Saviors of the Twin Worlds

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  1. Greetings. I figured I'd check the interest on this rp idea before posting it up for signups and advertising.

    Rp Info (open)
    The twin worlds of Gaia and Terra are overlapping worlds mirroring one another; one showing the world in its natural state where the elements rule, while the other shows the world ruled by magic. For centuries these two worlds rarely interacted, occasionally the elements or magic would pass through one into the other though this would rarely cause more than simple weather changes.

    Then the rifts came, at first they were small, animals would go missing, magic would seep out of a location, strange winds would be felt. Gradually however these rifts grew, the larger they became the more things would pass through. Guilds and groups started to form on both sides attempting to deal with these rifts, to close them or figure out what was causing them, similarly came the guilds and groups wishing to force these rifts to fully open.

    When the largest of these rifts opened and practically merged the twin worlds together in that area, resulting in a lot of deaths in both worlds, the guiding forces of the twin worlds decided to forge their own group, one formed of their champions with the goal of saving both worlds.

    System (open)
    Saviors will follow the group through Gaia and Terra, and the areas where the worlds are starting to blend into one. The group will attempt to figure out what is happening to their home, fighting elementals, magical anomalies, deranged people and animals, and attempting to deal with the rifts. As they progress they will grow stronger, gaining skills needed to protect their homes, and eventually learn what is causing their worlds to merge together.

    The rp will use a leveling system, each fight (and some actions like picking locks, convincing people not to fight you, etc) will earn the group exp.
    The fights will use a dice system (simple d20), however since Iwaku (as far as I can tell) doesn't have a dice system I'm going to use an external system. I'm currently looking at various ones to figure out which is best (I'd prefer one that can either be easily copy and pasted here or one that has a 'passcode' where everyone can go and see the rolls)
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  2. Interested! The idea of twin worlds merging sounds like a very unique set up that I'd love to RP.
  3. Interesting, though I'd probably need a more in depth explanation of how the system would work.
  4. Well it will be a highly simplified dnd like system (someone once told me what this system is actually similar to but I forgot what it was)

    D20 - 8+ hit 7- miss 1&20= critical miss/hit respectively
    Each person will have hp, attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense along with skills that augment such stats (I may add a stat or two but I'm not completely sure yet)
    Damage would be attack or magic attack minus defense or magic defense

    For the most part, the only time rolls will be needed would be on fighting, though lockpicking and the occasional persuasion/intimidation may also popup
    You will be traveling between the two worlds and as such encounter crazed creatures so fighting will be in a majority.

    The skills that I have planned so far are 'boon' skills, ones that increase stats, or grant abilities based on elements, or let you attack twice in a round. Though enemies can also have these skills. Boss fights will also grant unique skills
  5. Ah, so that's how it works. Thank you for the clarification!
  6. I might want to join this, it depends. How frequent do you expect people to post?
  7. I'm typically fairly flexible on the post timings, but in generally the posting speed will be once everyone posts in the 'round' (during combat), or once per week (but this may be made into an earlier timeframe if we are constantly waiting on one person)
  8. alright im in
  9. Ok I'll start working on making the OoC thread

    If I dont get it up tonight I should be tomorrow night
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