Savior's Legacy

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  1. Chapter 1

    "Coming soon to theaters near you!"

    Zzzznnn.... We... N... Now... Znnnn.. Bring you... zz..z ..zz This broadcast ... ZZZZnnn...z Live.. jesus Chri.. St get that... Znnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    "Coming to you live from just outside of the Historium outside of Selveile. We aren't exactly sure what we are seeing but this storm that just rolled in out of no where is sure to cause difficulties. Wait... umm.. What the hell is that!?


    From the clouds a leviathan appeared.

    "Is that... one of those demons? FUCK this! I .. No get the hell back here... znnnn.. tt... Giv.. me.. That damn... Znnnn microphone. ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz..... YEAH! that's right get the hell out of here! Ahem.. Coming to you live. There appears to be a monstrous looking almost squid like creature that appeared from the sky. No further details are known but it brings obvious question to the origin of this major storm... Oh.. Whats this?! is that... the Saviors!?

    "Grim troops spread out at its side, we need three of you to focus on keeping its lightning at bay! Knights! Front and rear flank it but watch out for its tentacles. You know that any laceration.. Yeah yeah we got it! Jericho continued to shout out orders as he joined the right flank and lead a group of Druid forces While the monster was distracted they easily enough flanked with flying familiars and switched places with their winged friends to land atop the monstrous cloud. The battle would be long and hard.


    I can't believe this.. the Saviors are standing against this monster head on. No fea..."Alright that will be enough of that non sense, we can't have you all jumping the gun." A man with wild lengthy red hair tied back in a triple knotted pony tail looked to the class. His skin was a fair pale complexion his eyes almost emerald green; a certain shimmer of wisdom found in them if one looked hard enough. He was the teacher. Sir. Alimont.

    "Anyways Its time for class. we can't just have you all wandering in blind after all. So lets start with names. A proper introduction includes, Your name, Classifaction (Knight, Druid, or Mage), Age, grade, Do you remember your past, A simple yes or no will suffice. and one interesting thing about yourself. Alright with that being said."

    The strange teacher stepped up before all of them and almost formally placed his hand over his chest before looking them all dead in the eyes.

    "My name is Adrian J. Alimont, I am currently a Druid, I am 27, obviously your instructor, I do remember, and I Sleep naked."

    With that the man bowed ignoring any looks he might of gotten, while sneaking a wink over to the ladies in the room. "Who is next?"​
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  2. Sunlight flickered in through the bedroom window. A new day had dawned, but Colm had been up for hours by this point. His steady breaths had kept his sister lulled in her dreams, hypnotized by the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest. Light flickered through the window and danced across Colm's bare chest as his fingers stroked to and fro along his sister's shoulder. As the light grew brighter, the stream of ribbon finally crossed Leontine's face. She scrunched her face against the unwelcome brightness. Her body moved against her brothers as her fingers tapped his toned chest in a familiar pattern their Mother had used to calm him as a baby. After a second, Colm looked down into the bright, waking eyes of Leontine and his face split into a large smile. She leaned up to him as he hunched down towards her. Their lips embraced for a second before Leontine stretched herself out, pushing the covers down past their waists "Goooooood Morning Colm. Sleep well?" Colm chuckled, sliding his fingers down along his sister's back. His palm rested upon her ass for a second before he gripped the meat and then turned his hand to the blanket and pulled it back up. "Who said I was done?"

    Leontine growled playfully at her brother before rolling on top of him. She placed her hands against his chest as the blanket once more fell down from her back. She rocked her hips lightly against his as Colm closed his eyes and continued to pretend to sleep. But the rising heat in his nether region told his sister a different story. "Coooolm. Stop pretending. We have to go to class and you know I don't like going without our morning routine." Colm threw his arm over his eyes and let out some fake snores as before he felt his sisters claws dig into his pecks and drag down towards his abdominal. "Ahhh. Gaaa. Leontine!" She giggled as her brother writhed back and forth underneath her. She felt his hands rest on her legs and his bright red eyes staring back up towards her. "Now you've done it."

    Content Warning (open)

    Colm quickly flipped his sister onto her back as laughter filled their room. Her fiery giggles overtaking his deep cold laugh as Colm guided himself into his lover and began their morning routine with a powerful bang. His flame of a sister soon turned the tables on her brother. The blankets fluttered to the floor as they were cast aside, their two forms melding as one as Leontine finished what she had started.

    After the two where finished with the first part of their day, they walked hand in hand into their bathroom and showered together. Colm traced his sister's figure with the sponge as her soapy hands caressed every muscle of his body. They took a moment for the normal contemplation of what to do today and the various shower questions siblings might ask one another when thinking about life. After they finished in the shower, the two dried, dressed and began their journey towards the first floor for breakfast. "That was... A great Morning. Now lets get some food."

    They walked, hand in hand, down the hallway of the second year students. Leontine's body leaned into Colm's as they walked, her free hand wrapping around his upper arm and taking a light hold on his bicep as they strolled passed empty doors and empty halls. "Well this... is strange brother... where is everyone?" Colm sighed as he rose his own free hand to his face and covered his eyes for a moment. Leontine lifted her head, her face rubbing against his black coat as she stared up at her brother. "What... Is wrong? We might be... missing a mission!" And there it was. A news report on a passing TV inside a room of another second year in their squad. "Shit... Professor... Is not going to be happy. Of course..." The two now rushed down the hall and through the remaining corridors of the academy.

    Leontine and Colm moved through the academy like two bolts of lightning, leaping down stairs and dropping over banisters as they hit the first floor. Colm, being the faster of the two, lead the charge through many of their obstacles as his sister would appear by his side seconds later, their fingers lacing for moments before the next obstruction on their path.

    The doors to the school opened as if nothing was going through them, scarring the mental state of some of the people still around. The twins did not waste any time finally reaching the staging ground and as they skidded to a stop in front of the professor, just in time to hear his instructions. Leontine turned first. "OOO, us... next!" Leontine took a quick look around as a sadistic smile spread from one ear to the next. "I am Leontine..." Colm turned after her introduction "and Colm. We are 19... and mages. We remember parts, but not everything... We are... very close." They both turned to their professor and grinned. "And we... are... very... late?" They both grinned as Leontine entwined her fingers with her brothers and leaned against him.
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  3. What the hell? Where were they? Cassandra Mori hadn't slept the previous night, worrying about this and that while idly sketching in one of her many sketchbooks, at first she had been sketching her manga pages as she was wont to do early in the mornings when the insomniac of an artist hadn't slept. She rarely slept though, it seemed she couldn't sleep well, though there were never bags under her eyes and she never felt tired those days. With a sigh she ran a hand through her thick black raven colored hair, that fell in waves down her back, hanging down past her rear almost, and waited patiently for the twins to get up. Cassandra should have expected them to be late, sighing once again the red eyed girl glances at her sketch pad and turns a brilliant red shade; thanking whatever Gods there was that neither of them had come for breakfast yet. It was one of those pictures! Ugh! She slammed the book shut quickly, picked it up and stormed upstairs slamming her sketch pad in her underwear draw, Cassandra grabbed one of her new books; which she had plenty of at this point; and showered as she started her normal routine; only after she had made a bit of breakfast for her siblings if they'd bother to eat something. After her nice hot shower she went to her room and got dressed for the day, she had to go to the Academy today, that's right. Siiiiigh....So many sighs in the morning good gosh, this better not become habit, her thoughts wander as she pulls on her basic clothing, a sweater that covered up her slender curves and hourglass figure well and pulled on a pair of jeans; unfortunately those weren't as covering and squeezed to her figure slightly. With a shake of her head Cassandra pulls her bag over her shoulder, shoves a few books and sketch pads into it; along with some pens and highlighters, and takes off out the door. She wasn't going to be late for the first day, even if her brother and sister would be!

    Cassandra arrived with plenty of time to spare, eyes opening as she watched the news for a few minutes, she was quiet, surprisingly so and her hand was twitching as she really wanted to sketch again. The teacher introduced himself; said some really strange things that made Cassandra step back a bit nervously with an arched brow as her bright red eyes narrowed curiously. What kind of teacher would willingly share that they slept naked? Another shake of her head and another sigh and then bang, there was Leontine and Colm, interrupting Cassandra as she had just been about to raise her hand to volunteer, now normally she wasn't mean, but they'd been pretty frustrating lately and without raising her hand this time she chimed into what they were saying, "Yeah? Really? More than a little close I'd say. Just so you're aware my name is Cassandra Mori, those two are my older brother and sister." She pointed at the black haired pair and blinked slightly tilting her head to the side as she finished her introduction as well, red eyes glaring slightly at Saviors that she found unfamiliar, "I remember...a little, not much and I'm a mage, I'm pretty sure I specialize in Xero energy as well...Unfortunately I'm not all that interesting so I have nothing to say about that either. Well I guess...all I've got is that I draw, a lot, unfortunately my sketch pad is empty right now." Her intro was simple nothing large and as soon as it was out of her mouth she pulled one of those empty sketch pads from her bag, a pencil as well, and started doodling, pointedly thinking about what she was drawing so she appeared focused and pretty much not listening to anyone else, just for now, it was her first day and she was nervous, give her a break!
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  4. A deep sigh left the teens lips following the statement he had just made to the current head of the saints. God the man preached to them everytime they came out to fight a shadowspawn, maybe once they would get it through their heads they knew the risks and the rewards that came with this battle. Takashi led the knight group to the front of the massive squid in the sky before them, he didn't issue any orders not like Jericho all of them knew their jobs and he was sure they would be carried out flawlessly. Around him he could hear the sounds of aether being activated, the many weapons and armors being donned, then into battle they all flew charging forth like the knights they were. Takashi pulled a small device from his pockets and clicked in on, around him the sounds of battle faded replaced by the sweet music that fell through the headphones that had been placed in his ears.

    He reached his hands out in front of him balled fist placed together at the sides, slowly he pulled his hands apart, as he did so golden energy engulfed the entirety of his teenage form. It coursed around him almost in time with the music, the further his hands got apart the more a weapon began to show itself. In his left hand he held a bright white sheath, the entirety of the sheathe covered in the snow white color except for the golden lettering that intricately was written in what seemed to be the language of read 'Honor'. In his right hand however there was the hilt of a blade, the hilt was wrapped in a white wrapping that circled around his wrist and up his forearm to his elbow. The blade of the sword was a deep golden color, it was always gleaming bright no matter how many times he cut into his enemy. A smirk graced the lips of the teen his eyes finally shifting up to the beast before him, it was time for him to enter the fray.

    He shifted forward, his feet moving with each key that lingered from the headphones in his ear. He stopped at the side of a halberd user, one that had been in the Saints since the beginning of the school year just like him and yet he still got a little ahead of himself in battles. "Blaine, be...." Takashi raised the sheathe in his left hand up, a tentacle stopping upon the material with an echoing crash causing a crater in the ground where the two saints stood. Silence followed the space in between the first song and the next causing a deep irritated sigh to fall through his parted lips..he gripped the hilt of his katana tightly hoping that the next song would calm down his irritation...of course the heavy rock beat did nothing more than increase it. He shifted the blade of the sword resting at his side up burying it into the creatures tentacle that rested against his sheathe. He continued to push the blade through the hide of the creature until it came out the other side cutting the tentacle from the massive creatures body.

    Damn Shadowspawn, he hated them the more he fought them and he wanted them all to fall now.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Chiana's Battle Theme
    Chiana Dale
    On the battlefield
    In line with other druids stood Chiana, she was at attention with her back straight and her hands held behind her back. Her familiar, Temperance; who was a 1 and a half feet long komodo dragon, sat beside her. Chiana wasn't in the Saints as long as most of the others, she had only been recruited at the beginning of her current year so she has been determined to make up for that in efficiency. She listened carefully to the orders with a stern look on her face, she didn’t tremble around the people nearby, she didn’t feel the anxiety welling up inside her like it would anywhere else; she felt calm on the field, relaxed in battle. It was very odd and seemed uncharacteristic of this girl but that is how she has always felt ever since she tasted the thrill and danger of a real fight.

    The commands were brief, and soon Chiana and Temperance shot off in the monster’s direction to carry them out. She was faster than normal humans due to her connection with her familiar. Her long white hair flowed behind her along with the bottom of her black trench coat; under her coat was a white button up blouse which she knew would get soiled somehow before the battle was over. A red tie fluttered over the blouse, and she wore black mini shorts with tights that were the tops of white thigh high boots that laced up, but they only reached down to her ankles where lace flowed out and barely touched the ground.

    As they approached Chi slowed down and held her arm out toward Temperance. Her arm was covered in scales the color of her skin that acted as natural armor. Temperance jumped onto the extended arm and climbed onto her shoulders. They watched as a tentacle charged their way, her hands scrunched as strong claws grew from her fingers and toes, and she slowed down a little more conserving her energy. With the tentacle nearly 3 feet away a burst of speed allowed Chi to jump high into the air and dodge the tentacle, while Temperance climbed down onto the girl’s arm. Chi twisted in the air and threw her arm forward towards the top of the limb as hard as she could, sending her familiar flying. The lizard landed then ran up the rest of the way as fast as she could, as Chi grounded and dug her claws into the limb.

    The tentacle pulled back breaking free, and rushed at her again, in response she shifted out of the way, dug her feet into the ground, formed scales onto her fists, and punched it with all her might. The sounds of the skin breaking filled the air as the limb moved away. It swept back towards her again; in return she jumped over it.
    “Now!” Temperance called, at that very moment, still in the air, Chi spun around, then appeared at the base of the tentacle. Without wasting any time she clawed at the base with ferocious swipes, each swing cutting deep into the monster’s skin. Her vision blurred, all the sounds she could hear lessened, and a forked tongue flickered from her mouth as she continued. After a few moments she was almost through, but as she flash her tongue instincts made her jump into the air just in time to dodge another limb trying to squash the girl. She landed on it and when it began to pull back she jumped onto the previous tentacle and continued digging hastily.

    When the tentacle began to fall she pushed off towards the body and switched with Temp again. The dragon, who landed on the body and dug her claws into its surface to keep grip, was much better at climbing than Chi. While Temp worked on getting to the top with the others, her wielder appeared on the ground and ran towards another tentacle that began its course towards her. As it closed in she jumped high into the air and land on top of it. With great velocity she ran along the limb, until it began to whirl around in the air causing Chi to dig her claws into it. She continued to climb, even if she was a lot slower, still spiraling in the air. She struggled, nearly falling off a few times but the closer she got to the body the less movement the extremity could make, allowing her to climb back to the top side and continue running.

    With the body in range she pushed off once again towards the body and switched with Temperance who had made it to the very top with the other druids who conveniently had flying familiars. She didn’t mind this, in fact it was better this way; she had been able to help by taking out one of the bothersome tentacles. As Temp worked her way back to the top Chi prepared to back the others at a moment’s notice.
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  6. A pair of Glaring red eyes opened, shaken awake by the sudden jerk next to him. Romulus turned to find Fleur next to him curled against his mass. She wasn't one to show weakness of vulnerability, but with him she was a bit less reserved. Of course Romulus supposed that, that was a good thing. They were already extremely late... late...

    "We are very late?!"

    This time Romulus woke up for real, but there was no one next to him only the cold wood of his panel desk beneath him. Crimson gaze found the vision of the two that stood before the class now just in time for a girl a bit more snarky to join the duo. What the hell is this even? Romulus wondered to himself and glanced around the class. There were all sorts of faces, most of which he didn't recognize while others he could pick out of the masses, Only a few desks offside of him he recognized one face in particular above the rest.

    Fleur, his sister sat by her lonesome between two other macho men looking guys. Romulus expected she was all too happy about that being the way she was.

    "Alright alright, Lets keep it moving." Sir Alimont hassled the three before him and then settled on the two second years. "Actually... what the hell are you two even doing here... don't you... " And like that; before the teacher could finish his sentence the two of them were off again giggling down the hall way. The teacher merely face-palmed and called for the next one. No one seemed to budge.

    Romulus looked over to the desk where his sister sat and waited to catch her eyes before pushing up from his desk and silently walking over to her. The room was almost decadent against whispers and the mildly loud clod of his feet hitting marble floor. Romulus stood before Fleur's desk and offered his hand. To which his sister gladly accepted though she stared at him with suspicious eyes. Romulus wasn't exactly the loud type, rather he liked to talk rarely and when he did it always had a purpose, that was just the type of man he was. The two of them made it to the front of the room where Alimont cleared the way and then Romulus let out a soft breath before raising his gaze to the rest of the class.

    Romulus was a very strong shoulder well built handsome young male. Ravenesque black hair to top his head with a crap that fell over his face on one side, Strong jaw line that accented his neck and body very well, but above all else were the piercing narrowed dark red eyes that now scanned the room like a ghostly passage. A hard voice fell from his lips and he started his introduction hoping to pave the way for Fleur and make this more comfortable for her.

    "I am Romulus Far'brn, A first year student to this academy. I remember only shards of my past. I am ...... well.." he thought about it for longer than he would have liked as even the teacher looked onto him curiously. "I am a Knight. Age 19 and lastly I prefer Piano pieces above all modern music with the exception of techno." Slightly he clenched Fleur's hand in his own and bowed his head before whispering in his sisters ear. "Its simple as that. Say everything strong and no one will doubt you. I am here."
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  7. [​IMG]


    The night was the same as any other; dreams of the past come to haunt her in her slumber, and her moving to her brother's side for comfort. Naturally she would curl her significantly smaller form next to his hulking mass, and the terror of the past would seemingly just fade away. Fleur would then sleep in peace only to awaken and realize that they bother were late for class. The small, slender digits would caress Romulus' cheek in an attempt to rouse him, and then they would be off.


    Fleur was seated in between two of the largest young gentlemen she had every set eyes on, and couldnt be the happier about it. It gave her a sense of if either of them would ever think about protecting her against anything in here, or anything at all for that matter. They all barely knew each other...if they werent complete strangers to begin with in the first place. The small, delicate flower sat between stone was quiet for the most part, her soft crimson gaze cast toward the twins at the head of the room. Leontine, and Colm was it? Delightful bundles of incestual joy it seemed...they were clearly too close for most normal families to claim. was too obvious. It didnt much seem like their younger sister much enjoyed their display either. She seemed agitated as she introduced herself, full of snark. Fleur decided that she quite liked that one. It seemed like only seconds before the trio had finished their introductions, and then the twins were off to do their duties to the world.....the dark evil world outside these walls.

    The girl sighed, and cast her half hooded eyes to the side where she knew her saving grace was seated. Where her soft eyes caught the gaze of those hued an equal shade of red. Romulus caught her gaze, and then pushed up from his seat to step over to the dollesque Frenchwoman. Her half lidded gaze cast up to him as he held out his hand for her, in which she placed her own small palm n his own. He guided her up to the front of he class, the professor stepping aside to give them the space. Fleur stood at Romulus side as he made his introductions, her small frame shaking a bit at the sudden realization that she would have to speak before these people. Her stomach knotted. She was delicate, with a very slender frame, and a small build. Very frail, and feminine looking. She was thin, but too much so with a round face, and dazed, dollesque eyes a beautiful wine red color. Her hair was long, and straight. Stopping at the small of her back in a silken raven curtain. Fringe framed her face and straight bangs covered her forehead. She wore a pretty powder blue dress, simple with a ribbon belt. Nothing too fancy.

    Romulus finished his introduction quickly...too quickly for her comfort to be honest. She grasped his hand tightly as he looked to her, "Its simple as that. Say everything strong and no one will doubt you. I am here." She didnt doubt him for a second, but she couldnt shake the uneasy feeling of speaking before this crowd in particular. Taking in a small breath, the girl looked out to the crowd before her looking almost like a seeress as she thought about what she would say.

    "Bonjour, Fleur LaRoux. I a first year student at this academy..." She was very soft spoken, and with that fact the Mokimi in her seemed to laugh. That dark woman deep in the pits of her minds mocking her causing Fleur to furrow her brows as she closed her eyes to think. "I remember only bits of my past....they come to me in fragments while I sleep. Some bits are terrifying....others not so much..." She continued in her her breathy voice. A voice almost ethereal with how it sounded, how it flowed with her words, and the slight french accent she gained in this life alone. "I am 18 Years of Age...A Druid of sorts." She thought about that for a moment...not quite sure if that were correct. She didnt dabble in those thoughts for long. "I fancy the company of spiders....." she murmured out lastly, her plump lips curving into a fond smile as she thought of Yves, her own familiar. Speaking of Yves, just as she thought of him, the Black Widow spider seemed to fall from the ceiling on a thread of silken web just by her head. She gazed over at him fondly, a delicate hand moving to be placed on one of the large spiders legs as she stroked it tenderly. That...was the conclusion of the mysterious girl's introduction.​
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  8. Atrum Vita.

    Scolding droplets would drop ferociously upon pale skin as if a rabid dog was eating a small squirrel. The shower head profoundly drowning all sound within the bathrooms vicinity besides the hard scrubbing noise. The scrubbing had been going on for literally almost three hours, meaning she had to be clean by now. Within the shower, long noir hair would stick to the toned body of a teenager, with her eyes closed. At the moment home all alone, as she usual was. Something that looked like steel wool would be rubbed up against skin relentlessly. Leaving horrid red scratches on the stomach of the girl. She kept scrubbing right over the mark on her stomach that looked like a tattoo, an odd cherry blossom tree that seemed to regenerate so that only the skin without the tattoo would be scarred up.

    The soap suds upon her body would be a soft hue of red. The blood of her body reacting with the soap and burning her wounds she minded not. Nor cared. When the scrubbing stopped she would stand there poised in the shower and looked down, the water to run down her body, embracing her sweetly, running blood and soap down the drain. When she was completely rinsed off, her nimble fingers would reach weakly to touch the hot handle and turn it to the left to turn it all the way off.

    With unsteady movements she would stumble out of the shower and stand in the middle of the bathroom floor. Her body to drip of the remaining water; long and thick noir hoar would stick to the pale but red skin she had. With a ringed index finger she would move her hair and stare at the mirror. It was fogged, and had one letter in the very top left. A simple 'a'. Coldly, she turned away from the mirror and wrapped her body in nothing as she walked out of the bathroom straight to her room because her black phone began to go off, the casing of spiders and webs very cute in her eyes. She would look down at her phone when she entered the room, and violet eyes would light up in slight alarm.

    "Fucking shit."

    In a slow walk Atrum would go to the closet and open it. A towel would be grabbed and a body would be dried slowly. She was taking her time because she simply didn't care. Her violet eyes would follow her outfits and she would put on her undergarments and uniform. Hers of course breaching the school rules because she had black skinny (skinny jeans) pants with a gold belt and jacket with black trim. With a crouch she'd put on her shoes; Her combat boots fitting rather well because of the gold shoe laces and the black design of the shoes. A complete look with her bookbag that would be slung over her back.

    "Yay. School. Woohoo."

    She rolled her eyes and grabbed her phone as well as her longboard and went to her bedroom window, to open it and climb down the foliage that grew upon the side of her house. Vines and a tree right there, she just hoped no one ever tried to break in her house. Because she'd be pretty mad about that just as anyone would.
    When small feet touched the green grass she'd hop on her longboard and put her hands and phone in her jacket pockets. A smooth ride as eh was still kind of waking up, the struggle being real when it came to her acting like a nocturnal animal most of the time. She actually didn't live too far from her destination.

    It was going to be a long day, none the less.

    As she rode down the street her hair would sway slowly in the wind; each lock of her hair thick enough to not be easily drug along in the winds embrace. Violet eyes would nearly close as she peddled faster and faster with each second. She was going to school and was determined to not get a tardy on the first day. Though she acted like she didnt care, she did.
    She was through the doors of the classroom almost as soon as the tardy bell rang, and the girl Fleur had just finished her introduction to the class. That meant she was next, she moved through the rows of seats until she stood in front of her own. "I am Atrum Vita, and I am a Druid I have no memories of my life before but I am sure they will come in due time." With that she sat down and let the next person go not saying much else.
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  9. Kaine Zehner
    HAPPY METER: ▋▋▋▋▋▋▋▋▋▋
    OOC NOTES: If there are any mistakes or errors, inform me and I'll edit them out!~ Thanks! c:

    A leg was thrown over the bed while the other remain under the covers. Arms were spread wide open and on the side of his mouth was a trail of saliva as the pillow was already soaked with a puddle. Covering the body were papers of documents and designs of combat moves along with a book laid open on a previous page he was reading last night. His hair was a complete mess as if a hurricane hit it and he still dared to lay sound asleep while time was ticking. Luckily, a little cube wasn't gonna let this go on any further as it float over towards the bed. The flying cube illuminated a blue hue before changing to a bright red and the screen of a pixel face switched to what looked to be a clock symbol as the cube started to ring loudly,

    "Wake up! Wake up! Late! You're Gonna Be Late!"

    In an instant, Kaine shot up from his bed and was already armed with his tonfas, alert of any attacks but only to see his robotic friend doing it's daily routines,"Pix... I really need to adjust your alarm system again." He groaned rubbing his ears and placed down his weapons to run a hair through his tangled bed hair,"Late! You're Gonna be Late! Hurry! Hurry!" Pix repeated again flying around it's creator to get a move on instead of wasting time doing nonsense. Waving his hand dismissively, Kaine just let out another groan and lazily got out of the comfort of his bed as the papers fell off him along with the book he had now shut -- ignoring the mess he had made.

    Stretching his arms out in the air, Kaine would then walk over to the bathroom along with Pix -- returned back to it's original form -- as he got ready for the day.


    Missing out on the little movie show and a few of the introductions, Kaine finally made it into class despite him being quite late. Walking in casually, the first thing he did was glance around the room before spotting a few familiar faces but didn't give much mind to them as he noticed the two students at the front -- a male and female -- both giving introductions,"Oh? We're doing introductions now?" Kaine thought about to just sneak his way into the room to act like he had been here like a 'good student' he was and played it off with a stolid composure.
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  10. Was he late?

    Looking at the clock in his dormitory, Veil Faressia decided that, yeah, he was, in fact, going to be late for morning classes. Now, the more important.

    Did he care?

    Nope, not at all.

    Getting out of bed and rubbing some eye crud out of the corner of his eye, the blond went through his morning routine with no consideration to the fact that he was probably missing out on the first day of classes. He ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, yawned a few times, got dressed in some stuffy uniform, combed his hair with his fingers, and then headed out. Then, he remembered that he had a backpack to bring with him as well, and went back into the dorm room to pick it up. Slinging it over his shoulder, the blond Savior popped a pill in his mouth, swallowed it, and then walked through the mostly empty halls of Halian Academy’s dormitories.

    As always, Veil was in no rush at all to get to a class that he had no particular interest in.

    Arriving at the doors of the classroom with no rush at all, he closed his eyes, figuring out what exactly was going on in there. Thankfully, there were other students who were late as well, and it seemed that everyone was busy with self-introductions, so, after another introduction finished, Veil opened the door. He made no attempt to sneak past the gaze of the red-haired teacher, as he said, with a casual salute, “I’m Veil Faressia, first year Knight of 17 years of age. I don’t know anything about my past, and my favorite book is Iris on Rainy Days. Nice to meet you all.”

    He bowed once, before walking to his seat and sitting down, without even waiting for that man’s approval.

    After all, it was the first day. Not like he missed anything important.
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  11. Arize Lukan
    Location: Dorm --> School | Interactions: |

    "Sono me, dare no me?" The sound played on repeat. Arize was a light sleeper and the words are familiar so she woke up quite easily. She had ended up curled so far into a ball in her covers she nearly couldn't escape the sea of blankets. When she finally clawed her way to freedom she gripped her phone. She completed the little trivia necessary for her to shut it off then sat on the side of her bed, contemplating whether or not she cared enough to stand. Regrettably- she cared enough. She stood up, checking her phone for messages via text, social media or email. She had mastered the art of looking down at something while walking. She was often typing away at stories or making sheet music while walking. She liked to keep herself occupied, otherwise her mind would wander to the brink of insanity.

    She treated herself to a long shower, taking her time to shampoo her hair. As she gently worked up a lather she began humming. It was a piano melody she was attempting to learn. She loved it but didn't take the sheet music for it everywhere. The obvious answer to her was to memorize it incase one day a piano arrived in her classroom so she could play it. Honestly on the fifth song she'd hummed for the third time she'd only then realized she'd been in the water way too long. She stepped out and wrapped a towel around her small frame. The time on her phone might as well read: too late. She only needed to see a single numeral to know she was running more than a bit behind. She made quick work of brushing her teeth, getting dressed and chugging orange juice down her throat. She lagged a minute or so to make coffee and slip it in her bag and soon she was out the door.

    She made no attempts to mask her lateness as she arrived, she had seen people were introducing themselves so she briskly said "Good morning, I am Arize Lukan. I remember random chunks of my past, I specialize in Aether. I'm nineteen and I enjoy things and such." Arize was quite obviously rough around the edges. She didn't feel that she should have to give facts about her personal life, that was something you were supposed to figure out. She gave her teacher a two fingered wave before sitting down at a desk. She pulled out. Her desk was directly behind Cassandra- a fact she only noticed when she looked up. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. She enjoyed the females company even if they shared no words. It seemed Cassandra was sketching away at something, whatever it was Arize knew it'd turn out nice. Arise herself pulled out a purple pen, she had a multitude of colored pens- you could call her fanatical about it, and began to try to write in a notebook. She was in book two of the story she'd started and had decided she'd stop with a trilogy. While she was coercing her pen to work her thoughts drifted off to music and by the time the pen had begun working she'd drawn the notes to a simple melody in the margins.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Show Spoiler

    Danna stormed down the pathway and toward the lake, her chest heaving up and down while she tried to calm herself down. The silks of her dress blew around in the wind while she ran a hand through her silky black hair that had fallen out of its fancy updo she'd had it in all day. Her smokey grey eyes searched the area when she finally made it to the lake that she used as a get away. Though at the moment, Danna wasn't alone. She'd been followed by one of the villagers she had conversations with but this conversation wasn't going to be a pleasant one.

    "What did you do Danna?" The older woman spoke in a voice that held worry, her eyes wrinkled a bit as she tried to keep her temper under control.

    "Nothing..." Danna was given a hard look that irritated her.

    "You of all people should know what that child was going through, how could expect me not to do something about it?" She spun around and showed the burning passion in her dark eyes. Danna remembered what it was like to have a constantly angry father and a weak mother... well, her mother eventually went psychotic, which was different in this situation.

    "He was being beaten Clara. Beaten. And his father had the guts to do such a thing in front of me," Danna's voice was dangerous and sent chills down Clara's spine. Fear naturally ran around the woman's nerves which was shocking because Danna had never shown any reason to be feared... until now. Looking at the 19 year old beauty, there was blood that stained her dress as if she had dipped her bottom half into it. Murder. She'd murdered someone.

    "Oh you poor child," Ah, there it was. Pity. It was the last thing that Danna wanted to hear and it made her blood boil like crazy. Did Clara believe that she was her mother or something? Not even her mother had acted this way with her! It felt as if Clara was looking down on her... what would she say if she found out that this wasn't the first time Danna had taken a life? The first time? Yea, it was scary as hell and it was something that would always haunt her but it was easier the other few times.

    "Go. I don't need you and your stupid way of trying to comfort me," Danna growled out and narrowed her eyes, telling Clara that she clearly wanted her to leave. She wasn't a child so why be treated like one? When Clara left Dana turned around and sat down next to the lake, dipping her hands in the water so as to wash of the dried up blood. The red flowed into the clear water before slowly disappearing and when she could no longer see the blood on her hands and arms, she calmed down. Then there was the feeling of a presence behind her.

    "Clara, didn't I tell you-" A large hand snatched Danna by her shoulders, putting their arm around her neck while she kicked and screamed.

    "I told you that you would pay for your sins, Danna!" Ah, that was a familiar voice. It was an older man and Danna was sure she'd somehow managed to ruin his life. Panic grew within the 19 year old girl as she struggled and tried to break free, the feeling of him dragging her was clear. When her feet were in the water and she got deeper into the lake, Danna knew what was going to happen and a rare feeling creeped into her system. Fear. Ha! It had been so long since she'd felt this way.

    "A sinner killing another sinner, how convenient! Just remember that there will be a time when you go insane. This is your first kill isn't it? I can tell by the way you're shaking. You're scared but don't worry, so am I... never really thought I'd die so soon," Danna laughed but it was cut off when his hold on her tightened and finally the water was up to her neck. Curiosity on how it would feel to be drowned filled her mind but it didn't take long until the man pulled her under. Danna fought with everything she had, tried to kick or punch him but he'd managed to stay out of her reach. It was blurry under the water, bubbles all over the place with her movement. She was losing breath and if there were animals around they would possibly smell the fear seeping through her. It seemed like forever until black blotches began to appear within her vision and then she fell unconscious. Her head felt heavy before then, burning as if it would explode. When she could no longer feel anything, Danna... she didn't feel scared. No, she felt calm as if nothing was wrong. As if there wasn't someone who had been trying to kill her.

    Ah... it... felt as if peace had finally came.

    Mya let out a scream as her body shot up from her bed, her fingers instantly going to her head and the pain from the past made her fingers shake. The tears formed in her eyes as her legs pulled up to her chest and she laid her head on them, taking deep breaths so as to calm down. It was just a dream... no, just a memory. That was the reason why Mya never dared to go swimming in pools or oceans, even taking a bath made things extremely uncomfortable so she always sticks to showers and nothing more. Man, dying and living twice over always gave her nightmares. The things she went through in the past had caused her more... aware and just slightly paranoid. Like when she's walking home at night from hanging out with her friends and she hears the slightest sound... well, it won't take much for Mya to jump and get ready to fight.

    The black and scaly little dragon named Yong crawled from his small spot on her pillow and flew onto her shoulders, wrapping around her and rubbing his little head against her cheek.

    "Thank you old friend," Mya gave a small smile to her familiar, using one finger to gently pet Yong. His red eyes starred at her and once again, just one look made her feel in control of herself. As if it had never happened. Then she remembered what exactly it was that she needed to do... get ready for school. Crap! Hurriedly standing up she ran to her closet and got dressed in a black flared skirt that stopped mid-thigh along with black tight shorts and a fitted long sleeved white crop top. Heels or flats? Flats. Mya liked her perfectly balanced height. Letting her long wavy black hair fall from its bun, Mya shrugged her shoulders when she felt it was still damp from last nights shower. It would dry naturally later on. With a shrug, Mya left her way to her class with Yong on her shoulders.

    "Hi! My name is Mya Ahn, I have both Aether and Infinium. I think an interesting thing is that I have Yong," Mya pointed to the Dragon that still lay around her shoulders. With that, Mya took her seat in the third row of the back so she could keep an eye on almost everyone.
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  13. The twins chuckled, Leontine's eyes shinning as her left hand rose to her lips to defend the air against her fit of laughter. "Colm, It seems our sister is in this class. I think we are in the... Wrong room, Leontine? Yes. We should be out there." Colm pointed to the TV and before the professor could catch them with their pants down, so to say, the pair flitted over to their lovely sister. Leontine wrapped her arms around their sister's waist as Colm hung his arms over her shoulder. Leontine's chin appeared upon Cassandra's left shoulder while Colm's rested on her right. The two turned at the same time and landed a pair of kisses upon their sister's cheek, both, in turn, pulling their sister closer to them before once more releasing a fit of laughter.

    "Little sister... You should really stay with us.. one of these days. You might find the Saint's Barracks rather... comfortable." Colm hissed softly in her ear. "Especially with us." Leontine slipped her hand between Cassandra's legs and coupled her inner thigh for only a second as Colm began his dash past the remaining rows of desks and into the halls. Before Cassandra could react to her touch, Leontine vanished. She appeared seconds later, hand in hand, with Colm as they dashed through the hall and towards where they where suppose to be. "Do you think... That they might wonder where we have been? Most assuredly they will." Colm Shrugged. "They couldn't be too deep in the battle. Maybe we... will get some action too. If not we can get some action... later on. Oooo... we get to hunt." Another symphony of giggles from Leontine as Colm simply smiled.

    Hand in hand they rushed through the streets towards the screams and opposite the mass of people running in the opposite direction. Colm would lead the way, shoving his way through as Leontine followed close behind. What became driving through crowds soon cleared out into the open area where the Saints had begun their assault. The two stopped as they looked at the dark one they would be facing. "Awwww... We have to kill... that one? Why can't.... we train it to fly us... around?" Leontine and Colm looked to one another and smirked before they started running towards the Mages' with a smile.
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  14. "I was wondering why you two popped up in my class..." Cassandra sighed this out; that made five now; and did her best to ignore her brother and sister until they approached her and she went rigid gulping slightly as they teased her, trying once again to charm their way with her. She uses her raven colored hair as a veil to hide a blush that couldn't be seen by anyone through that thick mass of locks before answering the two of them. "I can't do that and you know it Leontine, Colm, I'm just a first year and I don't know anything yet so quit it." She felt the touch on her thigh, stiffened and then sighed in relief when they were gone, idly wondering if they had even listened to her, probably not but oh well. She was definitely embarrassed though as she glanced up at the multiple late people among them being Arize who made the red eyed girl smile, she knew her, had known her in the past, that much she knew; though she didn't remember how though and raised her hand to wave at the girl before turning around and setting her sketch book on the desk of her friend. "Hey you, it's been a little bit. What were you trying to write?" She did idly wonder if she'd get in trouble for chatting in class but she didn't really mind either, she was sketching though, idly while she stared at her friend, her hand moving automatically. By glancing down one would see that they were sketching the purple haired girl before her and Cassandra grinned at her friend and showed her the drawing. So far she didn't seem to recognize anyone else though and was likely giving them all snide looks without meaning to. She didn't much care for the fact she had to be in this school, surrounded by other Saviors but she was one too, the little she remembered told her that much. Her thoughts wander as she starts adding in shading to the quick sketch giving it more life before she grins at the girl, "Hey Hey...what do you think? Do you like it?" Pretty much ignoring everyone at this point mostly because her two older siblings just embarrassed her pretty badly.
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  15. The creatures tentacle fell to the side of Takashi with a mighty crash, his rage had subsided at this point down to a small fire that danced behind his deep blue eyes. He went to take a step, to shift back to the battle at hand but instead his body grew rigged and cold and his eyes seemed to gloss over. Around him the whole scene changed, there was no monster anymore there was no saints, he saw nothing but darkness. Around him though the breaths of many were enhanced, this room was full of people a lot of them his knee was cold as if it had been planted firmly upon the the granite of the ground. The next words to slip forth from the room came from the kneeling man, the guy whose eyes he seemed to be looking through. From this day forth until the day that my breath fades, my blades will be at your beck and call. The sounds returned to normal back to the battle at hand, the giant squid like creature had tried to take advantage of his moment only to have the axe of Nezer cleave through it like knife through butter.

    "Don't zone out like that again, you might not get a second chance Takashi."

    He nodded in the direction of his fellow saint returning his attention back to the giant shadowspawn, who at this point roared out with anger. Its eyes faded to a dark black before lightning began to charge around them, the sky followed the same pattern before lightning shot down slamming down into the barriers that the mages had managed to put around the saints. This is what their training had brought them too, they had trained week after week to perfect their battle strategies and now they had to just bring the damn thing down. He turned to Nezer at that point nodding his head towards the top of the beast, Nezer nodded with a light sigh knowing that no matter what he said the second year was going to go up there anyways. Takashi spun the blade and slipped it back into the sheathe he held in his left hand his eyes closed for a mere second, the white and gold of his aether energy seeming to flow around him as barrier would for many. The energy ran to his feet just as he pushed off the ground, he shifted halfway before pushing off of the air and landing swiftly upon the head of the beast joining the druids at the top.

    Takashi searched around for a mere moment trying to grasp the situation at hand, the beast seemed to be flailing its almost endless tentacles trying to hit the people that swiftly moved across its head. He caught it just in time a tentacle rose from behind the beast and came down almost perfectly aiming to hit a girl that had been moving with a komodo dragon at her side, Chiana. He had seen her a few times during the practices, during the training and during other battles and here she was about to get killed. He took a deep breath and rested his hand upon the hilt of the katana resting in its sheathe. The movement it was swift, and quick but all that would be heard over the sounds of battle was the click of the blade as it slipped back into its sheathe on the other side of the massive flailing tentacle.. The tentacle fell apart into seven pieces, falling to the ground around the girl...a deep breath passed through his parted lips at that point sweat falling from his forehead...welp he guessed he hadn't perfected that move yet and it took more out of him than expected. None the less he turned and faced Chiana a small light voice slipping forth to the girl.

    "Don't forget to always watch your surroundings otherwise you could be careful especially up here."
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  16. Arize Lukan
    | Location: School | Interactions: @Arius LaVari | Outfit |

    "Colm, It seems our sister is in this class. I think we are in the...Wrong room, Leontine? Yes. We should be out there." Leontine and Colm's eery synchronised voices were heard clear by Arize. Honestly the two still gave her the chills regardless of being friends with both. She was sure if they had been in her past life they were people her past self hadn't known well. She shared interests with them and was generally happy with their company but there was something about the two that screamed incest. She couldn't figure out for the life of her if they were just kidding or dead serious. She wouldn't change her views of them if hey liked to play with each other in the dark or otherwise. What people did in private wasn't her business untill she was involved in it. Once, Arize wanted a twin. She'd practiced finishing other people's sentences as if a twin would pop out of the sky and allow her to use this newly honed skill set. Of course the twin never did come. With time she got over the desire.

    "I can't do that... yet so quit it." Cassandra's voice was next heard by Arize in pieces. She glanced up only for a second and barely caught the action of the girls older sister Leontine. So... maybe.. the incest part wasn't a joke? It'd make for interesting plotlines and character development.... Arize shook her head, this isn't a book- it's real life. Her thoughts were removed from incest and her story by Cassandra's next words which were clearly aimed at her. She capped her pen in one swift motion only to uncap it again. A bit of a habit with the girl. She glowed at being asked about her writings. "This one is a continuation of another. The plot basically revolves around the mafia, very high action with slivers of romance intertwined." It honestly took all the girls strength to not elaborate a spend thirty minutes discussing what had happened so far and another twenty in character review.

    As she looked down at her friends sketchbook a foreign memory popped in her head. "What are you working on so cutely~?" Nanami smiled gently then sat down on a desk behind her. "Let's see, a story?" Nanami bent down to read the words. "You've always been got at," Nanami jumped off the desk, "these things." Arize blinked, her other self had been clear but the person Nanami had been speaking to wasn't seen. Arize knew it how something to do with Cassandra however. I wonder... how close we were? Arize admired her own features on the paper. Though, admiring them only as being drawn accurately rather than a narcissistic fashion. "It's really good," Arize turned her gaze to the artist of the picture ",you should really be in some sort of art contest. I'm sure you'd win." Arize suggested.

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  17. "Alright alright. That will do for the introduction part of the class." The last of the class finished with their introduction and the teacher ushered everyone to return to their seats. "So this is RTP Class, I am not sure that most of you understand what that means but here it is." Alimont kicked up from sitting on his desk. "First thing anyone who wishes to move seats, please do so If you become a hassle, you wont like me. i don't have time for Shenanigens and I am not the most patient, although I can be quite kind."

    Alimont stood up then just as every student did just that and moved to where suited them best. He turned and started his own lecture by writing on the board behind him.

    The class was a bustle of whispering at that point. Romulus chose to seat himself nearest his sister, but he was not unaware. There was no one that he directly recognized but some felt off to him. Cassandra, and Arize seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit just chatting back and forth at the back of the room. While a good many of the girls were fawning like dogs in heat over the blonde haired Kaine. Though the teacher wasn't so unaware to not notice the boy was ridiculously late and made it so.

    "Kaine. Since you like to play coy I think Ill have you announce yourself over the intercom later. For now sit your ass down!" Alimont cast glares at the boy before returning, but it only added to the obvious persona he gave off and Boy the fawning... the fucking fawning. One girl though, Mya. She didn't seem to be caught up on the prince charming of the class, surprisingly when Romulus found her, she had already found him and they awkwardly locked eyes for a second. Romulus thought he might have seen a slight blush creep on the girls cheeks but chose the better idea of ignoring it.

    Returning his attention to his sister Romulus placed his hand over hers. "Good job today, There is nothing to worry about here Fleur, I wont let anything stupid happen." he often found they had little pep talks like this. She was timid to a fault. But sometimes he wondered if there was more. A blush creeped on his cheeks as the crimson gaze met his and she passed him a soft smile, He turned out of reaction. Still this was a part of his past that he obviously didn't remember but he guessed that the thoughts he had were not all that natural for a brother and sister.... Though he knew two people that might argue that point....

    "So that is all there is to it. Anyone paying attention knows that the cycle of lives we as saviors goes through have a capped power level that we are bound to exceed upon each life. So starting off simply today I might suggest that you all take some time to talk to each other. I am not about to make you reveal your story, but I think its best that you all get to know each other to an extent, for that unity could be what keeps you alive in the future. That being said."

    Alimont stepped forward and clutched his hand over his heart before a Shimmer appeared as a Powerful light consumed him and the next second he was completely cloaked in a deep crimson and gold Armor. A black and gold cloak came around like radiating aether in the form of fire and In his hand a double sided glaive formed. The crest of a Lord with an X appeared over his chest and he stood before them.

    "Sir. Adrien J. Alimont Retired Lord of Britain. In my past I was a front line Aether user un-paralleled for the ability to fight multiple opponents solo. it was my trademark to be able to go against armies alone. My weapon is known as Reaver, and i was directly trained under our current Lord and headmaster to the American division. Caius Rohn. This is just a little bit of my story but it helps you to understand me to connect. So I told you all I would not force you to divulge your story so soon, however lets kick the dirt while we can. This is your assignment." Alimont let his energy return and though his hair was a mess he returned to normal. "I was killed in duty when i took up a single duel vs a Forsaken known as Umbra. It was a complete wash out, so please take my death as something to learn from. it is not possible to face a Forsaken alone. That is my contribution to this class. Now. Group up. Three to a group. And share the details of how you died in your past life. IF you remember. If not listen and take notes from the others. No one is to judge and if any combat breaks out I will handle you personally! Get to it!"

    With that Alimont took his seat and kicked his feet up watching them as they stared blankly at him. This probably seemed like a complete waste of time to them, but this would most likely be what kept them alive in the infinite battle to come.
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  18. So far the operation was going well. Jericho moved with the other Aether users. to attack the monster but the remaining tentacles thrashed around. Buildings fell against the pressure and some of those using aether were flung from the battle. Jericho let out a battle cry as he charge inward, His spear in one hand shield in the other as he leaped inward and his body seemed to surge through time and space. the weapon connected but just like the rest he was felrected back by the hardened shell. The shell subsided after blocking him however. That was when Jericho seen past the defense.

    "mage focus your spells on the shell No Aoe, single target all at once. Druids pick a Knight. After the spell wave his shell will subside! That is when we can defeat it! With that the Saints moved into position. Jericho took up point Spear ready as he picked up a position atop one of the druids Lion Familiars. "On my Mark Switch!"
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  19. [​IMG]

    Chiana Dale > Takeshi Shionoya (@Qu'ess Baenre)
    On the Battlefield

    Chiana, with Temperance at her side, ran towards the front of the beast, along with a few others. She felt an urge to shout out commands, but resisted. Chi felt the beast with her feet each step, searching for a spot soft enough to dig her claws in, but they were stopped as a tentacle slammed down in front of them. Temperance scurried up to Chi’s shoulders as the girl shot out the way of another trying to smash them.

    “How many more tentacles does this bastard have?!” Temperance yelled in frustration as Chi dodged more that came at them. Another limb started towards the two quickly, Chi stepped forward beginning her attempt to dodge, but an additional tentacle swept up from behind and tripped the Druid. She didn’t have enough time to move out of the way, but she wasn’t going to go down easily. She threw her arms forward and covered her entire body with hard scales. Shutting her eyes she preparing for impact, but instead of feeling the pressure of the monstrously large tentacle she was untouched as crashes sounded around her. The scaled girl peaked out and saw a man equipped a katana, Takashi Shionoya, a fellow Saint, though more experienced in the group than Chi.

    "Don't forget to always watch your surroundings otherwise you could be killed... be careful especially up here." He said as Chiana stood up. She could feel Temperance slightly shaking, and her heart beating rapidly against Chi’s shoulders.
    “Right, thanks.” She replied quickly, though appreciatively with a small smile, as she turned her attention to their leader who barked orders. When he was through she looked at Takashi with expectation, she was thankful he was the one closest to her.
    “Let’s go.” With that she swiftly located the nearest mage and darted towards the direction their attack would most likely hit.

    She waited briefly for them to begin their spell work. Temperance dropped to the surface and prepared to bite a chuck out of the creature. When the mages fired she sprang towards an area where she saw the shell retreat and slammed her fingers into it, breaking the surface then forcing her hand deeper into the wound. She broke out into a crouched sprint towards the other side as she ripped the top few layers of skin. It hurt her hand, tearing at her wrist and tugging at the skin between her nails until they began to bleed, but she continued until the shell returned and her wrist slammed into it. She grimaced and sucked in air in pain as she removed her hand from the beast then looked at the knight on the other side.
    “Your turn.” She called as she rubbed her wrist, then balled her fists focusing her toughest scales on her hands, and with a jump to provide momentum she rammed both into the hardened shell with great strength, forcing the shell to retreat the area once more. Though her fists were reinforced, blood still gushed out on impact contorting her expression in pain.
    “Go! I’ll cover you!” She made her way behind Takashi and prepared to fight off tentacles; pain wouldn't stop her from completing her mission. Her attack wasn’t too deep but it should make it easier for Takeshi to inflict more damage
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  20. They rejoined the ranks in a matter of moments, their giggling subsiding just in time to hear the shouts of Jericho as he commanded the attacks of the mages. Leontine stepped up to the front of the line in an instant. "Time to..." Colm hung back, his hands resting in his jacket pockets as he looked up at the beast and stretched a second "do some damage..." Colm walked forward, passing each of his fellow Saviors in turn as they caught his movements out of the corner of their eyes while they continued to attack.

    While her brother took his sweet time reaching her, Leontine had already began casting her part of the spell. "Mages..." She shouted as her hips swung to and fro, her fingers spinning a web of words around her, each movement perfectly placed the next part of the incantation in a soft red. "On our..." Colm entered the circle himself, taking his sister by the waist as the lonesome dance became a burning tango. Colm's sky blue mixing in with the red as he twirled his sister through the movements of the spell. Colm smirked as his sister's hair flitted through the air with a quick spin which quickly turned into a dip of her body, her leg raising along Colm's body as she seemingly kicked the last letter into place.

    Colm lifted his sister out of the dip as he swung her head to his left and then spun her onto her feet. Leontine spun on her heel as Colm released her. Her body pivoting in a tight circle before she stopped herself with a snap of her leg. They both lifted their right arms and aimed their fingers at the beast before them. "mark!" They said in unsettling unison as their spell circle turned black and a spinning bolt of energy was sent careening into the side of the massive darkling. Most of the other mages now focused on the spot where Colm and Leontine had cast their spell, the 'shell' receding just as Jericho said it would. "Next spot... Get ready."
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