Saving the Demon Lord

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  1. A screech ripped through the castle of the Western lands. "Where is my good for nothing son?!" Yelled the Lady of the West as she stalked the halls. Throwing open the doors to the study she launched into a huge fit. "Sesshomaru! You little good for nothing demon Lord! Because you decided that defending the land against a worm demon was beneath you half of our lands crops have been destroyed! You've proved yourself completely useless once again! I was forced to send the captain of the guard to deal with this shit. This will not go unpunished." The Western Lady growled angrily.
  2. Before The Western Lady flew into the study, Sesshomaru had been studying a book on legendary swords. When his mother came in he was very irritated at being disturbed, thus didn't reply with the caution he should have with his mother. "Demons as honorable as us shouldn't being stuck battling weaklings such as a worm demon! So what if a few people starve? I find such matters petty. What punishment could you give me anyway?" Sesshomaru complained back to the Western Lady, not sensing now would be one of the few good times to back down. A condemning sigh escaped Sesshomaru's pale lips.
  3. "It is your job as Lord of the Western lands to take care of the problems like this that arise. Because you don't want to be responsible, I'm going to teach you a lesson." Raising her hands above her head the Lady of the Western lands began to chant a familiar spell. At the final utterance Sesshomaru's body would begin to morph. With a laugh the Lady stood over her now canine son. "Faltins will escort you from the castle." Faltins, the ladies favorite concubine entered the room with a smirk. Scooping up Sesshomaru Faltins bowed to the lady. Sesshomaru was the size of a large wolf and pure white, but was lightweight to the demon. Taking off, Faltins jumped from the balcony with Sesshomaru in his arms. Running, he made it to the edge of the Western lands within the hour and threw Sesshomaru into the dirt outside of the border. Cackling he took a step back. "Sesshomaru I banish you from the Western lands. Once you die in that weakened state your mother will have no choice but to take a new mate, me! Won't I make such a wonderful you? Your mother has got to have an heir, and since I am her favorite I will be there to comfort her, and provide her a solution to her problem!" He exclaimed, laughing. "By the way, you will never be able to enter these western lands again. There is a barrier erected around it that not even Inuyashas Red Tetsuiga can break!" With a snort Faltins turned on heel and took off back to the castle.
  4. (Forgive me for my dog idioms. I couldn't resist.)

    Sesshomaru struggled against Faltins' grip as Faltins carried him, but in his weakened state it had no effect. As Faltins strutted back towards the castle Sesshomaru called out "Damn you bitch! I'll find a way to get back at you! Mark my words, even in this weakened state, I shall find a way back to get my revenge!" Although in Sesshomaru's current state the threat seemed to be more bark than bite. For a few minutes Sesshomaru growled at Faltins back, and scratched at the magical barrier, without any result. So Sesshomaru turned around, and sulked off, tail between his legs. For once Sesshomaru had a taste of what it was like not to be the alpha male. He scampered along a dirty path towards a large forest, where, by a dog's chance, Inuyasha currently resided.

    Just inside the forest, by the forest edge facing The Lady Of The West's palace, Inuyasha's gang was taking a break, after having just defeating a rather nasty tree demon. Most of the gang where sitting down, eating, but Inuyasha was uneasy. "Can we leave this place quickly?" Inuyasha begged, swinging from a tree in his discomfort, "I don't like this place. It's too close to where my idiotic brother lives!"
  5. "Inuyasha you should be taking it easy you got hurt during that last battle." Commented an anxious Kagome. She had tried, unsuccessfully, to doctor Inuyashas wounds; the stubborn hanyou just wouldnt sit still. After a long argument Kagome had finally relented and focused on cooking. After a while everyone had visibly relaxed and the rest of the group were up to their shenanigans again. "Inuyasha Kagome is right, you may be half demon, but that doesn't mean you don't need breaks too." Sango commented and little Shippo nodded in agreement from Kagomes lap.
  6. "I'm not that hurt!" Inuyasha complained, glaring at Shippo, "I'll be fine! I can rest in my human form when the new moon comes in a few days." Contrary to his words, Inuyasha fell from the tree he was hanging from, causing him to wince with pain. Shippo began to giggle, calling out to Inuyasha, "You do need Kagome to heal you!"
    "Shut up!" Inuyasha growled back, approaching Shippo, "I'm still fine!"

    Meanwhile, Sesshomaru was just entering the forest. The sky was getting dark, and while Sesshomaru wasn't afraid of the dark, he thought it would be best to rest at this time of day in his weakened form. It was a dog-eat-dog world out there, and Sesshomaru didn't feel like getting eaten.
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