Saving the Heart of Heaven

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  1. Gabriel (The Heart of Heaven, youngest archangel, child at heart and mind. Loves everything and everyone no matter what their sin has been. fallen VERY ill and brothers are worried about him. Lucifer has no clue about how bad Gabriel is)

    - [​IMG]

    Micheal (king of the Archangels. rrival of Lucifer) - [​IMG]

    The Serpent Of Lucifer (advisor of Lucifer as well as the sinning snake, Only Lucifer can destory the snake, can grow to be ten feet tall and fangs and venom can kill angels) - [​IMG]

    Mary looked at the brothers "you must do both, if these flames die out so shall gabriel" she said slowly as Michael looekd worried sick now. Could they even do that? So much people have lost their faith in the god they loved so dearly. Michael knew they only had one shot at this and they better get it right . he nodded his head "alright rapheal you take gabriel to earth. i shall shortly fallow need to get few things orginaized' said slowly as he flew off to the army camp and chatted with some army angels making sure they knew what to do while he was gone.

    Gabriel coughed horsely and stayed curled intop a ball. he never aged more then that of a teenager around the age of fifteen years old. Gabriel grunted as rapheal came in and told him about what they had to do. Gabriel winced and nodded slowly and weakly got up. pale and almost ghost like his golden bropwn hair was darker color. his wings where weaker and he would nopt be able to fly. they taking a huge risk taking the young angel to the human world of humans, the amount of hate, evil and sin there was unspeakable and bringing the angel of heaven there could very well kill Gabriel on the spot.

    gabriel grunted as they where teleported into the world of humans and the amount of pain that struck gabriel was alarmiong. the angel body contorted and curled into itself his wings glow faded almost instantly. Gabriel nearly fell over by the sinj and darkness of the world he eyes shut tightly in pain. Michael came ina dn froze seeing gabriel was already hurting alot and went over and curled an arm around gabriel shoulder and arm and heklped him up "come on your strong little brother we can do it. one foot infront of the other" he said slowly as they amde their way to a house where they would be staying. Michael knocked gently on the door, Gabriel felt evil lurking around and coughed horsely once more eyes weakly open. he rasped and panted slightly as his fever rose harshly.

    A large serpent had been watching from a rooftop and slithered off to hell and coming in the large snake went to king Lucifer's kingdom and castle. shifting human form smiles darkly and hummed "Lucy Lucy don't i have a sssurpise for you" he said in a sing song voice grinning and stopped looking at his creator and friend "Three archangels are in the world of humans, rapheal, Micheal.......and some younger angel i don't know who he was but he looks awful and sick. Won't be hard to kill the young archangel and he won't put up much a fight anyway" Muses not knowing he was talking trash about lucifer beloved and closest brother gabriel.
  2. Raphael
    It was a long time ago the last time that Raphael put a foot on Earth. He hated that place; it was full of sins, evil and ungrateful humans hurting each others. But he would do anything for his brother Gabriel and to keep the peace at his home. So there he was, waiting in the front of a door that he could easily take down and find a place for Gabriel to rest. But it was probably the best to act human.
    "Hang on, buddy." he muttered, hating the situation. He couldn't stand another minute seeing his brother in that state. He knocked the door harder.
    Luckily, at that moment, someone opened the door.

    She was listening to music on her bed. It was a rock song and a pretty loud one. She was suppose to finish a paper, actually start it, and she had no idea what to write about, so she just decided to inspire herself with some music. She would have never heard the door if her mum wouldn't scream at her to open it. She sighed, why couldn't her mum open it? Anyways, she didn't argue and stood up. She just put her headphones down resting on her neck and opened the door. There was three men, and one of them looked really bad. She was about to let them in and help the one in pain, but her common sense stoped her from letting those strangers in.
    "H-how can I help you?" she asked, waiting at least for an explanation.

    "Lucy Lucy don't i have a sssurpise for you. Three archangels are in the world of humans, rapheal, Micheal.......and some younger angel i don't know who he was but he looks awful and sick. Won't be hard to kill the young archangel and he won't put up much a fight anyway" his snake told him. Why would three of them be together down there? One archangel is generally enough to do anything that needed to be done. "Oh, that's interesting." he answered, thinking about it. There was surely something awful going on on Heaven to send them to Earth. He openly smiled. "What is that? You are talking about killing my beloved brothers?" asked with irony in his voice. "I wondered who that bastard may be. Well, I'm really busy down here, so why don't you go and find something useful about this situation? And bring me the name of the sick one." ordered him. "Oh, I almost forgot. Call me Lucy once again and you are dead, or worse."
  3. Gabriel

    The young archangel coughed gently and said "Your father said we could stay for a while" said gently in pain as his body shuddered feeling all the darkness in the human world. he whimpered in pain as his head hurt. His eyes looking at the girl slowly his golden flaming eyes looked deep into her its soft and loving look. Despite being in pain he could feel a serpents apperance and turned his head slightly to the left sightly his eyes deep and tired "evil serpent" he said before collasping.


    Michael looked at them slowly and said slowly "your father and mom talked to me and Raphael while they said theur daughter was in schiool. sorry to intrude but please allow us in he needs some rest as well do we both. I'm Michael, the other one is raphael and sick on e of Gabriel." he explained slowly to the gitl blinking his eyes gently. He was a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes.

    Serpent (Aluo)

    The serpent slithered off for about ten minutes to earth and finding out what he needed he slithered back into hell shifting human form once more "Well i know your not going to like my answer about the sick angel. Well its Gabriel and something is quite wrong with him, he looks awful and i mean sicker then you when you got the demon flue" explained slowly. Gabriel never got sick in heaven what was causing his beloved youngest brother to get ill so suddenly? The serpent looked at the king once more and smiles. "Also a group of demons have some plan to kill the grouop no doubt they will attack gabriel first"
  4. Lillian
    She looked into Gabriel, the sick one, wondering what could have happened to him.
    "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Please come in." said moving from the door. At that moment, Gabriel collapsed and she quickly approached him to help him get up.

    He helped Gabriel together with the young girl and Michael and took him inside. They left him in a coach next to the entrance. "Thank you so much." told her.

    "What? Gabriel? Are you sure?" said surprised, without being excited about the appearances anymore. Why would he be sick? "Pull it off, now." said to the snake in a threatening voice, talking about the group of demons. "Why is everyone doing thing without my approval?" asked to himself, making a mental note to kill those demons. He needed to see for himself the situation, but of course he wouldn't knock the door where his brothers were after all that time. "Come with me, we are going up. Change into your human shape and be discrete." told Aluo. He would need some backup if his brothers decided to kill him or something. He was clearly stronger, but maybe not enough to face three archangels.
  5. [​IMG]

    aluo hissed happily as shifted turning to a guy that looked like some dancer he grinned happily "ta Da?" he said and smirks at Lucifer's face "Hey don't look at me like that because your not a handsome as i am" teased smirking and walking toward the gates of hell. he then eyes glow and opened a portal to earth and jumped through and landed on a rooftop swiftly and stuck the landing happily and then flipped down and came to the house slowly. He slinks closer and peaked into the window seeing them all.

    Gabriel was sick as a dog , worse then that he shuddedr as he looked like a mess, his hair was messy his eyes where weak and sick looking. he was thinner and looked depressed or something was defenately wrong with him alot. he was passed out but his soul could sense his fallen brother around and he shifted slightly and a voice spoke to lucifer's mind What have you been doing Lucifer dear brother?

    Michael didn't mind as they got him to a coauch and sat down slowly "We are here to help our brother and very well some people of the city. During that time we will need you to make sure gabriel doesn't move and if he seems to be getting better you can contact us as well" smiles as he got out his cell number, yes even the great archangel michael had a phone.
  6. Lucifer
    He rolled his eyes in response of the snake believing to be more handsome than himself. As if he would care for those nonsenses. Only the stupid humans did. He peaked through the window as Aluo did and found his brother worst than ever. He never felt that way for a long time, there was nobody else in hell, Earth or heaven who was as important to him as Gabriel was. He was the only one in his family who didn't turn his back on him and had a little of common sense. And there he was, dying.
    Lucifer heard the voice in his head and sighed. Of course he didn't aprove what he was doing, he still cared about humans as every other archangel. That was his main weakness. What is going on, brother? Mentally asked him, avoiding his question.

    She took the paper with the cell number and nodded. She mentally wondered why didn't he go to a hospital, but it probably wasn't of her business. At that moment, her parents walked in.
    "Oh, you must be Raphael, Michael and Gabriel." her father said. "Would you like something to eat or drink?"
  7. Being Ill brother being sick and fever and everything shutting down. Four flames of heaven are going out. Nothing new The voice said painful and sad but there a giggle in his voice. Gabriel never took anything to heart but loved everything, didn't fear anything. The archangel face stayed contorted of pain and shuddered in his collasped mind. he jolted awake and shriked in pain eyes closed sharply and grunted in pain looking around slowly. he grumbled looking at everyone and shuddered gently "damn" mutters in pain his fever grew sharply.

    Michael looked over as his brother shrieked gently looking over slowly "hey easy Gabriel its ok" slowly looking at him and patted his back gently relaxing the young archangel and smiles gently "some water would be nice to gabriel" said siling to the father slowly.
  8. Lucifer
    He sighed, he couldn't stand there without doing anything, so he was literally going to knock the door and say hello to his brothers. Trying to help was definitely not his nature, but he needed to do it for Gabriel. "You won't say a word about this to anyone, understood?" ordered to his snake. Being worried for his little brother wasn't a good thing for the reputation of the king of hell. Besides, he didn't want anyone to know that he had a weakness. He went to the front door and knocked.

    She watched the man named Gabriel without knowing what to do. She wanted him to be better, even if she didn't know him, she hated seeing him like that. She would hate seeing anyone in that state. Her parents brought a glass of water and she stood up when someone else knocked the door. Two more strangers stood there.
    "How can I help you?" asked, not sure if they were with the other ones.

    "I'm here to see my brothers. My name is Lucifer, and this is Aluo, may I come in?" said with an amused smile.
  9. Aluo blinked gently as he peaked inside and saw the three brothers. He stayed behind lucifer and blinked his eyes gently.

    Michael hears that voice his eyes narrowed darkly. He felt Gabriel grab his arm and sighed and walking over slowly "let the two in. But before you pass this door I will speak to you both in private" he warned darkly eyes narrowed.

    Thermo grinned darkly in the prison in hell he and his brother had their chance. The young but very fast deadly demonic assassin killed the guard that came into his cell and got out. He grinned and frees his older brother!"time for payback to dear lord Lucifer eh?" Cackled grinning helping him up.
  10. Lillian
    She heard the two others speaking and decided to move aside to let them in. Anyways, she had an uneasy feeling about those two, so she kept watching them.

    He entered in the house and glanced every one of his brothers.
    "Hello, my dear brothers, you haven't changed a little" stated, openly smiling. "So, what do you want to talk about?" added, after hearing the conversation.

    Picture (open)

    He smiled at his brother. "It was about time that you move your lazy ass to take us out." complained. "And, hell yes, let's take him down."
  11. Michael eyes stayed narrowed "you harm Gabriel it will be the last thing you do. Might as well debreif you on what's going on" said darkly and dragged Lucifer outside. "So you know the four flames of heaven?" He asked arms crossed.

    Gabriel looked at them drinking a little water eyes closed gently "something .......stirs" he said in pain looking at them slowly and at the glass of water.

    Tempo smirks "he's out of hell just take the throne and make hell hate lucifer. I hear he once cared for an angel named Gabriel. We could say he joined the angels" smirks gently
  12. Lillian
    She watched the situation getting really tense and decided to get near the sick one. "Is there anything you need?"

    He followed Michael outside.
    "Relax, Mickey, you know I won't hurt Gabriel. You should be worried about yourself." told him with his usual sarcastic smile. "Of course I know, in case you forgot, I used to live up there with you. So, Gabriel told me they are fading away. Is that true? That's what caused our brother sickness?"

    "Are you serious? The angel of hell cares for that pathetic Gabriel?" asked being honestly surprised. "Of course we can say that, it wouldn't be completely a lie."
  13. Gabriel looked at her slowly hios weak eyes looked at hers. "maybe some soup" he said weakyl a smile on his face. he stayed on the coach and smiles weakly.

    Michael rolled his eyes at the king of hell "Well those four flames live inside gabriel, if they go out so does gabriel. gabriel being the heart of heaven if he fades then so does heaven and angels. including you as well" michael sighed witha sigh "so thats why raphael and i are on earth to bring back some life to this town, if we don't everything could very well fade" said slowly.

    Tempo snickered and nodded "yes very much he cares for that little angel. hmmmm i have a feeling he isn't just going to hand the thronover. We could use gabriel as a bribe" grinned darkly.
  14. Lillian
    "Sure!" she answered, smiling back. She hurried to go to the kitchen and start making a soup for him.

    He nodded, thinking about it.
    "Then I would pretty much love to help people recover their love and faith on daddy." said, making a sarcastic smile.

    "Sounds like a plan to me!" said with an expression of joy in his face. "But I think that we should first take a visit into Hell and tell everyone who their king really is"
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  15. Michael eyes narrowed "don't do it for humanity sake or even heavens sake. If anything do it because you made Gabriel ill" said sharply turning walking back into the house swiftly.

    Tempo snickered nodding as they went to hell grinning calling a meeting of demons. He would let his brother do the talking not himself. He smirks watching demons reactions to the new idea of their king
  16. Lillian
    She came back with a hot soup of vegetables, because it was the only one she could make. She handed it to Gabriel and smiled at him. "Hope you like it."

    "Stay out of my business, you don't care why would I do it. I'll just do it, so thank me." Told him before following him inside.

    "Hello, my old friends. You probably remember my brother and I, the legendary Alern Brothers. We are back and decided to stay, like it or not. Besides, we will be ruling things down here, and if you opose you will be dead, oh wait, most of you already are. So, well, you know what's worse than being dead... and I bet you don't want to live through that again. You are probably wondering what happened to your dearest King of Hell. And the answer is that he teamed up with the archangels, his brothers. Yes, he changed all of you for them. He is now helping them and will probably do something to shut the gates of Hell for good. So we can't trust him anymore and you can't follow him. We are the leaders now." He finished his speech and there were many different reactions. Some demons wouldn't believe it, and some others were decided to follow them. One of them, attacked them, a bad move. Drago instantly broke his neck and sent him to the dungeons.
  17. Gabriel eats the soup happily eyes closed and smiles as his body shuddered happily eyes closed "it's good" smiles gently and hears lucifer come in and tilted his head slightly looking his older brother and then sneezed.

    Tempo snickered at the demons and stood up "he doesn't care about hell he left it to join his brother to make his wrong right. He doesn't have the guts to harm his family and you are all that he is willing to take away" smiles brightly and stood up slowly "but to us every demon counts and everyone is family. We will never leave hell to betray the home of your blood and life unlike your king pervously " said smiling voice calm and very hard to tell he was lying.
  18. Lillian
    She smiled at him back. "So, may I ask how did you get this bad?" asked, sitting in an armchair next to the coach. "And what's up with the family reunion?"
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