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    Long past in a world designated to darkness and evil, a group of heroes fought for the sake of something new. One by one mortal beings tapped into the power of manifest gods and fell victim to the devils which crawled from the infinite shadow. These heroes were known as "Saviors", specialized warriors that harnessed different forms of energy and forced power in order to reach new heights of potential. For ages the Saviors fought and lived upon a broken world, that was until... "Ragnarok." The single event where the highest level of Monsters crawled forth from the darkest abyss lead by one whom had fallen from grace. The Forsaken... A Savior that had broken and been consumed by darkness, more powerful than any Shadow Spawn that had ever existed. The King of the Abyss as he was soon called lead his army of devils over the land and the final war erased what remained of the Saviors. Before they fell, in their final effort the King of the abyss was defeated and sealed, and with the loss of their king, the shadow spawn retreated. The world was far from safe, but an age of peace had overcome the broken land.

    As time passed the monsters returned.

    But so did the Saviors.

    Halian Academy, an established military corp that was created by the first to realize his second life. A man known as Caius Rohn, a legendary hero that was once the leader of the military force that front-lined the battle of Ragnarok. He discovered the true secret to the bound fate of the Savior. Their minds, their bodies and souls were all part of a grand spectrum, a well of knowledge that immortalized their very souls. How else could gods reward humans for fighting a war that was not able to be won? Every Savior was upon their first birth given a number and depending on the accomplishments they would earn another life. The life of a Savior is one that can not be avoid, they were born to learn and to fight the shadow spawn in order to protect their world. For as long as they accomplish this goal they will reincarnate sometime down the flow of time. From that point it could be years, a day, or just a few seconds before they are thrust into the world they once knew. Those who might have been brother and sister before, may not be now. Or enemies may be friends. The only difference is that gender will often NEVER change, and the appearance. It is impossible to tell, but after unleashing and finding your classification in the three major powers there is a turning point. Eventually every Savior will come to remember and realize their past life.

    Most Savior's only get a second life. However those that perform on an extraordinary level and reach the highest prestige to their power might breach the laws. As stated before it is possible that Saviors may obtain more than one extra life, however it is extremely rare. Even more rare is that the Savior might branch into two different forms of energy. However not unheard of. Finally those that are almost unheard of. Those that have achieved three reincarnations, often resulting in the distortion of reality, and the corruption that occurs in the mix of power. When this happens the result is known as a Fallen, or Forsaken. Tainted by the purge of power and the darkness, One who has succumb to insanity, a savior becomes the most dangerous thing that it can to this world. Often due to traumatic stress in their life, great betrayals or what ever other drastic event might have happened in either of the lives that happened simultaneously. It has never been spoken of one that has endured more than two reincarnations and not fallen to darkness.

    Halian Academy takes in the Saviors each time they reincarnate and raises them up to hone their powers into even finer weapons to face the ensuing darkness. The shadow-spawn are creatures that derive from powerful rifts and crawl out of the abyss to devour the lives of the humans inhabiting the world. Saviors train day and night to become a force that can challenge and defeat these evils. The hope of Caius is that someday if they prestige their abilities far enough they may be able to get rid of the source of these monsters and stop this endless cycle. The paradox that is the life of a Savior, for one that lives long enough will inevitably turn to darkness, and that is unavoidable until the Abyss has been sealed entirely.

    Now it is the year 2063, life has progressed exponentially with the uprising of territory, government and technology, but even the technology of the day is not enough to combat the shadow-spawn. Only the three forces - Aether, Infinius, and Xero - energy can face these creatures. Only the saviors can save this world. And so they have become superstars upon this land. Social symbols of hope and grace, monopolized and used to create the illusion that the government has control of the situation. Take up the life of a Savior; become the hero that this world needs and fight the evil that exists not only in nightmares, but on your very door step. Will you help to stop the cycle? Or will you too rise high enough only to fall to darkness?

    Roles Taken thus far~
    4/6 People with Three lives that have 2 power sets
    3/8 Normal Saviors

    If you are interested please comment below with questions and I will tell you more about it.​
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  2. I'm so in, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!
  3. Is this that off-site roleplay you were telling me about? >:[
  4. No maam. I dropped that idea =)
  5. Posting to show interest. No questions yet. We'll wait and see who else pops in to participate.
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  6. Awesome! I have a lot of fun things planned for this rp. So hopefully more people show up.
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  7. You've caught my attention. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but this seems very close to an angel/archangel theme, though I'm not sure if the characters are fully human or not.
  8. Its a very similar idea you are right. However yes aside from what our powers and physical training allows us the Saviors are human and can die by a gun, or knife or anything a normal human may die by. When you Choose your ability Aether, Xero, or Infinius energy that is your trump card as a Savior and then you hone it and become and agent of a world that longs to forget about the ever prominent menace at their door. I have a lot planned out for this rp just need people to take the bite =)
  9. Alright then, if the plot rolls through successfully I'll gladly join.
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  10. No questions, but I would be happy to join. This seems like it's going to be amazing.
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  11. Owo I wanna join. Can I? Please? <3 I can't really think of any questions right now. It seems pretty clear so far
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  12. Fantastic! You both are more than welcome and with this many Ill get the others to come here and Then Ill set up the information page. We should be able to start sometime Sunday if not early week if people want to.
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  13. Can't wait.
  14. Yay can't wait
  15. Sure, whai not. Reincarnations be cool.
  16. >w< yay~ -patiently waits for skeleton-
  17. Skeleton is Up! Gogogo!
  18. My cses will be up tonight or tomorrow.
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