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  1. You wake up within a dark house where they is no escape unless you want to fall into your own death, Hidden clues and notes are scattered within each room. Only you and a handful of others are within this house and all of you have been infected with a disease. In order to survive you must complete a series of task and try to find the correct antidote to cure yourself and the others before the time runs out. You have entered a game will you survive or will you die. . The choice is yours to choose. Be warned if you play along you might go insane. The person who is in charge of the game has a name, he goes by Jigsaw and he has played this game for at least a few years just to have fun watching others suffer through his amazing traps hidden within every room. His cameras are hidden throughout the massive house on each floor which there are five floors that you must complete in order to win the game.
    Character Sheet
    No godmodding or god play you must experience pain when in a serious situation that causes pain
    Violence and cussing is allowed it brings in most of the action
    No one liners must post at least two lines
    Have Fun!
    My Character:
    Name: Jessie
    Age: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Jessie is the type of girl who thinks she is the best bad ass around, her mind thinks fast when in situations but sometimes has the wrong outcome. She is non social and she doesn't interact well with others but she does help the team through the toughest situations. She is sassy and feisty whenever she feels like it.
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  2. My character:
    Name: Alexandra "Alex" Knight
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Alex is a person who looks in between the lines. Who keeps a cool head in tough situations. She's smart and likes to think logical. Alex tends to be sarcastic and short tempered. She hates narrow minded people and hates when people always think they are right. Alex is a thinker but tends to get restless in situations she doesn't understands at all. She is also easily irratited and loyal and hates betrayal.
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  3. Accepted! Now time to get the IC thread ^-^
  4. Great! Hope more people join! ^.^
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