CLOSED SIGNUPS Saving the World In Spite of Ourselves

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  1. This RP is closed to new players. If you are not a player in this RP, please do not post in the OOC thread as we need that for plotting. Thank you!
  2. Thanks Nyx! You've reminded me of something important: naming those freaking worlds! Here we go ladies and gentlegerms:

    Fairyland: Referred to by inhabitants as Coroco. This is a Hyrule-esque world where the Guardians and goddesses originate from. It consists of a large plain bordered by an ocean to the west and mountains to the east that separate Coroco from the Land of the Daal people, the kingdom Queen Amilah is trying to keep peace with. The Daal are proud desert warriors who excel at tattoos and beheading. They are technically the same race as Corocon people.

    Pandemonium/The Sandbox- Simply called Earth by the people who live there, this magical realism world has regular folks living among witches, werewolves, vampires, and anything under the sun. Witches, distant descendants of the Guardians, sometimes live in powerful clans with antiquated rituals and speech patterns.

    Cyberia- A post-apocalyptic metropolis where the only form of "law" is assassins that can be hired. They either work freelance or are contracted by "guilds" where assassins are divided into two Tiers: Tier 1 assassins are bred to be able to hunt and kill other assassins and Tier 2 assassins are just the regular Joes.

    Waterworld- Also called Earth, this world is much like an early 1900's rural America except it is largely underwater. Islands are connected by trains and people have forgotten about the existence of boats. No magic here.

    Paradise Island- post-post-apocalpytic America were a totalitarian government has full control of its citizens. Writing utensils and paper have been outlawed to comply with "Green Laws" that also restrict citizen travel. Here some psychics monitor the Mechanical Messiah, a manmade God with the power to reduce places to monster-infested horror zones.
  3. Glad I could help :)
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  4. Now, for my characters:

    Age: 25
    Occupation: (now) ex-assassin
    Homeworld: Cyberia (current location is Fairyland)
    Race: Human
    Notable Features: Short and spiky black hair. Hazel eyes, facial scruff. Ring lip piercing and fresh Moran (mountain people) tattoos. Various scars. Lean, very athletic build.
    Born in Cyberia and abandoned as a baby, Dante was picked up by the prestigious Chase and Associates Guild where he was tried to be a Tier 1 assassin capable of hunting down and killing his fellow assassins. Extensive abuse during his childhood and teen years has left him with no small share of personal issues to deal with. Dante was discovered as a Purifier just as he was up to be executed by his guild for killing his handler and two nurses in a psychotic break. Now all (somewhat) better Dante has been rescued from execution and halfheartedly serves Queen Amilah in helping her round of a team of Purifiers.

    Dante always appears to be laid back, but in reality he is hyper aware of his surroundings and always ready for fight or flight. He sees his status as a Purifier as a cosmic joke in light of his prior, bloody occupation and seems to believe his life figuratively ended when he was put up for execution with everything else being borrowed time. Dante excels at assassination arts and is an accomplished killer and spy in his own right.

    Shola Rehau
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Queen's Private Guard
    Homeworld: Fairyland
    Race: Guardian
    Notable Features: Pointed ears, scarf that covers her hair. Blonde hair, blue eyes, paid and ruddy complexion. Stiff posture most of the time. Tip of left ear pierced, tip of right ear missing.
    A young Corocon woman who came into the service of the queen at an early age. She doesn't talk about her family or where she came from. She is intensely loyal to the queen and a stickler for protocol, making it sometimes difficult for her to deal with less structured people. Shola is technically in charge of rounding up the Purifiers, but is not one herself. She had not yet discovered her Other and privately hopes she never will. Shola is actually an accomplished weaver and excels at first aid on the battlefield and despite her relatively young age she has already fought in the war that brought about the uneasy 10-year peace Coroco is currently experiencing.

    Piper Asher
    Age: 17
    Occupation: High school student
    Homeworld: Pandemonium
    Race: Witch
    Notable Features: Auburn hair, green eyes, slouching posture. Favors baggy clothes and obsessively carried a satchel. Freckled. Bites nails and picks at lips a lot.
    Piper Asher is one generation removed from the powerful Fairfax witch clan. As such Piper has the potential to be a powerful witch, but her meekness and insecurity make it impossible for her to live up to her potential. She lives constantly in the shadow of her beautiful and talented Fairfax mother and older sister, Angela. Piper did not take the news of being a Purifier well and is extremely reluctant, so much that she is corralled almost by force by Shola and Dante.
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  5. I'am thinking if its cool with you I may even bring my Demon in here.
    but she can be a bitch she is a demon after all. :P
  6. Totally fine! I'd like to encourage possibly difficult to get along with characters, it makes life more fun!
  7. Oh she is difficult in an old rp she got kicked out of hell, as Satan was worried for his job so yeah she will cause havoc :P
  8. This looks good I'll try putting a character up soon just a little busy this weekend. Since noone from water world I'm gonna make one for that one and another one from somewhere someone give me a location and I'll make one for that one as well.
  9. Sounds good Captain! If you want to do another character I'd love to see a character from Fairyland or Cyberia. If you play male characters at all that would be a bonus since we seem to have a pretty female-heavy cast right now :)
  10. Yea no worries I mainly play male's anyway I'll be sorting out characters later today after bbq today. I'm up all night.
  11. Will finish off soon thought i start before I go out
  12. Looking great Captain! The only one that might not fit in his world is the sharkdude since Waterworld is pretty low-magic, low-fantasy (and that's my fault for not making that clear), but I really like his personality and think otherwise he's a great addition to the RP and the world. Would you be willing to make him more human?

    I'm also really excited for the other two! They look cool :D
  13. That's no worries I'll make sure shark dude is human that's no problem
  14. Looks great Kokierra!
  15. I finished editing
  16. Kokierra, I think Kurt and Niko should be either best buds or rivals. What you think?
  17. Hmmm, buds? I'm good with either, though.
  18. Yea cool best buds it is you can be teaching Nico his double swords since he's still learning them :)
  19. Yeah! That works!! Yaaaaaay for colaboration!!!!!!!