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    Wonderland had always been weird and wonderful, for its inhabitants a place perfect for crazy capering, and magic always abounded. The magic was what kept everybody's wonder at the world intact, because not even the most well-versed sorceresses and warlocks could understand or control the mysterious power underlying everything. Even if the people faced unhappiness they never felt like the world was dreary, that life was pointless.
    But now, frightening legends were spreading like wildfire, too fast to be completely curbed by the efforts of the Queen of Hearts. Everywhere, it was being said that the Age of Order is approaching. When nothing would happen that couldn't be explained by fundamental laws. Everything would follow rules. Everything would be 'ordinary'. Life as the inhabitants of Wonderland knew it, would be transformed- and not in a good way.
    Some people said that the Queen of Hearts, who was currently ruling, would establish the Age of Order by the end of her rule. These people were swiftly executed by lopping off their heads. In these days when the citizens should have been treasuring the last days of the Age of Wonder, they were instead despairing. Their only hope was that the legends that sprung up in answer to those about the approaching Age of Order were true: Someone called Alice would traverse a dark portal to reach them. She would lead them in a revolution to overthrow the Queen of Hearts before she could muster enough power to curse the land with Order. The Age of Wonder would be saved.

    1. Follow the TOS.
    2. Post once a week. Post once in two weeks at the very least. Though if you can write every three days, that's awesome! DON'T write every single day, it might be difficult for others to keep up.
    3.Write at least a paragraph, so that others have something to work off of. Try to keep the grammar and punctuation mistake-free.
    4. My rules for godmodding are different from the usual, because I want to allow space for creative freedom. The original, unabridged Alice in Wonderland was a crazy caper and I want this to be just as fun! So, you can make any event happen which logically follows. You can't control others' characters but you can control minor characters which aren't available to create profiles for and nobody is really representing ( NPCs: the Dormouse, for example.) If you've got ideas about how the RP could develop or what could happen next, PM me.
    5. If you want to play more than one character, that's cool.
    6. If you need to leave the RP, temporarily or permanently, please let me know so that arrangements can be made for your character(s).
    7. Keep everything PG-13, or you can always take it to the PMs.

    Available and participating characters are listed separately. Filled-out character forms must be posted here too, after I approve them. Even if only one or two character spots are filled, if we're ready to start posting regularly I'll begin the RP. Once all the character spots are filled I'll make its status private.
    Note that I'm not including just characters from Alice in Wonderland but also its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. All the characters in the original books that aren't mentioned here, in either available or participating characters, come under NPCs.
    Fill out the form and PM me. When I approve, you can post your profile here.
    Character Name:
    Appearance:[/b] You can describe or put an image, or both.
    [b]Bio:[/b] At least a paragraph.
    [b]Likes & Dislikes:
    Extras:[/b] Optional to fill this.
    Available Characters:
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    The Mad Hatter
    The Duchess
    The Mock Turtle
    Cheshire Cat
    King of Hearts
    Knave of Hearts
    Red Queen
    White Queen
    Humpty Dumpty

    Participating Characters:

    Alice and the Rabbit (matryoshka):
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    |profile 2: ALICE|
    Character Name: Alice Liddell
    Personality: Dreamy, philosophical, restless, aloof, artistic. Thirsty for adventure. Costantly wanting to escape reality. Likes attempting to thin-slice people, and analyse them as she gets to know them.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: She was brought up with few stories available, apart from fairy tales. However she and her sisters often went to a man called Mr Dodgson, a mathematician who was once involved in the clergy, and he told them crazy, delightful tales. He wrote her stories for Christmas in which she was the heroine, exploring a quaint place called Wonderland. It made her long to live her life as spontaneously and wonderfully as in the stories, and wish she could live her life off the beaten track and have adventures.
    Likes & Dislikes: Likes nature and open spaces, fantasy, contemplating ideas on philosophy and psychology, literature, art, stories and literature. Dislikes dull daily grind, closed or congested spaces, narrow-minded people, the feeling of being alive but not living.
    Extras: She has a pet rabbit. She likes him in an indulgent way but takes him for granted. She doesn't know he's no ordinary rabbit, but is soon to find out ;)

    Knave of Hearts (Loxley):
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    profile 2: The Knave of Hearts
    Username: Loxley
    Character Name: Bernard de Saint-Omer
    Designation: The Knave of Hearts, alias the Scarecrow
    Personality: Quiet, introverted, courageous, kindhearted but with an edge of ruthlessness when he needs it.

    The Knave of Hearts disguised as the Scarecrow

    True appearance

    Bio: The Knave of Hearts was raised to be the bodyguard of the Royal Family, as had been the case with his family's descendants for hundreds of years. He, like his father, was taught to fight, and fight well. The perfect gentleman, he was chivalrous, polite, and never spoke too much. In fact, very often someone would say he spoke too little, as often he believed it was better to say too little than too much. But his loyalty to the royal family remained beyond questioning.

    Then, rumors began to spread that times were changing. A prophecy of sorts spoke of the arrival of a young woman to the Wonderland, who would end the Age of Wonders. Trouble came in the form of unrest. It was in the shadow of this that one day, the Knave of Hearts disappeared mysteriously.Nobody knew where he had gone, or why he had disappeared. Some say he had fled his duties, others that he had been murdered, or that he had gone to join the rebels. But nobody truly knew, not even the Royal Family themselves.

    In truth, he left behind his former life as bodyguard of the Royal Family to find out the truth of the prophecies and rumors spreading, for himself. He donned the disguise of the Scarecrow, a mysterious gunslinger dressed like a scarecrow, traveling the Wonderland helping those in need, and banishing those who would seek to harm others. All the while, the trouble of the times they lived in grew worse, and the Knave of Hearts sought answers for his Queen, as always to protect her and her husband from those that would do them harm. As was his duty.

    Likes & Dislikes: Likes fun and laughter, children, nature, solace, and good music, food and drinks, and of course, good company. Dislikes corruption and penalism, lies and deceit, and people who would harm others to further their own goals.

    Queen of Hearts (matryoshka):
    Show Spoiler
    |profile 1: THE QUEEN OF HEARTS|
    Character Name: Zefanya
    Designation: The Queen of Hearts
    Personality: Passionate, ambitious, impatient, cautious and doesn't readily trust people. Has very strong opinions and ideals that she will defend at any cost. Afraid of romantic love. Values efficiency and productivity.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: She was born the daughter of her father's fourth wife. She grew up watching her mothers in constant conflict due to jealousy, always vying for the King's favours. They shared his bed and wealth but could never grab his heart and win his love so completely that he stopped acquiring new wives for them. Zefanya resolved that she would marry a crown prince, and make sure he wouldn't even want another wife- and in this she succeeded. Her marriage with the King of Hearts was perfect for her- he disliked the affairs of state and worshiped her. Effectively, she was the one ruling the kingdom.
    Likes & Dislikes: Likes efficiency, things getting done quick and properly, eating healthy food in large quantities, people who fight their way up. Dislikes meat, extreme heat and humidity, bad hygiene, clumsiness, gambling, repression, discrimination, dismissal of someone without giving them a chance.
    Extras: She doesn't like cooking, except for baking tarts. She likes making the crust heart-shaped and filling rose-essenced jam in the middle. She has a constant craving for them. (She's also in love with the Knave of Hearts, but suppresses it very well, because she thinks venturing into love is like a moth flitting into a flame. Plus she's quite fond of her husband.)
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