Saviors Of Humanity ((OOC And Sign Ups))

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  1. Plot
    It was an ordinary day in Las Angeles, traffic was heavy like always,people were rushing home,but then the radios started getting fussy and the television went to black, then something terrible happened, a man appeared on the t.v's, everyone stopped as they watched and listened,the man stood their," Hello Humanity,you must be terrified right now, thinking this was a terrorist attack,well,it's much worse,bring him here" two men in suits bring a man in front of the camera,the man was crying "This is your fellow human fokes, here, i'll help" the man takes a black and orange staff and stabs the man through the stomach "Victim Number 1" the stations go off and everyone yells through the streets,
    The CIA right away tried to find out where that was sent from, but is impossible to find, the CIA then create project S.O.H to form a team to fight against the mysterious figure

    Character Sheet

    Back Story:
  2. Name sasha valentine
    Identity sniper wolf
    Age 19
    Gender female
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Strengths she is very accurate and agile
    Weakness she isn't too physically strong.
    Back story Sasha was brought into the world of mercenary work at the age of 10. 9 years later she was contracted by the CIA to hunt down this mysterious group.
  3. Accepted
  4. Name: Nick Steel
    Identity: Blade
    Age: 35
    Gender: M
    Appearance: generic secret agent. Combed Black hair, brown eyes, 5'11", bullet proof vest and many concealed weapons beneath a black suit and tie.
    Strengths: Specializes in close quarters combat. very crafty. Can fly any aircraft.
    Weaknesses: Shoot first ask questions later. Bullets.
    Back Story: CIA agent from age 20. Involved in numerous missions and Classified sorties.