Saving the Angel

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  1. Elliot walked into his boss's office with the usual kind smile on his face. He had his hands behind his head, "You called for me sure?"
    The boss looked at him not at all amused, "Elliot. I am at the end of my ropes with you... Constantly breaking the rules will not be tolerated."
    Elliot tilted his head to the side, "But I only do it for good reasons..."
    "I DON'T CARE! Rules are rules!"
    Elliot let out a sigh knowing what will soon be his fate.
    "Ok fine... I am accepting my fate." And he was, "So who will be my final case?"
    The boss looked at him, "I think you know who..."
    And he did. Elliot nodded, "I will go visit her immidiatly." And with that Elliot white angel wings popped out of his back and he flew into the sky.
  2. America sat silently in the Allie, hoping someone would bother throwing something away. She hadn't eaten in days and she was on the verge of breaking. She was barely alive as it was and now she hadn't eaten once again. Finally giving up there, she exited the ally and went to the next one, ignoring the stares since she knew what they were for. Her tattered clothes and filthy skin. She hated it herself. She was unable to actually keep herself clean since she had no money for water and that in itself nearly killed her. She sat down next to a corner at the next ally, opening her mouth to beg for anything though no sound came out.
  3. Elliot flew so fast that no one seen him up in the sky. He already knew where America was at. He planted his feet firmly on the ground of the ally and quickly hide his wings. He walked over to the corner of the ally and saw her. He had his usual warm, welcoming smile on his face. He sat down right in front of her, "Hiya!" He said in a happy tone.
  4. America looked up at the sudden presence of a stranger and almost immediately looked back down at his cheeriness. She cupped her hands a bit nervously and slowly lifted thin, begging absolutely anything without saying a word. Money, food, water... She didn't care. She needed something. Her hunger and thirst catching up to her, she got up and bolted over to the nearest trash can, vomiting up what was supposed to be nothing.
  5. Elliot tilted his head at her then stood up and walked over to her. He gently patted her back, "Hey, what do you say I take you to lunch? I am betting you are starving."
  6. America didn't even hesitate as she nodded to answer his question. She opened her mouth to say something though-as before-nothing came out. She had starved to the point of being unable to speak. She simply closed her mouth again and looked down, allowing her matted and tangled hair fall in her face as she wrapped her arms around her way-to-thin waist.
  7. He smiled simply and nodded slightly, "Ok lets get going. I'll take you to a buffet. All you can eat!" He put his hands in his pockets and began walking with her. It didn't take long to get to the nearest buffet. He opened the door and moved to the side so America could enter first, "Ladies first."
  8. America walked quietly with him, a small smile on her face as she walked in, the smell of food automatically hitting her like a train. Without any warning, she went to the first line and grabbed a plate before beginning to pile on any food and every food.
  9. Elliot walked in shortly after her, grabbing his own plate and food. He didn't need to eat but he loved the taste of it. After they both finally got their food, Elliot grabbed two cups and handed one to America. He walked over to the soda machine and pressed the button of his selection of soda.
  10. America stared at the cup as if it were foreign to her before she watched him. It had been so long since she's used one. She followed him and copied exactly what he did before finding somewhere at random and sitting down. She began to dig into her food, not caring about what she must have looked like at that moment. If anyone that was staring at her had limited food and hadn't eaten good in a year they would be the same way.
  11. Elliot sat in the seat across from her and dug in himself, damn he sure did love food. He didn't even seem to care if people were watching them because of how they were eating. Elliot took a drink and looked at her, "My name is Elliot by the way." He said with a kind smile.
  12. America silently looked up once she felt like she could slow down and fished out her favorite pen. She took a napkin and wrote America on it before handing it to him a bit skeptically. She sat back and kept eating, deciding not to move her eyes from her food unless she had to. She took a few sips of we drink as she glanced up only briefly.
  13. He raised an eyebrow an looked at her, "What? You cant speak or something?" He smiled slightly, "Come on I know you can!"
  14. She shook her head to indicate that she couldn't talk and spread out another napkin. I am unable to speak because of my lack of food and water. I haven't eaten in four days and I haven't had anything to drink in three. And before that I hadn't eaten in five days. I am extremely malnourished and that had resulted in my inability to make my vocal chords function properly. She slid it over to him and ate a bit more.
  15. He read her note and nodded in understanding, "Oh I see. Well fair enough. Well you don't have anything to worry about cause I am going to take you under my wing," He mentally chuckled at that saying, " I was thinking I could rent a hotel room for a week and we straighten you up, get your life on track."
  16. She smiled slightly but not too much as she looked down. She took the napkin back and flipped it over. I don't know if that's such a good idea. I don't even know you just like you don't know me. She handed it back to him as she finished her plate, full for the first time in just over a year.
  17. Elliot raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Do I look like I would harm anyone? Come on look I am offering to help you, when will be the next time someone offers this to you? Look I understand the whole not knowing me thing and all so if you want I can tell you a little bit about me. I just feel like I need to help you alright? Just accept my offer and I will tell you all you want to know about me." He looked at her with his kind blue eyes. He knew telling her that he was her guardian angel was against the rules but he figured what the hell. He was going to die again soon anyways so it didn't matter anymore. However he was going to leave the dying thing out however.
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  18. She stared at him before reluctantly nodding and sitting back in her seat. She felt in her pockets but only pulled out a simple penny and handed it to him. She shrugged apologetically and looked down as she stood up.
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  19. After he paid for the meal he looked over at her and seen the penny. He smiled and took it, "Thanks." He stuffed it in his pocket then the two walked out. Elliot had his hand in his pockets and he looked over at her, "Hey so on the way to the hotel would you like to possilbly get a few clean clothes for yourself?" It wasnt necessarily a question. He walked into the clothes store and looked at her, "Now pick anything you want." He leaned back against the wall waiting for her to pick something out. As he did this he absentmindedly played with the dog tag around his neck... the one he had when he served in world war 2.
  20. America looked around in awe, not having seen clothes like this is forever. She began hesitantly picking out shirts and jeans as she continuously glanced back at Elliot. Her nerves were shaken but there was no reason she shouldn't trust him...then again there was no reason she should.
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