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  1. Shade sighed as she sat in class, obviously bored. She took out her journal that she always drew in. She usually drew creepy things like Creepypastas or things like that, but today was different.

    It was only two weeks until prom. She didn't have a date.

    Because she was the "emo freak" at school, no one wanted to be around her. It was true that she wasn't like everyone else, but that didn't give them the right to make fun of her. She just liked things that others didn't.

    During class, she heard the others talking about her. The preps, jocks... everyone was against her. She was alone in the world. She stood up and left. She put her headphones on and sat under the stairs of her highschool. She closed her eyes. She knew she was a freak and nobody would care if she was gone. She heard footsteps coming towards her. "Just leave me alone."
  2. "I don't wanna." The voice was obviously male and it belonged to Alexander, or Alec for short. He had brunette coloured hair and stunning light blue eyes. Some say that his eyes were the shade of the sky just as the sun began to rise, a colour so beautiful. His eyes were the reason why he had girls falling for him, most would do anything to get him to just look at them. But Shade didn't. Shade was the outcast of the entire highschool, she wore dark clothing and makeup. Most would typically call her 'emo'.

    "I heard those jocks in class talking about you. I just happened to want to see if you were alright, alright? " Technically, he was one of those jocks but he had grown tiresome of everyone elses shit.

    He continued to stride over to the dark girl. His steps light and barely audible, it was surprising how she heard him. Finally reaching to where she sat, he crossed his arms and leaned against the concrete wall.
    "I'm tired of then saying things about you, so here I am. I don't think you will push away someone who is trying to be friends with you, right?" despite leaving his friends for her, his cocky attitude came with him.

  3. Shade looked at him and took off her headphones. "You... want to be my friend? But wouldn't you get made fun of for being around me? And all the rumors that will be spread about you. Nobody wants that to happen to them. Plus I'm the freak. Nobody wants to be around me,"she said.
  4. "I knew what I was getting into when I came over here. Anyways, this wouldn't affect me much. It would affect you though, no one will say anthing about you. Don't you want that, Shade?" Alec brushed his hair behind his ear and sighed. He was only doing a kindness to her.

    He moved to sit next to her. "I don't bite. Promise."
  5. She looked at him. "What do you mean? They will always make fun of me. They don't like me. Not even the teachers like me... What would hanging out with you do to make them stop?"she asked, her blood red Eyes looking straight into his and his charm having No effect.

    Contacts. That were her secret to staying away from his charm. The contacts she wear arent the best of brands so it's hard to depict colors. To her his Eyes just looked like a regular blue.
  6. Alec rolled his beautiful eyes, "Do yo accept or not? If you haven't already noticed, I'm quite high up on the charts. But, if you do not want to... I guess I should just leave then, right?" his eyes stared into her crimson ones.

    Students passed them, they were running to the next class or talking to their friends. All the while, he sat here with the emo girl.
  7. She looked at him. "But... I mean wouldn't I just bring you down? You're so popular. I'm a nobody, "she said. She looked at him and nodded.

    "Fine. I'll be you're friend,"she said.
  8. Alec stood up, a grin of triumph on his face. "Great, friend! This sounds fun. C'mon," he held his pale hand out to her. "The bell is about to ring."
  9. Shade put her hand in his and stood up. She nodded. "Don't I also have my next class with you?"she asked. She looked at him.
  10. "English, yes." Alec nodded, crossing his arms once again. And so, he began to walk down the hallways. Walking with the grace of a tiger. Glancing back he smiled, "Coming?"
  11. Shade followed. She looked at him, her head down. She sighed. "Why did you want to be my friend anyway?"she asked.
  12. Alec kept walking. "Is it such a problem that I wish to be friends with you? Shade, I'm only being nice." he said, a grin on his lips. After a moment, he sighed. "Fine, but if anyone asks, you dragged it out of me. I thought you'd deserve a friend."
  13. "So That's How you're going to be as a 'friend'? If anyone asks Why you want to be my friend you're going to throw me under the bus and tell them I practically made you be my friend?"she asked. She shook her head and sighed.
  14. "No, I'm not." He simply said, turning and walking down another hall. "I'm not like anyone else really. But you wouldn't know that now would you?" Alec's voice was calm.

    He still couldn't understand why she she was trying to push him away. He had never done or said anything to her that was bad.
  15. She looked at him. "It's odd that you would want to be friends with me,"she said.
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