Saviors of the wastes.

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  1. The warm sunbeams of the daylight came trough the window, waking David up. With a sleepy moan he slowly fought the sheets, not really wanting to wake up. But a couple of minutes later, the clock alarm broke the silence of the place and the sudden shock made him jump out of the bed and fell to the floor. "Damn it!" Yelled him as he turned off the alarm. He stood up and took a deep breath that turned into a loud yawn. As he walked out of the bedroom the wood floor of the house made mild sounds under his feet.

    The house were two small rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Always messy, the house had dust and sand almost everywhere and clothes were hanging from every piece of furniture. Walking out of the bedroom, David went trough the small hallway to the kitchen. There he served himself a big cup of coffee. After a couple of sips, feeling more awake, he grabbed some 'clean' clothes from the table and chairs and dressed up with them. Gray leather-like, boots, dark blue jeans, a 'Thermaltec' thermal shirt and a buttoned shirt above it. As soon he finished dressing, he drank the rest of the coffee.

    He walked out. His house formed part of a small group of about 12 houses on the middle of the desert. Of course, it was inaccurate to say that, since half planet was desert. Some neighbors waved at him, and he did the same. People was way nicer in the small groups of houses than in the big cities. David walked towards a rusty car, partially sunk in the sand. An old and barely restored buggy.

    The car made a pain sound as he he pushed the throttle. The overpowered engine shook the dust and sand off, and the smell of burned fuel surrounded the area. In the other planets, all sources of energy were clean, even the cars were electric. But in Thrae, the situation was way different. Three quarters of the energy were produced by highly polluting energy centrals, and electric cars were too expensive for almost everybody.

    As he drove the car across the desert roads, the sun rose slowly over the horizon. A day here is about 26 hours and a half, and the orbit of the planet around the sun is less elliptic than earth, so almost every day made the same infernal temperature. Although the 'Thremaltec' clothing helps the body to maintain a nice temperature, the hot sensation was always there.

    He finally arrived to the mine parking, and as soon as he got down of the buggy, a young and short man interrupts him. “David! Look, we are having some troubles. We got a depressurization on valves 3 to 6 and looks like the 'Titan' is overheating again.” Then David looks at the huge, really huge machine that lay in the middle of the mining site. The biggest machine he have ever saw, mining the minerals of the soil.

    “I'm not in charge of that this week. Where is Esteban?” Asked David. “Esteban? He is the stupidest engineer I’ve ever seen!” Replied the boy. “I don't care, he is in charge of that section and I have work to do. So come back next week, or fix it by yourself.” And with that words, David left. A couple of minutes he was in the robot garage. There they fixed smaller robots, or dissembled them to sell them for pieces and earn a little bit of extra money.

    “You finally arrived!” Said an old man in the garage. “Hey Ivan, how are you doing?” Said David. “Fine fine... Look what we got today.” And Ivan showed him a robot. But not any kind of robot, one of those 'state of the art' ones. “Some guys sold it to me this morning. I guessed you would like it.” Said Ivan. “Like it? I love it. Thank you dude.” Replied David enthused. He never saw that kind of technology before. He had the chance to study it, but never had one in his hands. Now he was minded to fix it, no matter how long would it take.