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  1. In this world, secrets have been kept from the common public. Secrets that involve the fact that some humans are born with wonderful and sometimes devastating abilities. Up until the American Revolution, those with abilities were happy with hiding their powers from the public eye. One man, Silas P. Travers, changed that.
    He created the organization titled Virtuoso. He gathered up a ragtag group of people with abilities and began to attack ordinary humans under the cover of the American Revolution. To combat this strange force, the extremely unstable government rounded up a patriotic group of people with abilities. They gave this group the name Underground, due to their shared belief that those with abilities should remain hidden. Through the course of the Revolution, Virtuoso and the Underground have secretly fought, and the Underground had managed to drive Silas back to England with the red coats after the Revolution was won. The Underground has spread globally, enabling it to keep tabs on the people with powers around the globe and help it conceal the existence of those with powers. Virtuoso, while being defeated, has managed to cling on through the ages and keep its stronghold in the United Kingdoms.

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    Leone Damien Valcrosse

    It was a peaceful morning, sunlight was just beginning to reflect off the skyscrapers. White clouds drifted overhead. It was midsummer, and the streets were already clogged with rush hour traffic.
    Leone was glad he took the train into the city. He got less of a headache rattling along at sixty miles an hour on a set of tracks that rocked the train every now and then. He'd thought about riding his motorcycle into the city, but breathing in all that exhaust coming through Lincoln Tunnel wasn't a smart choice and he wanted to save his headache for when he was aimlessly wandering around Central Park looking for some kind of success seminar that he apparently signed up for. The email didn't make much sense, but he didn't have anything better to do and he figured he'd be able to handle any problems that came his way.
    His long legs carried him down the fourteen blocks that it took to get from Port Authority to the island of green known as Central Park. Something in the back of his mind said that today wasn't going to be a good day, but he ignored it.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Nam Jin Sung's morning was interrupted by the letter he'd received from Joe. A man of habit, he didn't enjoy the interference from the boss man himself. He groaned as he opened the envelope, knowing that it was trouble before he'd even read it. Indeed, he was right as his eyes scanned quickly across the paper. It read:

    'Fuck me.' Jin Sung cussed out loud as he crushed the paper and dumped it. Virtuoso had been an arch enemy of the organization though frankly speaking, he didn't really care about it much. But since it's by the boss man, he doubted he'll be able to escape from it.

    Frustration builds up in him as he prepared his breakfast, there was no indication on the letter by when he'll have to get his arse over there so he's going to take his own sweet time with it.

    After a quick breakfast and shower later, Jin Sung gathered his suitcase and threw his essentials into it. He sighed and closed his eyes, his destination, the Central Park and it was a buzz before he arrived at the park.

    'So this is the famous Central Park huh?' He wondered out loud and settled down on a bench. The park was quiet at this point in time and nobody had noticed his sudden arrival. Thankfully for that since he didn't wish to explain himself.
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  3. Gwen had her backpack on her back, the kind she took when they went camping, filled with clothes and items she didn’t feel she should be without. The blonde, barely eighteen girl, sniffled with reddened eyes and nose, though her expression remained stoic for the most part. Her blue eyes darted around only when crossing streets, making her way to the nearest bank. Once there, she walked through the atm drive through, sticking in her debit and withdrawing a sizable amount of cash. She took off her bag and unzipped it, shoving the money down into it. She had no idea how much she needed or what to do really, considering she’d never run away before, but she was sure everyone was expecting her to come back. But she was an adult now in her mind and by the law. She could run away if she wanted. From the pressure of being perfect and yet never getting there. From the pressure of being a “Sparks”, the most intelligent and sporty family in the city. From being even Gwen, the quiet, above average and yet not exceptional younger sister of Daniel, who had to hear “I didn’t know you had a sister” a thousand times a day.

    Gwen sighed, pulling the bag back on her back, when she felt the phone in her pocket buzz. She hesitated to answer it, but the car pulling up to use the atm behind made her move quickly away and pull out the phone without thinking. Her first thought was that it was her family, telling her to come home, but no. Just a new email. Rubbing her forehead, she continued to walk while opening it, and seeing it was from some, Raven lady. It said to go to Central Park for help reaching life goals? Gwen frowned, shaking her head. Probably something else her parents had signed her up for in an effort to push her to never attained greatness. And yet… if there was a time when Gwen needed help with what to do next, this was it. She hesitated continuing on the path she was on, before pulling up directions to Central Park, turning around and heading towards it.

    Before long, Gwen was stepping out of a cab, pulling out what cash she had and giving the driver what was needed. She watched him drive off before slowly waltzing into the park, looking around at everything around her. Was there something she should be looking for?
  4. Emily was in the middle of eating breakfast when her phone buzzed in her back pocket. She placed her spoon back in the bowl and curiously took her phone out. She turned it on and typed in the password. Emily was glad she had met the leader of Virtuoso. He was the one who had given Emily a promising position in the organization and he's the one paying for her apartment and everything in it. She saw she had received and email so she opened it and read it. It said,


    You have the task of getting a group of people to join our cause. Our fine friends in the technology department have sent out emails to four promising individuals, inviting them to an outing in Central Park. Please be there on time.

    Your patient leader,

    Once she finished she turned it off and quickly finished her breakfast. She took a quick shower then grabbed her gun and slid it into her back pocket just in case she needed it. She took two knifes and put them inside her boots in their special place. She looked at herself in the mirror then nodded and left the apartment. She turned and locked it then ran down the stairs and to her black and white motorcycle. She slid her helmet on and got on then started it and sped off toward the Central Park, hoping she was going fast enough. The idiot of a leader hadn't given her a specific time.

    When Emily saw the Central Park she slowed and came to a complete stop on the sidewalk by a tree. She got off and put the kickstand then unclipped her helmet and set it on one of the handle bars. She walked onto the grass and looked around. She saw a guy and a girl but decided not to disturb them. She had a mission to fulfill. She found a bench and sat down, shifting until she was comfortable. She pulled out her phone and began doing some more research on the Underground, the enemy orginization
  5. Dear Killian,

    You have the task of getting a group of people to join our cause. Our fine friends in the technology department have sent out emails to four promising individuals, inviting them to an outing in Central Park. Please be there on time.

    Your patient leader,

    Killian received the message an hour before he was supposed to do a surprise inspection. He wasn't very happy about this new predicament, but after awhile he saw it as an opportunity to test the strengths of his third cousin, Winnie. The girl was meek and liked to work from the shadows, but Killian saw potential in her. She knew the rules like the back of her hand, she just needed a push so she could enforce them. Plus, Killian had a soft spot for the nineteen year old. She wasn't academically strong and because of that her family was giving her a hard time, so Killian wanted to give her some power over them at least, and the opportunity to show them that she wasn't a dead weight.

    Pressing the intercom button on his phone, Killian called for his secretary. The girl entered his office within seconds, and Killian smiled. That was another reason why he liked her. She was so prompt and professional.

    "Yes, Mr. Temple?" Winnie asked, and Killian's lips curled up into a smile. Even though he had told her time and time again to call him Killian when they were alone, she insisted on being professional.

    "I have an appointment elsewhere today, which means I won't be able to inspect factory forty five."

    "Okay, should I call Mr. Grey in for replacement or--

    "No," Killian interrupted. "I want you to do it."

    Winnie's eyes widened comically. "M-me? But I'm your secretary! I can't inspect--"

    "Yes you can. You know all the rules, regulations, the points to take off for infractions. You'll do fine. Now, I have to leave. Good luck, not that you'll need it." And with that, Killian left the room. He didn't leave room for argument because he didn't want her to start over thinking and second guessing herself.

    Because of the nature of his 'appointment', Killian decided to forego a chauffeur and instead drove himself to Central Park. When he arrived he saw his coworkers motorcycle as well as her sitting on a bench. There were two other people in the park, but Killian pad them no mind. Well at least not obviously. The park was mostly empty, so their presence had to be intentional.

    Killian went to stand by the duck pond and fished a bag of breadcrumbs out of his coat pocket and began feeding the few ducks that were there.

    - -

    At first Xiomara thought that the message was shady. She wondered if her family had caught wind of her new home and were still pursuing her. But then again, taking the time to get her email address, and then sending the nice message coupled with a fake ass name? That wasn't there style. They were more of the bust into the home and grab the target kicking and screaming, or possible chloroformed into submission.

    So Xiomara figured her boss had signed her up for something. The woman was always trying to get her to step out of 'the damned musty book store' (her words not Xiomara's), so Xiomara wouldn't have put it past her to do something like this. The young woman decided to go to the park, mainly because her boss was super nice and if she had done something like this for her, Xiomara was going to attend even if leaving her apartment was the last thing she wanted to do.

    Putting the 'Back in an hour' sign up, Xiomara hurried up to her apartment and changed out of her work uniform into something more stylish. Hey, she loved everything about her job, but the uniforms was tacky as hell and she was not going to wear it outside.

    Her Outfit (open)

    The bookstore was a block away from the park, so it only took Xiomara ten minutes to get there. When she got there though, she had figured at least a small crowd would be present but there were only four people. She saw a blonde haired girl strolling through the park, looking as lost as she was, so she quickly approached her.

    "Hey, uh, this might sound a little weird, but are you here for some sort life goal counseling thing--Whoa, are you okay, hun? Cause you look terrible." Xiomara paused in her quest for info when she saw the state of the girl. Red eyes, red nose, it wasn't that cold out here. She wondered if the girl had just broken up with someone, and readied herself to give a speech. "Listen, if it's a boy. Screw him. Boys aren't everything, in fact most of them are pieces of shit and should be treated as such."
  6. Gwen was glancing around the park as she walked, looking and feeling unsure and confused. She didn’t even notice the black girl that spoke to her until she was right next to her. She looked in slight alarm as she was broken out of her thoughts so suddenly, not having time to try and smile to hide the puffy redness of her eyes and nose. And when the girl pointed out how terrible she looked, Gwen looked down and to the side sheepishly, obviously embarrassed that she could tell she had been crying earlier. “I…” she started halfheartedly, but looked up when the girl gave her some harsh advice about boys. It made Gwen smile though, genuinely, and even let out a small chuckle before sniffing slightly.

    “No, I just…” she almost said the whole truth, that she had run away from home, but she could almost feel a lecture would happen about how she should go back home. “I had a fight with my parents,” she shrugged, not lying, though she hadn’t told the whole truth. She kept the small smile on her face though, so the woman would know she would be okay, it just hurt at the moment. “I’m Gwen, by the way,” she said with the smile, just to be polite.

    It was then that Gwen realized what the girl had started to say when she walked up to her, and her smile turned into a thoughtful frown. “Wait did you said life goal thing? Cause I got some email thingy…” Gwen mumbled, rubbing her eye with one hand and pulling out her phone with the other, finding the email and bringing it up. “Yeah two guest speakers for life goal assistance… That’s why I headed this way…” Gwen said, lifting her head and looking around her and the woman. “Um, I have no idea who the speakers are though.”
  7. Leone made his way into the park at a relaxed pace. His thumbs were hooked in the pockets of his jeans, and his careful gaze was hidden by his dark shades. His attention was caught by two women who were talking about the stupid life goal whatever. He quietly walked over to them, deciding that it wouldn't hurt to start a little dialogue.
    "Excuse me... I'm sorry to interrupt, but I heard you guys talking about that life goal thing... Are you here for it too?" He asked curiously, keeping his distance to assure the two women that he was no threat. He even put on a pleasant little smile that would have gone to his eyes if he wasn't wearing sunglasses that hid them.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Tristan Banks

    Tristan was in his car listening to music. He had just came home a few hours ago. Being a DJ he stayed out late, really late. Tristan barely had time to change into something fresh. Tristan was driving to his friend, Matt's house. He had left his phone over there. Tristan couldn't believe he did that. Once he made it to Matt's house, he knocked on the door.

    Matt came to the door. "Ay, Tris!" "Sup, Matt?" Tristan and Matt gave each other high fives. "Nothing much, your" Matt gave Tristan his phone. "You didn't go through it did you?" "No! I couldn't even if I wanted to, password." "Alright just checking." "Yeah Tris, you did get a message, your phone buzzed." "Alright I'll check it in the car, see you later." "Later."

    Tristan got back into the car, he unlocked his phone. He saw the message. "Central Park? What the..." Tristan figured it was probably some prank, Matt was always up to something. Tristan would go to the park, just to humor Matt.

    When Tristan got to central park, he saw a couple of people. Three people were huddled with each other. Tristan didn't recognize them. Maybe this message was real. Tristan went over to them, with a giant smile on his face. He would play along for now. "So are you all here for some, life goal crap?" Tristan didn't know what was going on but he would make a joke anyway.
  9. [​IMG]

    Jin Sun yawned, the place was too quiet for his own good. Typically he's subjected to more noises and such silence was a luxury. He closed his eyes briefly though he retained awareness of his surroundings. Nowadays you wouldn't know when someone's going to assassinate you. Better be safe than sorry. It would bad if his life ended because he was careless.

    "You think he's asleep?"

    "Nah, I don't think so."

    "But his eyes are close."

    "How would you know? We're just voices in his head."

    "Now would be a good time to get rid of him."

    The agent growled inwardly, he knew this was too good to be true. And on such good timing too. "Isn't it like independence day or something? Don't you guys take a break at all?" He said out loud though there wasn't anybody near him, save for the group of people gathering closeby. However they wouldn't be close enough to hear the conversation. Not at all.

    'And no, you're not getting rid of me Tris because you'll die when I perish and I can see you in hell.' Jin Sung pointed it out. He knew it's silly and insane to be arguing with the voices in his mind but he didn't care. There is no need for the agent to act like he's sane when there's nobody around to begin with. Although he's currently on a mission but none of the targets are around and even if they 're, who cares no?

    "Fuck you."

    Jin Sung rolled his eyes, clearly he's used to Tris being abusive. Thankfully he's well aware that he has full control over his own body and he has no influence on him. Despite that, he must admit that they're rather entertaining at times and he's glad to have them for company. Now that the voices have quieten down a little, it's time to focus on the mission. Once that's done, he should explore New York City. This is New York City correct? Damn it, he should have studied before he'd teleported here.
  10. Dear Lincoln,

    There is a very delicate transaction taking place at the London Eye. I would like you to eliminate the information dealer after you've recieved information regarding Cleopatra's Dagger. Do not let this man walk away. The meeting is at noon. Please return to headquarters and report your findings afterwards.

    Your patient leader,

    Lincoln gotten the text message on his phone, giving a quick smirk, he saved the message and put the phone back in his pocket. Lincoln had been with the Virtuoso for almost his whole life, it was good to finally get a task by himself, which meant that the man trusted him.

    Lincoln was at Courtiers, his clothes store that he went to whenever he needed a new suit, this one would fit the job. After buying the suit he got another about Cleopatra's Dagger, And it sounded like it was very important.

    After going home and changing into his suit, he then grabbed his suit case and opened it, it had a smg, A glock 17, A silencer and a small black like handles. Lincoln then shut it and walked out of his apartment, in just an hour he would have to get information and possibly kill a man.
  11. [​IMG]

    Blake rolled over in bed to see that his phone was flashing. He unlocked the device and looked at his pending messages.

    To Blake,

    Jin Sung might need a little help in Central Park. Please head there as soon as possible. There most likely will be some Virtuoso members in the area.

    X Joe Morelli

    Blake rubbed the last of the sleep out of his eyes and stood up. He showered and dressed in his combat gear. Dragonscale ceramic body armor, Titanium bracers and greaves, and a belt with pockets running its length. Over this he donned his leather jacket. He then opened his weapons chest and withdrew two guns. A Walther ppk short 9mm and an M4 Carbine. Central Park was a big place and even though Jin could be anywhere in an instant, Blake figured that If Joe was sending him too that there would be recruits that would need cover. After checking his ammo count and securing his gear he pulled out his phone and called Jin.

    "Hey. It's Hawthorne. I'm at home base. Joe thinks you might need a hand. Mind giving me a lift?"
  12. [​IMG]
    Jin Sung was ready to leave when his mobile phone rang and the music of the Doctor Who's theme sounded. He smiled, having a fondness for it and hence allowed the entire theme to be played before picking up the call. Hawthorne, another of his peer had asked for a ride. He wouldn't know why anyone would wish to take a ride with him. Haven't they heard what happened when they teleports? Your body breaks down into a billion pieces and scattered around before forming back. Often, some parts would fail to make their way back.

    'Fine fine, don't say I don't warn you. If you come back missing one leg or limb, don't blame me.' He warned his partner before ending the call. Taking the suitecase with him, he teleported back to the homebase.

    'Hurry up, I think the targets have arrived.' He said immediately once he'd teleported to the location. 'What're you waiting for? Day sale?'​
  13. [​IMG]

    Blake hung up the phone and looked around to see there was anything else he would need. He thought for a moment and took a small chunk of carbon fiber out of his belt and absorbed it into both of his hands before putting the material back into the belt. He flexed his hands to make sure he still had full range of motion. He then heard a small pop and jumped at the sound of Jin's voice behind him.

    "I know that you are going to be there and you still surprise me every time!"

    Blake chambered a round in the M4 and adjusted the scope.

    "Put me up on a building with a view of the meet, I'll cover you and use the beacon when I need you to bring me closer"
  14. Gwen was waiting on the older girl to answer when a man walked up, looking a little unnerving in his sunglasses. Gwen looking at him a bit timidly, even though he stayed a distance away. “Yeah, I got an email…” the teen squeaked, half smiling thanks to the man’s wide grin that seemed nonthreatening, when a boy who didn’t seem too much older than herself walked up wearing an… interesting outfit. “Um… I think so,” Gwen went ahead and answered, looking among them. After all, the girl and this sunglasses guy wouldn’t have brought it up unless they had gotten the same email right? Were there just four of them? Where were the speakers again? Gwen looked a tad confused, but at least the evidence of her being upset was fading as the others had come up to her to see if anyone had more info. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that anyone did.

    “I guess we just wait?” Gwen said, tucking some blonde hair behind her ear and turning around a bit, only seeing a girl on a bench not too far away. “Maybe she knows something?” the girl asked, not really wanting to be the one to approach her, and not thinking the man feeding the ducks would know anything about this.
  15. [​IMG]
    'You really like to ask for the impossible don't you?' A place that'll be able to see the entire park is almost impossible.
    "Then kill him." Tris's voice echoed and Jin Sung snapped, 'Oh shut up.' When his partner stared at him, he shrugged and dismissed it with a wave of his hand, 'Not talking to you. Tris's being annoying as usual. What? Never seen an insane person?' He asked before pulling on his arm and in a flash they were at an office building that had a decent view of the park.

    'I'm leaving already, just don't get yourself killed before you can help me.' He said and vanished before reappearing back at the bench. It seems that his absence haven't warrant any attention.
  16. [​IMG]

    Blake fell to his knees, head spinning. "How could Jin do this all the time?" Blake thought to himself before taking a breath to clear his head. He walked to the edge of the building, taking a knee and looking through his scope at the group of people below. He activated his comm device.

    "Ok Jin, talk to me. Who are we after and have you identified the Virtuoso agents yet?"
  17. [​IMG]

    Jin Sung is accustomed to it, teleportation is second nature to him after all. Plus he enjoyed the freedom associated with it. Imagine, if you'd wanted Sushi, you can visit Japan and grab them before returning home, all in the same day.

    'Well apparently they are recruiting people and I guess they're starting to arrive. Don't ask me who because I can't read minds.' He said. ​
  18. [​IMG]

    Blake shook his head in frustration. This was becoming the growing norm for interception operations. They had a location but the who's and what's were a mystery. He hated not knowing all of the facts. It made it difficult for him to make a plan.

    "Ok then, remember to keep comm lines open, if you see any signs of ability usage or anything odd, let me know. I'm looking at a park full of people with no intel."

    Blake shifted his body armor to get comfortable, they might be here a while.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Lincoln stopped in front of The London Eye, in his 1969 Charger, he was a good tracker so his eyes locked onto anyone who walked in and out of The Eye entrance. As most people were wearing occasional T-Shirts and jeans, but one man caught his eye, he wore a grey suit and everyone he saw had regular occasional clothes on, So Lincoln got out of the car and observed him as he walked at a good distance.

    As he watched the man, he took a quick detour and started walking the other way, so Lincoln pushed threw the crowd till he could finally reach the man, when he walked the man bumped into him causing both to fall to the floor. "Oh I am so so sorry, i really didn't mean it, looks like i got my pop on your shirt, here I'll clean it for ya, sorry love." He grabbed a napkin out of his jacket, and began wiping it, but secretly put a tracker on his inner jacket. "Get of me you fool, I'll get it cleaned." The man stood up, aggravated and pissed off, he then got up and walked off.

    He then made a detour to his car, when he got in his Challenger, he took out his phone and watched the man's beacon as he walked in a vertical line. He then put his phone on the phone mount in his car, as he tracked the man.

    He then followed him to an ally right near The London Eye, it was right between two apartments. Lincoln drove in front of the front side of the apartment, as it blocked the whole side. The man stopped and tried to make a detour where he had just gone, Lincoln took his suit case out and took out the small black handle like item, it had a red button on the top, Lincoln pressed the trigger which caused the other man to freak out and spasm, he then fell to the floor as the bolts of electricity going through his veins.

    "Are you okay sir, that was really shocking." Lincoln walked over and smiled, he knelled down to him then nodded at his joke. "Sorry that was a little cheesy, i can even say that, but can i ask you a question, what is Cleopatra's dagger?" Lincoln held the gun to his head a few centimeters away, the man stayed silent but then spit in his face. "Well son, shouldn't of done that." Link pointed the gun to his knee then shot the gun which the metal bullet went straight into his knee. "Ah!" The man screamed. "Now tell me, what the hell is Cleopatra's dagger?...Well unless you want a bullet in your skull, then I'll be sure to do that."

    "Okay Okay." The man stopped and breathed, then kept talking. "The dagger of Cleopatra, if wielded correctly, can cause people to bend to the user's will. It was believed to be how Cleopatra kept her throne until she died. Or so the old tale goes. Rumor has it that in Egypt, archaeologists have just unearthed the chamber which the dagger was sealed away in after Cleopatra's death." He burst out of his mouth about the information, which had Lincoln smile. "Thanks for the help, but to be honest...I was going to kill you anyway, business is business love." He stood up then shot the man straight into his forehead, he then turned and walked over to his Challenger.
  20. [​IMG]

    The young black haired woman's phone pinged with a new email, she picked it up off her bedside table and opened the new email from an unknown sender. The woman smiled already knowing to whom it was from.

    To Evelyn, Jin Sung, and Blake,

    One of our agents in London has been reported dead. I need you to head to Egypt to continue his mission as soon as humanly possible, once you finish your prior assignments. It's believed that our agent was tortured for precious information regarding a relic known as Cleopatra's Dagger. This information is top secret, and if it has fallen into the hands of Virtuoso, it could lead to the end of humanity's free will. Cleopatra's Dagger is rumored to enable it's user to make anyone bend to their will, and archaeologists have unearthed the tomb which contains that relic.
    Be extremely careful.

    X Joe Morelli

    She glanced up at the time and locked her phone slipping into her back pocket. She ventured to her closet opening it she pushed her normal day clothes aside and found the hidden latch on the wall pulling it down. The panel dropped down revealing her small arsenal of weapons that she had been trained in. She pulled out her form fitted Spider armor and pulled off the short sleeved black shirt she had been wearing and pulled the top piece over her head. It fit like a thin long sleeved shirt and was light weight; next she pulled out her pants that were made of the same material and took off the skirt she had been wearing and pulled on the pants. She looked through her clothing finding her favorite pair of blue jeans and slipped them on over her legs. She found a short sleeved shirt that worked well with the armor. She slipped it over her head and grabbed her boots hopping around to put them on while she was still standing. She finished that and pulled out her collection of knives and slipped four of them into her boots, two went up her sleeves, and her big knife and holder was on her lower back. She popped her neck exiting her the closet after she had shut and sealed everything up. She picked her phone up and slipped it into her back pocket and grabbed her wallet slipping it into the other and headed out the door of the small house she was renting in Cairo. Now all she had to do was wait on the other two. Evelyn was not sure who they were considering she had never really met them. She usually took the assignments that took her abroad.
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