Saving Two World's

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  1. Plot: Video games. A multi-million dollar industry that dominates entertainment. Also recently recently got cleared of accusations that It caused real world violence. This caused for a time peace within the community and Gaming world. yes Gaming world. You see There is a another reality where the lands, seas and heavens people play through in games exist as do the characters. It exists in a sort of symbiotic relationship with The Game Devs brains: They give the world form and it in turn provides creativity and inspiration. It now was having some well deserved peace after fighting off those who would ban it in the real world and thus destroy it. But now that peace has been broken. Rot has been exposed in the journalistic side of things as is an attempt to infiltrate and convert the world, community and industry into a weapon by a political movement. Of course Gamers fight back over the net. And they do so valiently. However you think the world is unharmed? Far from it. The corruption and rot has manifested and unleashed hell onto The Gaming world. And it needs help. Badly. So the core entities (THE first gaming beings to exist: the pong ball and blocks, The missile which is the eldest and ship from Star fighter) came together and used their power to gift several individuals the power to enter their world and fight this evil. To actually save a world. So what'll it be? Game on or A final Game Over?

    Character Sheet:

    Gender:(Guys are allowed)
    Role:(Fighter or love interest)
    Appearance:(Pic/anime or Description)
    Genre:(Basic Game Genre that your char's costume represents, If fighter)
    Costume:(Same as above, If fighter)
    Weapon:(If fighter)
    Attacks:(Atleast one Default,Skill and Devastation. If fighter)

    1. Be decent people OOC.
    2. Yes this sucker is inspired by GamerGate but i really don't want to make this from OOC to debate thread. If you want I can make one. but this isn't it.
    3. No Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's.
    4. I can amend the rules as needed.
    5. Most important of all: Have Fun!
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  2. Will there be subgenres like shoot 'em ups and FPSes, or will it just stick to basic genres like shooters?
  3. Subgenres count.
  4. Name:Avery Aarons
    Orientation:Bi, but bordering on Lesbian
    Genre: Fantasy RPG
    Costume:She wears the usual skimpy armor. The armor takes a mix of mages robes with a cape and head dress of a mage with the gloves and boots of a rogue. Finally the plate-mail bikini and skimpy skirt of a a warrior.
    Personality: The girl is kind but a bit of a loner. She can be quite socially awkward and thus not much of a people person. She has a soft spot for animals or people in need of help, like she was back in the day. Like most gamers she can get frustrated with her games and people occassionally and even a bit angry. For the most part however is rather cool headed. In a fight she can get a little wild and is quite aggressive, which at times undermines her ability to defend herself or friends. Also can be wierd at times
    Likes: Videogames,anime,manga, furry animals, family, friends, honesty, Romance
    Dislikes:Boring parts of reality, Liars, people who back-stab, Really bad games
    History: She didn't have the easiest Life growing up. Her Parents constantly fought over everything. And she was getting bullied for being the wierd kid. Life was not being kind to her. However she soon picked up an RPG in which she was the hero, she was valued, needed. She instantly became hooked. Things eventually had ups with her family finally heal and downs with finding out that she was Bi bordering Les, which caused her bullying to get worse. However She stayed with Gaming and made many a friend over it. while she has tried many Fantasy RPGs always have a spot in her heart.
    Weapon:A hilt with two prongs on it. a hole for magic energy to form the primary weapon.
    Attacks: Default: Hit-She attacks with her fist, simple enough.
    Strike-Uses the prongs on the hilt to stab
    Blade-Concentrates Magic energy into semi-solid sword blade and swings it.
    Skill: Pierce-The Blade extends however long it needs to stab the opponent
    Blast-Shoots an energy bolt at the enemy. can be multiple but not all at once.
    Multi-Slash- basically More than one sword appears and goes for the enemy
    Back-Stab-teleports behind someone and stabs them in the back.
    Devastation: Blade Regalia-Summons copies of very powerful blades she has seen or gotten specs out. Then they go after the enemy usually very powerful one or a large group. otherwise use is overkill.
    Oblivion blast-Charge a huge aount of magic energy under the feet of the enemy. Then shoots it in highly concentrated form upward and through the enemies. same as above regarding enemies.
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  5. Hello,Hello? Anyone interested?
  6. I guess I'll make a character tomorrow mornin'.
  7. I'll have a cs up later tonight^^.
  8. Okay got two who want in. possibly three. anyone else out there?
  9. Anyone interested?
  10. Look forward to your character.
  11. Hello, Hello? Anyone out there?
  12. I might have a CS up later today...
  13. See ya then. Or maybe earlier if I end up bugging you.
  14. Likewise here. Any genre right? That includes survival and such?
  15. Same as I said above. Can't wait to see it.
  16. So anyone around here going to post their CS? Sorry to bug but just ansty.
  17. Give it time. It's not easy coming up with quality cs
  18. I'm in. I'll make 1-2 chars in the weekend. Got an assignment to finish by Friday afternoon.
  19. Sweet. Good Luck with the assignments.
  20. W.I.P

    Taylor McCloud
    "Do not call me Tay Tay."

    "Sweet sixteen~!"

    "Would you like proof?"

    Pansexual (but leans towards men).
    "Boys are just....mmmph."

    "Though I'm not fond of it. Fighting, I mean."

    Fantasy/Action MMORPG
    "The best kind of MMORPG."



    +Boys & Girls

    "Cuddling and sweets. The best combination~!"

    -Being Too Cold or Hot
    -Being Embarrassed

    "Being embarrassed is the worst..."



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