneath who you would want to play as. I await the arrival of your applications, and until every person has been chosen, the game shall be on hold.

. Good luck..~

~Scarrlet (Jigsaw)
-Flails arms around, running in, wielding an expression like that of a small, way too hyper up child.-

I would like Jennifer Murphy, if I may.<3
Ooh, the honest theif!~ Alright, sounds like an awesome time.. Can you take up the personality of a friendly trickster..?~ If so, the character's yours!~ :D
I can try my hardest to make you happy, my good sir gm. >:3
I had in mind a kind klepto, who really had a problem, since thieving just is habit to her by now she barely even notices when she does it.
I can work with a friendly trickster as well. 8D MAKE FRIENDS, then stab them in the back and take their stuff.
Figuratively speaking, for that first part.. x.o
Hmm.. I like your idea better. More extreme, so it fits really well!~ Alright, you'll have the part if you pass the following test:

You just found yourself in a trap with two other people, only two people can get out and they both trust you fully. Who do you save and how does it go down?
That depends.
If you are relating this to the story and the characters, with their information.. Then by doing the math, this would be the ninth trap, in which I would die.
I would look at the two, being Rico and Vanessa, and take into consideration how Rico saved me once, also how Vanessa saved me plenty of times before. Being through a lot with the group, Rico's clear drug addictions, with the withdraws showing since we entered this nightmare of a madhouse.. I would feel pity for him. Vanessa, she seems like a good person..even though I have the necklace that was hanging out of her pocket in my hands at the moment, seeing as I coud not help myself. Something in her eyes tells me she has a reason to carry on, over any of us. I've stolen, she has stolen, we have that in common. My life, upto now, hasn't been so bad, besides the guilt that has clung to me each time I return home to find all my five-finger-discounted items gleaming in my face.
Knowing only two of us can make it, there is the slight hope maybe there might be room for me in the end if I survive.. I willingly put myself before the trap to solve the puzzle, even with the probable result being instant, or slow, death. I expect them to help me then as I do this..and if they don't, well...that just sucks. By this point, what would I even have to lose, besides the chance of coming out alive and being traumatized for the rest of my days by this experience.

Sorry that was long.~ I was scribbling down notes on a sticky. xD..
Holy jeeze!! xD That's great, you've got the character!~ :D Have fun, and thanks for entering!~
:D Thank you!~
Am I done? o.o Shall I wait til everyone else is filled out? Then do we post like profiles? >.> Or..?
>_< I'm terribly sorry for my brief confusion.
Nono, it's fine~ I'm thinking that we should get everyone else in first, so there's a bit less confusion and such..~ ^^

If you want, find people and bring them here!~ (maybe I could make a banner or something. o3o)
Aye aye, capitan.
I've seen every Saw movie, except the newest one that was in 3D, btw. -nodnod.- So I'm quite happy for this. :D excitement! I will try to pull people in.
Ooh, you haven't seen the new one?~ It's on Netflix, I just watched it. Freaking. Awesome. :3
Aw.. Ah well, I won't spoil anything for you~ ^^
I've only ever seen the one saw movie (the first), but I think I could swig up one of these characters (Male, most likely, because I've been playing almost exclusively ladies lately O_o). I'm looking at Mike Brady, Gary Cast, or Rico Mandez, but really I'd consider any of them. If you're looking to fill particular rolls first just let me know.

Also, an interesting idea for getting collaborators involved would be to allow people with characters who died to create collaborator characters. Things then, logically, could get more elaborate with the traps and puzzles. They wouldn't necessarily have to post in IC but could inject their own flavour into the puzzles, possibly injecting their -deceased- characters flavours into the puzzles at times. Sounds a bit weird but might be something you'd be interested in. I think the hardest slots to fill will be the earlier deaths which this might help with.
Hm.. I like the way you think with the collaborations thing.. *zombies as minions, hmm~* But which character would you like, if any? You can only have one and you will be required to prove that you can adapt to their personality. :3
I like that idea: proving to adapt to a characters personality. It's a good character building exercise. So, you know what? I'm going to see if I can play Mike Brady. Bring it.
Alright.. Here's the scenario:

You're in the trap with a few others. To get out, either bones have to be broken or someone has to die. The person would be you to die or to be broken. The other two people can only escape if you yourself escape or die. What do you do?
Well, if the choice is to die or be broken, the choice is obvious. I refuse to die. I refuse to let others die, because of me. I refuse to give up. Waiting around for someone to save us from this situation will get us no where. I know this because I had been left behind before. Forgotten, I waited for someone that never came back to save me. So I became bitter. I began taking control of my life rather than depending on anyone else. I built the world around me, a business from the ground up. An occupation that combined my desire to be self sufficient and the needed numbness given by the caress of bitter alcohol.

On my person is a silver flask, a token of the person that had forgotten me. In it swirls a tawny liquid, a high percent content spiced rum. There's only half left as I had been nursing the drink since I landed in that shit hole. I take a big swig, leaving only a small amount left in the bottom. I tear a piece off my shirt and pour the few trickles left onto the cloth, twisting it and then placing it between my teeth. I bite down, and stick my limb into the device that will set us free. Although the knowledge of the pain to come is horrifying, somehow the emotional pain of doing nothing hurts so much more. I refuse to accept my own weakness, and I refuse to allow others feel pain when by being strong I can save them.

A bit long as well, and rough, but I'm looking more to capture the essence of this character than anything. Also, I'm not sure if this fits things proper; methodically. But it definetly conveys the mind set of the character. Let me know what you think.
I like it! I think you've got the part. :3 Thanks for auditioning!~
I'll take Finton or Cast, depending on how much you need me. My aim is to be as useful as possible, so if you want me for an early shock death that's fine, or if you want me to stick around and help build tension I can do that too.