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  1. So, uh... Hi there, random viewer. I'm Savannah, better known by the nickname 'Sav' or 'Savvy', and I'm a hobbyist artist who really isn't good at drawing at all but, does it anyways. I've been really, really, really nervous about posting my artwork, but I decided I may as well put it out there, since that's what art is for(and a decent amount of mine is fanart of my roleplays).

    So, er.. I know my works aren't the best, but please be gentle and don't kill me for it. XD Constructive criticism and any comments you have are appreciated.

    This gallery will be updated regularly!

    Canon Fanart (open)

    Roleplay Fanart (open)

    Update: I've also got a dA with a lot more of my work on it, if anyone actually wants to look, lol.​
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  2. So, adorable! *Is waiting to see a Bad Wolf/Ten or a Katniss/Ten* ^-^
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  3. Aw.. Thanks. ^_^ I'll get there. :3 I've got a huge list of stuff to draw, so it'll be posted eventually. XD
  4. I think they're an excellent start! Do you have experience in art, or did you just do these outta no where? Either way, I think you should pursue the !chibi style more! Maybe look into tracing the art on a computer? Your potential is showing!~
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  5. Heh, thanks! ^^ Oh gosh, no. I wish. XD I'd like to take art classes, but I don't really have the time or money at the moment. And thanks! Chibis are probably the only thing I can draw even relatively well. @-@ I haven't tried it before, but I'll certainly consider it. And I'm glad you think so! XD
  6. I like them. Its just I can't find my glasses, how ironic!, and the pictures are a bit small but I like them. Way better then me anyways.
  7. Thanks! And if you click the image, it makes it larger, just so you know. ^^ I'm sure that's not true!
  8. Okay. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. I really should try to find my glasses.
  9. Ahh. Yeah, might be a good idea. XD
  10. *Rises out of the ground*

    Looks good! May Allah increase you in blessings matey!
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  11. Why are we all so shy about posting art here? lol Cute chibis, keep going and you'll get better with time :3
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  12. Thank you both! ^^

    And I didn't realize the others were shy. But, I'm glad I'm not the only one. XD
  13. Its terrible I hate it because its better then my drawings. Lol there really good
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  14. Ahh, I knew it!! XD I'm sure that isn't true, and that yours are great. ^^ Thanks!
  15. Stick figures are not good
  16. Hey; everyone starts somewhere. I'm sure you'll be able to evolve from those just fine with a bit of practice. ^_^
  17. Too much cuteness. I can't handle it.

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  18. Heh, thanks! XD
  19. Hopefully getting this updated in a few days.
  20. Welp. Finally got around to updating slightly.
    Which isn't much since all of my latest works are WIP so I can't post them yet ;_;