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    all is as it should be, or so the government would have us believe. Standing on the brink of economical upheaval,
    the king and queen of Spyre have confided in the riches of their most noble houses to bail out the crumbling
    financial system that barely keeps Spyre off the edge of destruction. Many of the most esteemed families in
    the noble classes bound together to fill the royal treasury and save the massive kingdom from an international
    disgrace that would surely ruin the reputation so savagely built over the course of centuries.

    But of course, with all favors there is a price. Feeling they were owed far more than they were given in
    return for sacrificing their wealth, the nobility conspired in secret to overthrow the monarchs they believed
    to be weak, false. Inadequate. On a fateful morning amidst the beginnings of a fresh spring, an anonymous
    assassin broke into the royal chambers and butchered the king and queen in their beds. The heinous crime
    was spoken of at every event, in every mouth on every street corner, and a country in mourning began to
    seek out the the killers of their beloved rulers. Duke Rutherford was named acting King until Princess
    Anastasia came of age, but the entire situation reeked of foul play. She wasn't the only one who suspected it.

    When six unlikely people arrived at the castle for six different reasons, the lot of them became tied up in a
    plot none of them even knew existed. How hard could it be to survive in a land that believes you murdered
    the king and queen? The hexagon of unlikely companions will discover what it takes to achieve redemption.



    AGE: Twenty-six

    HEIGHT: 6'0''


    WEAPONS: Guns, swords

    PERSONALITY: Avery is very stand-offish and defensive upon first meeting, competitive and brash with few limits. He always feels the need to prove himself and will stop at nothing to get his point across. He has a lack of knowledge in all things political and prefers to stick on the opposite side of turmoil, the side that involves running and salvaging what the warring parties leave behind. However, there is a hole in his heart that has yet to be filled. Tasked with constantly needing be worthy of people's respect, Avery is a lonely man within and lets few people past all of his barriers.

    BACKSTORY: Avery Skylander is the bastard son of King Jonathan, born from a night of passion when the king was still a prince and his mother a scullery maid. Paid for their silence, his mother took Avery deep into the Rawlinvale Villages, where she raised him as well as she was able. When the queen failed to produce a son, however, Avery became a threat. He spent most of his life after age twelve on the run from the knives of assassins, losing his mother during an unfortunate separation. It was then that he found the pirate's life and worked his way up from a deck hand to one of the most esteemed pirate captains in the Spyre skies. His younger sister, the Princess Anastasia, granted him clemency to do as he wishes so long as he harms no one. He has become the running joke of the court, though he loves his sister and cares not for the opinions of nobles. He named his vessel King's Bastard, to add insult to injury.

    FAMILY: King Jonathan (father), Marguerite Adderly (mother, deceased), Queen Lenore (step-mother), Princess Anastasia (sister)



    AGE: Twenty-one

    HEIGHT: 5'0''

    CLASS LEVEL: Working, alchemist

    WEAPONS: Self-invented guns

    PERSONALITY: Ethel is a bright and bubbly little thing, though shy when confronted with strangers. She is curious to a fault and doesn't stop to ask questions like she should, much rather preferring to investigate on her own time. She likes to tinker with electronics and dabble in potions and various mixes. Ethel is never afraid to help someone in need despite the potential danger to her person.

    BACKSTORY: Born and raised in the city of Sheredeth, Ethel grew up around technology and learned basic mechanisms as a child. As she aged, however, she began to mix different chemicals and mathematical equations together to create extraordinary things that caught the attention of local inventors. Ethel quickly ascended the ranks and became a well-respected businesswoman, selling her inventions and concoctions to the general public.

    FAMILY: George Sinclair (father), Anna Sinclair (mother), Brian Sinclair (brother), Aaron Sinclair (brother), Henry Sinclair (brother)



    AGE: Thirty-two

    HEIGHT: 5'11''

    CLASS LEVEL: Upper

    WEAPONS: None

    PERSONALITY: Kit is a very sophisticated man, proud to remain out of any mischief for the entirety of his luxurious life. Never wanting for anything, Kit became a man who expected everything and gave nothing in return. He was kind where it seemed appropriate and firm where it seemed just as right, never settling on a personality that truly defined him, always molding to what was expected. He can be quite the chameleon to suit his needs.

    BACKSTORY: Kit was born in Askova and has lived there throughout his life. His family, the St. Ryan's, is an historic and noble house that has extended back for centuries and always remained in the king and queen's right pocket. He himself is partially responsible for saving the kingdom by providing the royal treasury with a portion of his personal wealth gained from political advantage throughout the upper class. He has lived a very typical noble life.

    FAMILY: Clarise St. Ryan (wife), Kit St. Ryan II (son), Freya St. Ryan (daughter)




    AGE: Eighteen

    HEIGHT: 5'4''

    CLASS LEVEL: Upper

    WEAPONS: None

    PERSONALITY: Haughty and stubborn to a fault, Elise finds it rather insulting that those below her would question the authority she believes she has. She's competitive against others, but has a hard time coping with herself around men she particularly finds attractive in some way. She's a loving and kind person, but once you crawl up her alley she's bound to lash out in some illogical and immature way. Elise is also rather dependent on others for her needs and wants and dislikes being alone. She's modest and holds her moral values on high scale, but seems to have somewhat of a low self-esteem, if those intelligent enough can see past her eyes and into her soul.

    BACKSTORY: Born in Askova, Elise was welcomed into a life of fame and riches. She was spoiled senselessly by her father, and her mother taught her the correct way to be a woman of nobility. Both of her parents were conservative and stern, but loving to a fault. It always seemed that Elise never had any time for herself or family, and for that, she soon grew tired of everything that basked in her hands. Charmed and manipulated by men, not having the mindset to deal with everything that once made her life spectacular, Elise began to spend more days at home, sheltering herself while the rest of her family continued to enjoy the broad daylight, unaware of Elise's change because of the façade she hides it behind. No genuine reciprocation of understanding came from her family once she decided to open up after a few years, therefore leaving her to the ways of a child.

    FAMILY: John Farrow (Father), Florence Farrow (Mother), Marie Farrow (Younger Sister), Adam Farrow (Younger Brother)



    AGE: Thirty-seven

    HEIGHT: 6'0''

    CLASS LEVEL: Working

    WEAPONS: Guns

    PERSONALITY: Humble and selfless, Julien always looks out for others before himself. He's a passionate and confident man, always speaking up for what he believes in, never competing or in the mood to start a war. He's an assertive individual, marking his life's path down with right and wrong and taking full responsibilities for his actions, if need be. Julien is a clever man, knowing immediately what to do in troublesome situations and how to handle them with logic. Although he can be a bit aggressive in his tone and speech sometimes, he has no intention to harm anyone.

    BACKSTORY: Julien was raised in a poor working class family in Sheredeth. As his mother was often caring for his father, most of the time his brother was the one who cared for him. Despite the poor living conditions, family stuck together like glue, always seeking insight from one another, staying strong. His mother and father were both truly inspiring individuals, both with positive mindsets, that which flowed from them to himself. After his father passed away from an asthma attack, so did his older brother, leaving Julien to be the man of the family, taking care of and looking out for his mother and younger sister's health and care.

    FAMILY: Edna Weiss (Mother), Hazel Weiss (Younger Sister)



    AGE: Twenty-nine

    HEIGHT: 5'7''

    CLASS LEVEL: Middle

    WEAPONS: Guns

    PERSONALITY: A sensible, tolerant young woman who stands up for herself whenever need be. Loyal and straightforward, Natalie never seeks to hide her thoughts from those around her, especially when people ask for her opinions on a subject matter. She's observant of everything around and is able to take even the smallest piece of inspiration from reality and place it on paper. Natalie has a casual attitude towards everyone around her, doesn't flaunt herself, but often times likes to brag a little about her "gifted soul" as her mother calls it. Overall, she's a charming person but be prepared for brutal honesty in the midst of an argument.

    BACKSTORY: Natalie lived an average childhood with many ups and downs. Both of her parents worked a job, therefore she was constantly taken care of by her Mother's friend while she was still young. Natalie was taught how to write on her Mother's behalf with her job as a journalist, and how to cook, on behalf of her Father's job. Soon both became a hobby for her, especially writing. She used her imagination to create enticing poetry, and even taught some of those below her station, in secret, how to read and write. After coming to a realization of who she truly was, Natalie became head teacher, set on one goal only- to help those around her learn and get an education.

    FAMILY: Arthur Dawkins (Husband), Avery Dawkins (Son), Emma Smith (Mother), Jonathan Smith (Father)


    « »
    Askova is the capital city of Spyre and the center of all primary function. The king and queen live in the Spyral palace, a castle made of circular shapes with various cogs and stone and metal providing function. The city is the center of industrial occupation and reigns supreme in the art of nightlife.

    Sheredeth is the center of all things mechanically related. It is the home of all technological function and filled with factories and inventors alike, always smothered in spectacles for tourists that funds various experiments. Sheredeth is the heart and soul of the common techno-lover's world, powered mainly by steam and spinning cogs.

    The Ginger Isles are home to the most regal and noble of families, considered an oasis among the desert that Spyre can occasionally be. This city also functions as a resort area for those who can afford the luxury. A vast array of casinos and spas litter the area near the beaches, not to mention entertainment unlike any other throughout Spyre.

    Ah, Erasia. Coming from the root word "erasure" or "erase," this spit of land is reserved for those who would do no good, a place of banishment or for those of extremely poor taste. Pirates mainly inhabit this area. Run down and subject to vandalism labeled as art, this area has no government and no limits, nor does it desire any. Here, one can quite literally "erase" who they are and become someone new.

    Aevian is a city made especially for the military and flight patrol. Airships are all manufactured here and the business is booming with the coming demand for air travel. Maybe entrepreneurs live here with the desire to expand their businesses and gain wealth to become a part of the upper class.

    Daedrith is a gothic-themed town crossed with modern architecture. This is mainly a place of theater and art and opera. The entire city is smothered in dark hues and rich deep colors, towers smothering the skyline. Most young people go here at least once in their lives to experience all Daedrith has to offer.

    The Sea of Shadows is a terrible place for any who wish to travel by water. The span of the sea itself is entirely uncharted and mapped only by the land on it's perimeter. Almost all sailors who attempt to venture through the storms are never seen again or come back telling peculiar tales of distant lands. Even those who fly over the sea's airspace are known to return confused and disoriented, for unknown reasons.


    A full map of Spyre can be found here.



      The following set of tabs is an explanation of the religious beliefs in Spyre. There are four gods in total that create "The Circle," the belief that these four pinnacle points bend into each other and create a circle of existence.

      God of Time
      Goddess of Love
      God of Elements
      Goddess of Life

      Each have an assigned role what they oversee an the occasions in which they are prayed to. Religion is very important in Spyre. Those who do not carry the faith are heavily ostracized and judged.

    • [​IMG]

      The God of Time, known as Aetas, is typically portrayed as an elderly wiseman holding an hourglass. He has many subdivisions of worship, such as justice, perseverance, strength, ingenuity, productive labor, war and intellect. He is typically seen as the "main god," if you will, and is worshiped above the other three most often. His temples are always circular-shaped and no hymns are sung in his name, only readings from various books praising his eternal watch over the world. He is seen as a neutral god, neither good nor evil, though most citizens see him in a positive lighting. Those who give their lives to serve him are called Aetasian Monks, only male, and are dressed as the picture above.

    • [​IMG]

      The Goddess of Love, Amare, is potrayed as a pale-skinned woman with dark hair in many intricate styles and shapes, expensive jewelry and silk always donning her divine person. She is also know as the Goddess of Art in some other corners of the world. Amare is prayed to for love, prosperity in the home, relationships, friendship, peace, harmony, tranquility, relaxation, sex and physical pleasure. Her temples are exceedingly elaborate in make and build, expensive incense always lit and golden statues standing over the main chamber. Those who dedicate their lives to serving her are called Daughters of Amare, dressed in saris. Some may double as temple prostitutes.

    • [​IMG]

      The God of Elements, named Otium, is portrayed as an androgynous great stone dragon. They are praised for balance, unity, the weather, togetherness, safe travels, "karma", peace, trial and error, new beginnings and invention. Their temples have elemental "themes," meaning some are electricity-centered, water-centered, fire-centered, air or earth-centered. Those who devote their lives to their services are titled "Priests and Priestesses of Otium," and some of the most devout can perform little magic tricks such as lighting a candle with a snap of their fingers or shocking someone with a touch.

    • [​IMG]

      The Goddess of Life, Vital, is prayed to for stability, fertility, good harvests, health, the hearth, stability, joy, happiness, intuition, humility, patience, giving, self-preservation and positivity. She is portrayed as a copper-skinned, tribal woman. Her temples are very small and simple, usually small huts or chambers modestly decorated. There is always a shrine to Vital in every hospital and every doctor has studied her holy books. Women who give themselves to Vital's services are simply called "nuns" and wear feather headdresses to signify their status. Most doctors and nurses are nuns, and all payment for their services goes toward the temples and provisions for medical centers.


    The King's Bastard is Captain Avery Skylander's personal vessel for traversing the Spyre skies. The ship herself is massive, large enough to hold vast amounts of cargo and/or people in her hull. She is Captain Skylander's greatest pride. Constructed three years before his first encounter with her, the King's Bastard was originally named Lady of the West before Avery stole her from her creator and fell madly in love with all that she was, renaming her in honor of what he was, the title he was forced to wear. Mapped out for maximum capacity in artillery, airship wars, escape and cargo amount, she is among the greatest ships in piracy and the Royal Air Force alike, mostly thanks to the improvements Skylander's crew has made to the vessel. The King's Bastard has belonged to Avery for nearly six years and has survived many a dangerous ordeal under his command, but she has yet to fail him.

    Quartermaster - Israel "Izzy, Iz" Sharp (purple)
    Master Gunner - Vivian Iron (medium gray)
    Navigator - Lewis Castleton (orange)
    Boatswain - "Big Bessie" (magenta)
    Surgeon - Sister Ankhta (sea green)
    Sailmaker - Eudora Newman (lavender)

    More information on pirate positions and duties can be found here.


    PRINCE AVERY RUTHERFORD SKYLANDER (age 26, illegitimate)

    GRAND DUKE FRANCIS RUTHERFORD (age 48, king's brother)


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    Avery Skylander; The Sky PirateTick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The incessant flickering of time's sluggish passage irked the very depths of Avery's spirit. He paced impatiently back and forth as if it would encourage the repetitive rhythm to hasten, to pass more smoothly so that he could see the king and be done with this place. The vastness of the palace waiting room allowed the sound of footsteps and a ticking clock alike to drift through and rebound off the metal walls. His upper lip curled in frustration as five minutes passed by, then ten, then a crippling fifteen that was slower than the last. What the hell is takin' so long? he wondered, coming to a halt in his steps.

    What could have kept the king from an appointment with his only son?

    Avery took a seat on the nearest plush couch, tucked within two walls and beneath the overwhelming height of an oil Askovan painting. The pirate rubbed his weary face in his hands and tapped the toes of his boots along marbled floors to some incoherent beat. Captain Skylander was not known for his patience or any tolerance of things that wasted his time, and he certainly felt that the current situation was sucking up a valuable portion of his. He would much rather be on the deck of the King's Bastard, his pride and joy, putting the poison of Askova behind him and looking forward to a newer and brighter horizon. Avery glanced around the room at the five other strangers and sighed, knowing the lot of them must all be waiting for something similar as he. It was a small comfort to know he wasn't alone. Being within palace walls was enough to make Avery's skin crawl and his heart race with anxiety, but the presence of others, even the nobility, was somewhat soothing on it's own.

    At least the day with Ana went well. His dear, sweet sister, the giggly and boisterous little thing that she was, had set up an entire luncheon for them upon the return of the half-brother she loved so dearly. If there was a single thing about Askova that he liked at all, it was Anastasia. Whenever he found himself with some time to kill in his adventures or a strange lull in pirate activity, he would pay his royal sister a spontaneous visit and bring her rare trinkets or stories from abroad. In return she would shower him with affection, food and company, along with the most recent paintings from her collection of clever artistry and boundless creativity. Even still, all he cared to receive was her smile, and the knowledge that she was healthy and well. He hoped that would not soon change, in the near future or a distant one.

    "This is bloody ridiculous." One of the two other men in the room, a politician judging by his confidence and posture, pulled a pocketwatch from his vest and clicked it open in a fluid gesture. "I should have been in an audience with His Grace twenty minutes ago. It's not like him to lack punctuality."

    "Relax." Avery ran his fingers through a mass of unkempt chocolate curls. "He's probably only late 'cause I'm here. He'll show up."

    "I have urgent business with His Majesty."

    "Do you think he really gives a shit?" The pirate scoffed. "He's the king. The man kept me waitin' twelve years, once. Consider yourself lucky. Twenty minutes is a damn blink."

    "You should consider yourself lucky that the king doesn't have you skinned where you sit, bastard." The politician straightened his back as if throwing insults had given him power. "I'm sure you've committed enough crimes to deserve it."

    "Aw," Avery chuckled in sarcastic reply. "So early into our conversation an' already the names get thrown about? You could at least buy me a drink first."

    "You insolent little--"

    "Ah, ah." Avery pushed himself to his feet, a great smile on his face as he jabbed at the senator's ego. One of the many perks of being the son of the king, granted immunity by a princess. "Be careful. I may be a bastard, but I'm still the king's bastard. Half a prince. When the king is ready, it's me he'll be seein' first. Impatient little girls typically stand at the back of the line."

    The senator puffed out his chest. "I am Lord Kit St. Ryan, bastard, and I will not be spoken to in such an unruly manner."

    "You just were, though. Twice. Oh! And a third time, just now. See how that works?" He grinned despite himself. "Shall I go on? Or will you take this royal bastard's advice and find some goddamn patience?"

    "My lords, please. You should both stop." A small blonde on the opposite end of the room cleared her throat and frowned at them from afar. "This is the king's place. You should keep your voices down, sirs."

    "Ah, yes. What a sensible young lady." Senator St. Ryan beamed to the tech-smothered alchemist in the corner as if his smile alone was a worthy thanks. "Perhaps the savage half-breed would like to hear those words as well, hm?"

    "Keep talkin'. This savage half-breed has a fist that would very much like to meet your jaw."

    "Settle down," barked one of the royal guards, "or we'll toss out the both of you. The king will arrive shortly. Return to your seats and he'll send someone for you when he's ready."

    Avery scoffed and took a few steps backward, carding rough fingers through his hair once more.

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  3. Elise Farrow; The Noble Lady
    Patience was a virtue for Elise. She, a young noble who’d entered the waiting room not long ago, had been sitting in the same spot on the brown taffeta loveseat, projecting an elegant like posture for twenty minutes. The irritation that lurked in the depths of her mind silently wished that the bastard son of King Jonathan would cease pacing back and forth across the tiled floor, as he’d been doing so the whole time. It was an absolute nuisance, and that mindless nuisance only rose with Lord St. Ryan’s announcement.

    “This is bloody ridiculous.”

    Elise quirked an eyebrow, lifting her chin up slightly and studying the man with disfavor as he spoke about the King’s punctuality. Her mouth opened in dissent, but before her mouth could form even one word, King Jonathan’s bastard chimed in. Her green eyes stared at the bastard in displeasure. “Relax. He’s probably only late ‘cause I’m here. He’ll show up.”

    “I have urgent business with His Majesty.”

    “Do you really think he gives a shit? He's the king. The man kept me waitin' twelve years, once. Consider yourself lucky. Twenty minutes is a damn blink."

    The blonde curls at the end of her hair flounced forward as her mouth dropped open and she proceeded to stand up and speak for the politician, but a savage retort dripped from the man’s lips faster than she could intervene. Elise quickly sat down, regained posture, and glanced over at the small girl not far from her, covered in soot and dirt. There was a look of desperation on her face. She could tell just by looking at the girl's eyes that she hoped Lord St. Ryan would stop his incessant bickering with the bastard about the King’s punctuality. Elise's eyes tore away from the dirty girl, and pursed her lips as the King’s illegitimate son suddenly confronted Lord St. Ryan.

    My goodness, will you both please shut it? Elise inquired with disdain, rubbing her temples as the small blonde expressed her feelings frankly, followed by a retort from Lord St. Ryan, then a shivering threat from the King’s bastard. Elise groaned inwardly. Would their banter never cease? Elise had to admit though, the bastard’s witty comment near the end made her giggle. She cleared her throat slightly and breathed a sigh of relief as one of the guards spoke up.

    “The absolute ignorance of men,” a woman to the far left muttered. Elise took notice of her long thick dark brown hair and the way she dressed professionally, primarily a white blouse and long brown skirt. A woman from the middle class, a teacher or perhaps, a writer of some sort. “They can’t seem to find anything to do in their free time other than argue about the smallest things. The king will be available whenever he is available. No thought or action is needed to understand that.”

    “That is exactly what is needs to be taught.”


    “I’m beginning to worry for His Majesty,” A tall man, not of upper class, from the other side proclaimed, resting his chin on his knuckles. “His Majesty is perfectly fine, probably caught up in a sudden political affair,” Elise responded apprehensively, her fingers curling underneath her wine red pinned up dress. “Of course His Majesty is fine. You sound otherwise,” he articulated, raising an eyebrow. Elise pursed her lips in distaste, “His Majesty is fine,” she affirmed, straightening her posture to assert authority. The man simply shook his head.

    “Oh, here he co--”

    Cough. Cough. The strained breathing of King Jonathan was unexpected, forcing Elise from her seat. Cough. Crimson left the King’s mouth, little droplets suddenly splattering on the prestige tile. Elise covered her mouth, closing her eyes and turning away from the sight of blood. He stumbled forward, a bloody hand that’d been placed over his abdomen now leaving and opening up the wound he’d so graciously covered. The man from the other side, blue eyes and black hair, spoke up. “By the gods and goddesses, what on Earth happened?” Cough. The King stumbled onto his knees, his mouth opening to say something, but only becoming silenced by blood.

    In the blink of an eye, the guardsmen arrived at King Jonathan’s side. Elise had to turn away in order to keep herself from vomiting at the sight of revolting blood. She found herself praying to Vital, praying dearly for the King’s life.

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  4. Avery Skylander; The Sky Pirate"Y-Your Majesty--!"

    "Father!" Avery carelessly shoved the senator out of his way and collapsed to his knees at the side of the dying king. Never before had Avery considered King Jonathan anything more than a distant monarch who cared little for the likes of him, his only son fathered out of wedlock with a scullery maid, but the reality of losing his final ties to normalcy and parentage faced him straight in the core of his chest where his heart muscle pumped relentlessly. Avery did not want to live in a world where he was alone. The king reached up a jewel-crusted hand, bloody fingers dragging down the side of the pirate's pale bearded cheek.

    "Avery...I, I loved your mother," he groaned in agony. "Murder. Murder, this...stop him, Avery...stop"

    A final breath escaped King Jonathan of Spyre. Regal hands fell lifeless to the floor, and across the room the soot-stained blonde screamed in horror.

    "He murdered the king!" cried a guardsman suddenly, jabbing a finger in Avery's direction. "The bastard and his band of cohorts, the lot of you, you are under arrest for regicide! Take them!"

    "But we didn't--"

    "Don't argue, run!" The female alchemist dashed to Avery's side and pried him free of his father's motionless body, the sound of gunfire raining down from behind them as they scrambled to their feet and made a mad run for whatever exit was open to them. To whom the bullets were aimed he hadn't a single clue, though the thunder of hasty footsteps followed in his wake and he knew the others falsely accused were on his trail. He led them around a sudden corner and in through to another waiting room, slamming the doors shut behind them and bolting it with decorative sword.

    "I don't know what's happening," Avery shouted to them, "but I have a place we can all stay until this damn mess is settled, okay? You're all gonna have to trust me."

    "A bastard?!" the senator shot back. "Why in Aetas's name would we ever trust a--"

    "My birth has nothing to do with my integrity, dammit! Do you want to stay behind and face trial for murdering my father or not?! Because believe me, I'm happy to leave you stranded."

    All fell quiet, save for the chaos outside the secluded room's door. The senator tightened his jaw and nodded in reluctant agreement, as did the others, and as quickly as he could manage Avery yanked a walkie talkie from his pant pocket and pushed the gold button. "Izzy, hey! We've got problems, meet me at my sister's balcony right now."

    "What? What's goin' on in there, the hell happened?!"

    "Don't matter, I need you to be there immediately, prepare for some house guests too. Get the guns and the high engine goin', we're gonna need an escape and a damn quick one."

    "Got it, got it, be there in a few."

    When the plans were reassured, Avery rounded on the five other innocents at his back, the sound of guards in pursuit growing louder by the second.

    "Are you all comin' or not?!"
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  5. Elise Farrow; The Noble Lady
    Oh, the stench. How horrible it was.

    Elise heard the tragic tone laced within the bastard’s voice. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what it was like to lose your parents- she still had her own. The blonde haired girl shut her green eyes closed, silent tears forming at the edges as she listened in on the conversation from across the room. The anguish in Avery’s voice and strain in the King Jonathan’s voice wretched her heart and soul with woe.

    A small gasp left her lips as she heard a thud, also followed by a scream. Elise instinctively turned on her heel to face the source of the scream, her mind drowned with the thought of King Jonathan dead and light headedness. “Oh, I can’t stand the sight,” she moaned, her skin beginning to pale and vision beginning to blur.

    I don’t feel well…

    “He murdered the king!”

    Elise’s ears perked at the words of a guardsman. Her eyes floated back to the scene, unable to properly assess the situation as her ears rang constantly.“I-- I’m seei--.” Her mouth fell limp. Crimson flashed across and suddenly, she felt her body falling backwards, crashing into something hard. Julien wrapped his arms around the young lady, scrambling to sweep her up, bridal style, and follow after the others who’d begun sweeping after the bastard’s trail. Shooting rung in his ears, each one reminding him of what was now and what was to come.

    Following the others into a room, Julien heaved a heavy sigh of exhaustion as he gazed over at the bastard for a brief moment. A sword slid through the long antique golden handles, bolting the prestige entry doors tight. "I don't know what's happening, but I have a place we can all stay until this damn mess is settled, okay? You're all gonna have to trust me." Julien nodded slightly in compliance, as did the others. However, the upperclassman digressed.

    "A bastard?!" he squabbled in retaliation. "Why in Aetas' name would we ever trust a--"

    Julien rolled his eyes in irritation. “Damn nobles,” the mechanic grunted under his breath. "My birth has nothing to do with my integrity, dammit! Do you want to stay behind and face trial for murdering my father or not?! Because believe me, I'm happy to leave you stranded." Julien was expecting a retort from the politician considering the way he’d acted not long ago, but nonetheless, the room stayed silent. Julien sniffed and wiped at the sweat dripping down from his nose.

    “Listen to him,” the man ordered. “It’s the only way we’ll be saving our sorry asses.” Subsequently, passive-aggressiveness came across the senator’s facial and body expression but he agreed with a nod. Julien shifted the young lady in his arms once more. Once Avery rounded on them, Julien gestured for the other the soot-covered girl and the older looking woman to follow after Avery first. Julien followed after them accordingly. "Are you all comin' or not?!"

    Dammit boy…

    Julien shifted the noble lady in his arms again. “Of course we are!” Julien and his fellow companions dashed after Avery as they traveled fast and far across the winding hallway. Breeze slapped Julien’s face, making him forget about the sweat that slithered down the back of his neck and back. “How far is Her Royal Highness’ chambers?!” The breathy voice of the brown-haired woman inquired. “Shut it and you’ll know when we get there!” he yelled in kind and picked up his speed. “They’re gaining on us!”

    “Murderers! Get back here this instant!”

    “Sir Alexander, you take the left side! I’ll take the right! We’ll come around each corner and catch those fools!”

    The shouting of the guardsmen echoed throughout the corridor. “You better know what you’re doing!” Julien yelled hoarsely at Avery.
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  6. Avery Skylander; The Sky Pirate"Please," Avery scoffed with indignance. "I'm a pirate for gods' sake. I know what I'm doing. Quickly, they're on us!" He retrieved a pistol from it's belted holster and sped upwards through the spiral stairs, kicking down the door that immediately met his line of sight. Palace guards were quick to spot him and draw their swords for combat, but Avery was swifter at weaponry and fired two shots, one burying into each man. Both fell dead on the icy tile and crimson stains spread outward from open wounds.

    "You killed them!"

    "Get over it, it was them or you." Avery chuckled. "Frankly, I'd be willing to trade one for the other at the this point."

    "There's no use arguing! We have to find the princess and make sure she's safe before we leave!"

    "I know, I know. Follow me, her room is just around the corner." The pirate side-stepped his way around the edge of the golden walls, ensuring that no palace guardsmen were blocking their way, and without further protest threw open Anastasia's chamber doors. The princess jumped upon the shock of her brother's entrance and her face was smothered with fear, though it eased as as she looked upon his face.

    "Avery!" she exclaimed breathlessly, dashing to the pirate's side. "Avery, what's happened, why are the guards telling me to stay put?!"

    "Father's dead," he informed her through a tightened jaw. "He's d-dead, someone killed him, someone stabbed him to death--"

    "Th-this blood," Ana interrupted. "The blood on your coat, it's--"

    "His. He died in my arms, Ana, and you could be in danger too. They think I killed him, we all killed him, but we didn't I promise you, we couldn't have done it."

    "I believe you. I know you'd never do that, but you have to get out of here if they think you're guilty! All of you!" The princess turned her gaze to the other five strangers in her quarters, the approach of an airship's propeller thundering closer from the distance. "My brother will take care of you, each and every one. Go with my blessing. I promise I'll see you all renounced of this heinous crime, I promise."

    "Thank you, your highness."

    "You're welcome. Now you must go, the crew of the King's Bastard will see you unharmed. Right?" Ana rounded on her brother. Avery was reluctant to clear his throat before replying, though it was best to give her his honest word.

    "...right. So long as they obey the rules, no harm will come to them."

    "Good. Now, go on! The ship is approaching, you have to be on it soon or the royal fleet will be at your backs. I promise I'll help you, but until then you have to leave!"

    "Come on then, you heard the princess!" Avery reloaded his gun and brought his sister in for a kiss on the forehead. "We'll be back soon."

    "Good," she replied with a horrified sob. "You'd better be."
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  7. Julien Weiss; The MechanicThe massive airship with pearly white sails and a polished hull quickly came into view of everyone just outside of Anastasia’s flawless double entry to the marble balcony. Julien glanced up at the huge airship in wonderment. Never had he seen such a wonderful airship of such size and beauty. It was best to worry about that later though, because of the lady’s current state.

    Striding forward out into the ball of gas, he could hear shouts, enthusiastic and whatnot, from atop the deck as the airship descended and took it’s place just outside the edges of the pristine Victorian architectural styled balcony. Without further ado, Julien jogged up to the bastard’s side. “Where do we bring her?” he inquired towards Avery, his gaze hardened, gesturing towards the young lady in his arms. “She fainted from the smell of blood. Do you have a doc--?”

    “Bring her to me. Bring her to me.”

    Consequently, Julien’s gaze tore away from the bastard once he heard the silvery voice. Brown eyes landed on an intriguing hourglass shaped figure. A youthful looking woman with almond-shaped eyes and beautiful tanned skin gestured for him to come forward. In the hope that the lady be taken care of as soon as possible, Julien abruptly stepped up onto the deck. Izzy helped him and the other fugitives on board, while Julien received extra help from Lewis when he entered, so that he could manage stepping down without teetering off the edges.

    “Thank you both.” Julien nodded to both men in acknowledgement of their kind deed.

    “Quickly now!” The woman, foreign to Julien, hurriedly signaled him down to the upper deck where a theme of gold, brown, and rich dark red colors were splashed upon entry. He fought to keep up with the young woman as she passed by a lounging area, complete with dark red upholstered chairs, couches, every piece of sitting furniture made out of beautiful dark copper wood. A small bar with a rack variety of beer and gin lined up in what seemed like an order of sorts, and all sorts of different pictures throughout history were hung, grayscale and sepia.

    As they rounded a corner and the woman opened a wooden door, the black-haired male followed her without delay. “Lay the girl down here.” The woman, exotic in nature, tapped the simple yet extravagant silk bedding, then worked to get the necessary materials to help the lovely lady in regaining consciousness. “More importantly, strip her down to the corset while I gather a bucket of water and a wash cloth. She needs air to breathe.”

    Julien laid the blonde down on the bed, beginning to work his fingers into releasing her of the multitude of layers down to the corset. “I’ll take it from here. Head back to main deck. Provided that she gets rest, everything will be fine.”

    “Thank you, ma’am.”

    Julien eventually ascended to the main deck, looking at everyone who’d seemingly settled in, although the nobleman still seemed to be a bit skeptical of what could or couldn't be prone to happen. He glanced at the balcony, dipping his head in respect towards the future queen. Hopefully everyone would find themselves comfortable in the escape within due time.

    Once the propellers began to move and the airship started to take off, Julien blew off some steam by stretching his shoulder muscles. The woman who looked to be a teacher by her clothing was staring down at the deck and rubbing her temples, as well as taking deep breaths. “So much has happened today,” she murmured.


    “How’s that girl you took down below not a moment ago?”

    “She’s being taken care of by the doctor,” Julien answered. The woman who’d escaped with him and the others let out a sigh of relief. “Is she well?”

    “Alive and breathing. She just needs some rest. Alternatively, I’m sure we all have something that needs to be discussed.”

    Julien’s chocolate brown eyes glanced over at the sky pirate that’d helped them escape trial and execution. He cleared his throat a little in an attempt to grapple his attention, even if he decided not to look his way. “Concerning our current situation, Sir, I want to say thank you. We all know that was a bit traumatizing back there, but we appreciate your effort to keep us alive. We would've been dead, if not for the pardon by Her Royal Highness and your… rather fancy skills with that handgun you were carrying.”
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  8. Avery Skylander; The Sky PirateAskova fell into the darkening distance as the King's Bastard flew at full speed toward the clouds, ascending higher into the puffs of precipitation that would conceal them from the royal fleet that followed. Avery shouted orders to his quartermaster, Izzy, as his friend gripped the wheel of the vessel and turned her this way and that, cleverly maneuvering through the skies in attempt to lose the authorities that would not be far behind. Perhaps the princess had stalled them from an immediate pursuit, or maybe there had been some other delay in the capture of the king's supposed murderers. It mattered not. They would fly as far as they could from the Spyral Palace and not look back until Princess Anastasia had kept her word.

    Avery looked despairingly down to the blood on his hands, knowing it had come from his deceased father.

    "I, uhm. Don't thank me. We're not out of danger yet." He clenched his fists and rested them at his side, staring angrily outward toward the surrounding skies. "Vivian, put them on their knees."

    "Wait, what are you--"

    Any protest was cut off in an instant as a band of obedient pirates shoved the four guests on their knees. Avery accepted a wet cloth handed to him by his boatswain and wiped his hands free of the stain of his father's gruesome murder. He lifted his piercing blue gaze to scrutinize the odd group of companions closely, and all of a sudden the aura of grief was masked by one of the popular pirate he was proven to be.

    "Let's set some ground rules, shall we?" he began, tossing the soiled rag to his navigator and placing his hands on his hips. "This is a pirate ship, don't forget that. Pirate ships have different codes of honor to obey, different morals. While you are on my ship you are expected to uphold my terms lest you wish to see yourselves tossed over the rail. Agreed?"

    The four strangers nodded relctantly. "Good. So long as you respect the authority of those around you and speak no ill will of my crew, you can stay unharmed as our guests. Refuse, however, and I will have no choice but to execute punishment."

    "I will not be threatened by a group of savages!" cried the senator in defiance, his face reddened in anger. "You are nothing to me, nothing! I will not be treated this way!"

    "I don't bow to your authority here, sir. Or anywhere for that matter. On this ship, I am king. Do you understand?" Avery removed the pistol from its holster once more and cocked it, placing the barrel against St. Ryan's temple. "I won't hesitate to kill you. Remember that." He glanced over to the three other, much more tolerable guests and gestured with his chin to his master gunner, Vivian Irons. "Show the ladies to their quarters, give them the room near the kitchens. The man can take residence with Sister Ankhta until the opposite room is cleared out."

    "Yes, Captain."

    "This one, though..." Avery chuckled as his eyes met Kit's. "Lock him in the brig."

    "No, don't--"

    "Shut it. Captain's orders." Vivian gripped the senator by the back of his shirt and hauled him to his feet, dragging him off to the main hull of the ship. The pirate captain grinned toward the other three and turned to take the ship's great golden wheel in his hands, taking charge of wherever the wind took them.
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  9. Julien Weiss; The Mechanic
    The force of being pushed down to the deck was less than excitable for Julien. He hadn’t expected a sudden change of persona in the young man, pirate no less, but still the King’s bastard son. How could he hide such a traumatizing scenario behind a facade of authoritativeness? Surely he felt the need to let it out after his father just passed away in his arms.

    I didn’t think he’d be this heartless, turning immediately away from the truth.

    Once the senator was dragged down below, all three were let go and Julien rose from his aching knees. Brown eyes glanced over at both of the young women to his right. Troubled eyes of both women came into contact with his own. He offered them a reassuring lip smile. As long as they upheld the Captain’s terms, they’d be less likely tossed over the rails.

    Natalie tore her eyes away from the man, resting on the short blonde next to her. It was best to get comfortable around everyone, especially those who she’d come on board with. “Hello,” she told her in a light-hearted manner, turning to face the young woman with a friendly gesture. “My name is Natalie Dawkins. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she informed the blonde, gazing at the girl with a friendly smile in an effort to get familiar with the fugitive.

    After a few moments, Julien approached both women, hands clasped in front of himself, keeping at a reasonable distance while they exchanged words and names. Julien dipped his head in greeting when the brunette inclined her head towards him. “Some way or another, we were all going to have to get used to each other,” he joked dryly, sarcasm dripping from his lips.

    “Julien Weiss. It’s a pleasure to meet you both, Ethel, Mrs. Dawkins. Considering this… situation, I’m sure it won’t be awkward for us, yes? Using formalities and such?”

    Natalie flushed slightly, shaking her head in disagreement. “That's... flattering, but, due to the fact that I’m no longer in my hometown and provided that you’re not of the upper class, I assure you there’s no need to call me otherwise. Admittedly, I’d feel quite awkward being called by my title on a pirate ship from someone not on par to my social status. Please, just call me Natalie. There’s no need for formalities.”


    Julien smiled warmly at Natalie, then glanced over at the blonde, furrowing his eyebrows slightly. “I believe I’ve seen you somewhere before this whole… catastrophe came along, Ethel. Did you, perchance, happen to work somewhere in Sheredeth? Or, at least, used to since we’re now, well, not in our own hometown anymore.” He cleared his throat, chuckling lightly, feeling a bit awkward as his hands locked together once more. “I’m sure that the royal fleet will be looking everywhere for us,” he muttered under his breath, scratching the scruff on the edge of his chin and letting out a sigh of exasperation. Natalie tensed under the atmosphere. Julien knew exactly how she felt and empathized with her.

    Even I feel a little nervous now...
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  10. Ethel Sinclair; The AlchemistA typhoon of various emotions and thoughts created a torrential downpour in Ethel's young mind. She was horrified from the death of the king, amazed by the skills and resourcefulness Captain Skylander had shown, and utterly breathless from the majesty of the ship they flew on. Every inch of her little being ached to dash right to the electrical room and tinker with various parts and wires just to get a feel for how the ship functioned, an effort to take her mind from the catastrophe in which she now found herself. The male mechanic, however, distracted her from thoughts of escape with an inquiry worth of an answer, and she rested her hands lightly on her hips.

    "I was born and raised in Sheredeth, yeah! Are you from there too? You're a mechanic by the looks of it, so I'm guessin' you are. That's a relief. I thought I'd be alone in this place." Ethel offered a brilliant beam. "Hey, maybe we can help with the ship's function! I'm sure they've got a mechanic or someone who knows what they're doing, but it wouldn't hurt to offer, right? And Natalie could teach! I wouldn't mind becoming a part of a pirate's crew until we get out of this mess."

    "You sure 'bout that, miss?" called a sultry voice in response, coming from a rather busty woman smoking a pipe in the corner of the deck. "Bein' a pirate ain't as easy as it sounds, you know. We're a bunch a'drunk bitches an' bastards. Some of us moreso than others, right Cap'n?"

    The crew scrubbing the deck burst into laughter, but Avery did not return the sentiment as he typically would have. His silence was immediately noticed and the surrounding onlookers quieted themselves in fear of his wrath, but it was perhaps a bit too late.

    "Better a bastard than an orphan," Captain Skylander replied. All movement halted on the deck as the leader of the vessel descended the stairs, expression grim and calculating. "Izzy's in command for now. Bessie, show these people to their rooms. I've no desire to deal with it right now."

    "'Course, sir."

    "Don't disturb me unless the authorities are on our tail or the sky falls, understood? Make sure everyone else knows it too. When that blonde noblewoman wakes up, bring her to my quarters."

    "Will do."

    There were no further words from Captain Avery. He pushed past the group of survivors from the Spyral Palace, and out of the corner of her sight Ethel swore she saw tears forming in the pirate's eyes. The dead king's bastard opened the door to his chambers and slammed the door shut in his wake.
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  11. Elise Farrow; The Noble Lady
    “You’re always welcome to come and talk if you’d like, Ethel,” Julien offered kindly before the busty female known as “Big Bessie” took them down to the upper deck and showed them to their rooms. As directed by the captain, she led the ladies to the room near the kitchen. “You as well, Natalie.” Julien inclined his head towards her slightly before following after Big Bessie once more. After a few more steps, Julien had arrived at the residence of Sister Ankhta. “Thank you, ma’am.” She eyed him up and down and Julien offered an awkward smile. “Hm.”

    Once she left, Julien stepped inside the room, lavished with dark polished wood and a beautiful blue and gold bedspread. It was a little different from the rest of the ship, but Julien supposed that every room and private study was crafted and created to the person’s liking. He sat down in the private study that rested in the far left corner and his eyes familiarized themselves with the beauty of concoction recipes and bags of medicinal herbs. She must be a dedicated person, he thought with a small smile.

    That quality, it reminds me of home. I don’t know where we’re going, but it feels like my soul has already been melted. I’ll be back, mother, Hazel… He closed his eyes, the sound of peace reaching his ears, and the sweet, lovely voice of his mother, pleasant and clear, rang continuously before his eyelids pushed him off to sleep.

    A few hours had passed by since the ship had made its ascent into the clouds. Sister Ankhta had watched over Elise the whole time, pouring her heart and soul into praying for her and hoping, determined that she would wake soon. Eventually, she began to wake. Long black eyelashes fluttered rapidly, and green eyes stared up at a blurry vision of someone moving. She moved her head slightly, moaning in pain. “My head,” she whimpered, a slight pout protruding from her lips as she brought up a hand to her temple. “Lay still.” Elise's eyes met a woman's brown ones. “Excuse me?”

    “Keep your head still.”

    “Who are you? Where am I?”

    “The King’s Bastard.”


    “You should be grateful to him, for saving your life.”

    “I don’t know who saved my life.”

    “Ah, yes. You fainted and were brought here. I am Sister Ankhta.”

    What? I don’t have a clue what's going on, Elise realized with horror. The blonde noblewoman took advantage of her sluggish state and made an effort to sit up despite the pain. “This place. Where am I? Why am I here?” she demanded. "I demand to know."

    “Quiet, dear child. Drink.” Elise glanced skeptically at the silver antique cup in her caretaker's hands. She peered at the woman in suspicion. “What is this?”

    “Tea. It will help you heal.”

    “What if you’ve poisoned it? I don’t want to drink it.” Sister Ankhta sighed softly. “Child, if I’ve poisoned the tea, do you think that I would’ve been here until now, taking care of you? The sun is beginning to fall from the sky. Was it falling when you fainted?” Elise pursed her lips slightly and gulped, feeling slightly anxious as she tipped the cup, a sweet and warm honey-like liquid hitting her throat.“My dear child, you have nothing to fear. You are safe now. After you’ve gained your strength once more, you will be escorted to the Captain’s quarters.” Her cheeks rose in flames as she pulled the cup away from her lips.


    “You are taking everything too far. You are too confused. Do not worry, he is kind.”

    Elise narrowed her eyebrows in skepticism. “Who is this “captain” you speak of?”

    “Our captain, Captain Skylander of the King’s bastard.”

    Green eyes widened in surprise and she quickly downed the rest of the tea before setting it down on the tray before her.“Captain Skylander? You mean… you mean to tell me that the King’s bastard is a captain?” She inquired in a snarky tone. A jovial but sarcastic laugh escaped her lips. “Oh my goodness. That is absolutely inconceivable! What is he a captain of? Bastards?” She giggled once more. However, seeing that Sister Ankhta had no way with words and only spoke with a calm, but sincere body language, Elise scoffed slightly with a mocking expression. “This is all too good to be true.”

    “It is true. It'd be best for you to clean out your foolish mouth lest you'd like to be tossed over the rails.”

    “Clean my foolish mouth out? Oh, darling," Elise began in a superficial sweet voice, stepping down from the bed and jutting her chin out in the air. "I'm a noble. I won’t get tossed over the rails. I’m far too good for that.”

    Sister Ankhta shook her head with a sigh. “You foolish girl,”she murmured under her breath.

    The doctor left the room with the nearly empty bucket of water and wash cloth, as well as the tea tray which held the medicinal herbs and cup that she’d used in the almost wake of the noblewoman. The young woman gestured to Big Bessie that she was free to escort now. Elise glanced up as a newcomer entered the room.“Wait, when did I say--.”

    “Shut it, sugar. The Cap’n wants to see you.”

    Elise reluctantly complied, following the female to the bastard’s quarters without another word.
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  12. Avery Skylander; The Sky PirateIn the hours spent away from his friends and crew, Avery suffered an extreme growth of the variety of emotions that strangled him. He wept for a small portion of the time, washing his father's blood from his hands and changing into a fresh set of clothes. He thought of his mother, the beautiful Marguerite who filled his early childhood with pleasant memories despite their catastrophic dilemma. He thought of her bedtime stories and her lullabies and the feeling of her dying in his arms as well, and of the king's final words spoken with a dying breath.

    I loved your mother. Stop him.

    Stop who? It was a mystery now, one that Avery was intent to solve. It was safe to assume that the man in question was the very same who murdered the king, but who could that possibly have been? The same man who send the soldiers after Avery and his mother all those years ago, perhaps?

    He didn't have time to ponder it for long. A knock came at the door just as he'd uncorked a bottle of Erasian rum, and he pushed out a sigh, hoping that the redness in his eyes wouldn't be too obvious to his guest. "Come in," he stated, pouring two glasses of the liquor and turning to the open door. Bessie stood with the beautiful blonde at her side, and gave the young woman a harsh push forward. "Here she is."

    "Is there a problem?"

    "She thinks 'erself above this place, Captain. Why'd you have to go an' bring a noble 'ere?"

    Avery chuckled. "There's a senator in the brig, too. You can go taunt him if you like while I take care of this one."

    "Maybe I will." Bessie offered the blonde a suggestive wink. "'ave fun with 'im, m'lady. He's a real bed-shifter." On that rather inappropriate note she took her leave, closing and locking the wooden door behind her.

    "Bessie is full of jokes. Don't worry, I've no intention to touch or rape you, or anyone. That's not a part of my conduct or of anyone aboard this ship." Avery crossed the distance between them and sat at a round table in the center of his rather elegant quarters, pushing the second glass of rum across the top. He gestured for her to take it. "Sit. Drink. You'll be here awhile. Aside from what you may think, I'm in charge here. You do as I command." He chuckled a bit as he met her green eyes with his, the color of oceans.

    "I should be upfront and say I don't give a damn what class you're in. You'll sit and you'll drink, and no harm will come to you."
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  13. Elise Farrow; The Noble LadyElise had glared at the woman, steaming and ready to throw back a retort in her general direction, but with the captain nearby, she held back for fear that she might be “tossed over the rails” as her caretaker had stated. After the voluptuous lady offered her an unseemly wink and inappropriate joke, Elise felt her dignity being completely ushered away. Her fingers wound in her dress, irritated and embarrassed. Green eyes traveled behind her as the woman left the room, closing and locking the door.

    Alone with the bastard, and as much as she hated to admit it, a handsome one at that, she felt self-conscious, still skeptical about Bessie’s words. If she truly was here for something like that, Elise couldn’t contain how ashamed she felt even when she was dressed modestly in her red and black dress.

    "Bessie is full of jokes. Don't worry, I've no intention to touch or rape you, or anyone. That's not a part of my conduct or of anyone aboard this ship." Elise glanced back at Avery, watching as he screwed the lid back on a bottle of rum.

    Subsequently, two glasses were picked up from the counter, one in each hand as he approached the elegant round table across the room. The blonde-haired noble slowly walked towards the other side of the room, heels clacking suspensefully against the ground. He sat down and slid the cup towards the other, gesturing for her to take it.

    "Sit. Drink. You'll be here awhile. Aside from what you may think, I'm in charge here. You do as I command."

    “What if I don’t drink?” A chuckle surfaced from the young man and Elise stared at the boy with disdain. "I should be upfront and say I don't give a damn what class you're in. You'll sit and you'll drink, and no harm will come to you."

    Elise grumbled under her breath. A finger traced the pristine cloth that rest upon it before she maneuvered herself in front of the open chair, pushed her dress underneath her and sat down. “I’ve sat down for your convenience, captain. What do you want? Someone to drink with?” she inquired in a superficially pleasant tone. “If you want me to drink with you, you'll give me something more refined than this."

    She gestured towards the cup in front of her. "I won't be a decent drinking partner unless I enjoy what I drink. Wouldn't you agree, captain?" Her hands folded together and rested upon her skirts, head slightly tilted as she stared at his face for a brief moment, then allowed herself to become enlightened by the embroidery and unique architectural structure in wonderment. She pursed her lips slightly.

    It looks better than what I have... I suppose I'll give him that.

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  14. Avery Skylander; The Sky PirateHe couldn't help but burst into a fit of mocking laughter, a mournful sound directed entirely at the woman across the table from him. Was she a complete fool? She must have been, and a rude one at that. Avery typically had no tolerance of such ridiculous nonsense, but given the status of her birth there must be someone out there willing to pay her weight in gold for her safe return. When this was all over and their names cleared for the murder of his dearly departed father, the captain would gladly put out a ransom.

    The humor of the situation wasn't absent of ferocity, however. An anger boiled in his chest and threatened to burst, to lunge across the table and throttle her for her holier-than-thou attitude toward the bastard prince of Spyre. Avery had just lost his father, the last beacon of a life he never was allowed to live. The last half of himself, gone. And this woman had the audacity to act like he was nothing more than dirt under her fancy polished shoe?

    He was having none of it.

    When the laughter was choked in his throat, the captain rose from his seat and moved around the table to grip the girl harshly by the chin, pulling her face up close to his. "Listen," he growled in pure indignation, eyes aflame like a cerulean inferno. "I saved your damn life after watching my father's slip away. You owe me your kindness and you owe me your sympathy. I won't take this high class horseshit from you or anyone else, girl. On this ship, I am in charge. On this ship, I am king." He released her with a forceful shove, pushing her back into her seat. "Drink or don't drink, you'll get nothing else."

    Still fuming from her selfish words, Avery stepped over to the post of his massive bed, leaning his back against it. He began chugging the rum, one gulp, two gulps, three gulps, until all the liquid content was gone and sent white-hot stings down his throat. He tossed the cup aside carelessly with a loud clatter, arms folding across the strength of his broad chest. Intimidation was clearly one of his strong suits.

    "Who are you?" he demanded. "No more games. I'm not in the mood to play them, and the more you intend to mock me the more the likely I am to toss you over the edge of the ship and call it an accident." Avery flashed her a handsome smile. "I do not take kindly to people thinking they are above me, you know. You should remember that."

    I loved your mother, the king had said. Avery would pay for that love for the rest of his life.

    "Give me your name, your title, your age, and say a little about yourself. In return, I'll give you the same." He had to know what his prized treasure was worth, after all. The captain stared her down with authoritative intent and awaited her answer with patience.
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  15. Elise Farrow; The Noble LadyThe sudden laughter caught her off guard. Elise’s blonde curls whipped around, green eyes landing on the bastard, an intense fire boiling within. Was he mocking her? Her knuckles turned white as fingers wrapped around the edge of the chair, ready to push herself up from the chair and step in his face. The laughter began to cease, choking in his throat. Elise scoffed amusedly but not for long.

    Before she could even think about what was to come from the heated captain in front of her, she heard the stomping of boots coming over her way. Elise’s eyes traveled to meet the man’s as he grew taller within stepping distance. The noble abruptly felt the man’s calloused fingers wrap around her chin and pull her within eye view of his intimidating stare. She immediately feared for her life. Adrenaline pumped through her veins and her heartbeat quickened with anxiety.

    She gulped at his words, the roar of a lion stinging her ears and heart when he forcefully shoved her back down into the seat. Elise opened her mouth to strike another match, but no words came out. Ashamed, the blonde haired girl turned away, the fury in her green eyes fixated on the floorboard, indignant body language out in the clear as she fought to catch her breath from what seemed like an unwanted assault. The cup he was drinking from clattered to the ground slightly within her peripheral vision.

    I’ll mock you all I want bastard, she thought sneeringly, the blood from her knuckles disappearing as he bombarded her with an authoritative tone and questions she was less than happy to answer. Standing up without a care in the world, she crossed her arms, and trekked towards Avery, stopping a foot away from in front of him.

    “My name is Elise, I’m obviously a lady, and I absolutely cannot tolerate men with no sensibility.” The words came out more harsh than she’d intended, like frostbite, but Elise was too naive to see that. “And I’ve just turned eighteen, captain.” She lifted her chin up and asserted her own authority, blades of grass barely piercing Avery’s stormy ocean eyes. Elise knew how she felt around him. She felt fear. That tall, muscular man who looked down upon her with such fury and intimidation in his eyes was enough to make her cower if she truly felt like it.

    However, Elise wasn’t going to stand down simply because a captain didn’t know how to properly respect a young lady like herself. The muscles in her shoulders and face slowly began to loosen on her end. She was tired, exhausted, and couldn’t even begin to think about how much danger she was in, though she was sure her parents wouldn’t have cared. She threw her hands up in the air.“Good God, who cares what happens to me anyway? I got pulled into this bloody mess and no one even bothers to share what happened. Just toss me over the rail and everything will be wonderful.”

    Elise settled into a quick pace back and forth, melodramatic gestures moving this a way and that a way in her own personal bubble.“What am I to do now?” she exclaimed, throwing her hands up in mock exaggeration. “How do I reach out to my mother and father? My aunt? Uncle? What are they thinking right now? That they knew I was trouble all along? I saw what happened and I didn’t do it and now the royal fleet is on my tail and I’m in trouble for what?” She glanced at the captain for a few moments after her operatic attitude, expecting an answer but receiving none. Elise rubbed her temples and sighed heavily, her green eyes gazing off in the distance.“I'm just... overwhelmed.”
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