Saving Satan

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  1. ~Short Bio~

    Name:Danial "Danny" Halen
    Age: 16
    History: Both his parents were die hard christians. They send him to a christian high school hoping to help him. Before this his life was fairly average.
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    He was Satan. There was no better way to put it.

    Danny did everything he could to be bad, He gave men oral in the bathroom at restaurants, he vandalized property, and he drank. Sometimes he would come to school in the morning stumbling, and slurring his words. However, the bad part for him was that he went to a Christian High School. Most of the kids either avoided him or preached to him about God and Jesus. It only made him act out more. However, they wouldn't expel him. Even the teachers wanted to save him. It didn't matter to him. He figured school was better than home school anyway.

    However, currently, he was at school. His tongue was swollen because of his brand new tongue piercing. He had on the boys school uniform, and he pushed his glasses up as he opened his locker. He tossed his bag in and grabbed his supplies for his classes. He slammed the locker, smirking at some girls who were staring at him. Their stars were full of disgust, but whatever. He held up his fingers, making a peace sign. Then he stuck out his now pierced tongue and wiggled it between his fingers, making an obscene gesture. They looked absolutely disgusted, but he was quite pleased with himself. Walking to his first period class he sat in the back as usual, planning to ignore the teacher completely.
  2. Name: Gabriel Stevens
    Age: 16
    Bio: He's the pride and joy of his family. If there's a more proper kid than him, it would have to be Jesus himself. Seriously, this kid has never done anything bad. All he wants is to be nice and helpful, his latest target? The kid no one likes. He thinks he can change the guy, but can he?
    Appearance: [​IMG] (Light Yagami=Probably worst guy for this xD)


    Just before leaving home, Gabe helped his mother with breakfast, his little brother with taking out the trash, and his dad with carrying things to his car for work. And yet... He still got to school early. Every. Day. Not that he cared about getting up early, he always went to bed early anyway. That was his life, how he was raised, what more could he do? Besides Church Camp, Church, and helping out at Sunday School. Hey, that's what made him happy.

    Once again, he was sitting in the front of the class, his hands folded on his desk as he waited quietly for class to start. He looked up as Danny walked in, watching him for a little bit, but not moving to do anything. Class was about to start. He would talk to Danny after class, invite him to eat lunch or something. He would be friendly, like usual, but he didn't want Daniel to ignore him if he started preaching right away.
  3. Danny looked at the back of Gabe's head after class had started. To bad he wasn't gay. Danny let out a small moan, thinking about what he'd want to do to him. He chuckled, doodling on his desk like he wasn't suppose to do. The teacher walked back and took his pencil from him. She glared.
    "You really should not be drawing the Devil. God loves you Danial, if only you'd-"
    "For the love of FUCK, shut up," he said, putting his feet up on the desk and leaning back in his chair. She sighed, returning to the front of the class to teach. Danny counted the dots on the ceiling until class was over. He gathered his things and got up, striding to the door.
  4. Gabriel turned slightly, looking back at Daniel a little shocked. Poor soul, it'd be hard to save him. Not impossible though, Gabe was determined to help him! He sighed as he heard the way he spoke to the teacher. He didn't understand why, she was a very nice woman. After class, he quickly packed up his things and hurried after Danny. "W-wait, Daniel!" he called gently, not sure what else to say.
  5. Danny sighed dramatically, turning on his heel to face Gabe. He smirked devilishly, fixing his glasses.
    "Whatcha need hot stuff? You ready to be a fag? There's always a bathroom stall ready for the taking if you wanna go," he said, curling his fingers as if holding a dick, then moving it back and forth in front of his open mouth. He stopped after a few seconds, licking his lips seductively.
  6. He couldn't help but blush. Such an obscene gesture.. He looked around quickly, hoping no one was listening to such things Daniel had said. Gabe turned back, shaking his head. "No! Um... I was simply wondering if you'd like to eat lunch with me! That's all," he said, still red. He just wanted to listen to this guy, maybe find out why he acted the way he did.
  7. Danny paused, chuckling.
    "Won't the other bible thumpers in your group get pissy?" he asked, putting his hands in his pockets. He looked to the side, thinking about the offer. The blush on Gabe's face was cute, so maybe eating lunch with him wouldn't be so bad. He could probably get him to blush more if he did. The thought made him smirk.
    "Yeah, but only if you buy me extra pudding cups," he said, his baby blue eyes looking Gabe up and down, not hiding it at all. No need to. He brushed his spiked blond hair back before holding his hand out for him to shake.
  8. This was getting uncomfortable, Gabe didn't like the way he was being looked at. He had to try, for Daniel's sake though. He nodded, "Don't worry, I'll get you as much pudding as I can without getting in trouble." He thought for a minute, looking away, then turning back. "Oh, if you'd like, we don't have to eat with my friends." He knew Danny wouldn't like it, he wouldn't talk as much either, plus his friends didn't really care for the boy either. Gabe would apologize to them later though.
  9. Danny out right laughed.
    "I don't care about eating with your friends. They can suck my dick for all I care," he said, his smirk returning. He looked at the clock.
    "Anyway, I'll see you at lunch. Later babe," he said, winking and walking away to his second class. Once he was inside he pulled out a spare pen, sat in his usual seat, and began doodling on the desk. He was looking forward to lunch.
  10. Gabriel's heart fell, no... They were not eating with his friends! Because... They wouldn't like eachother... Right? "Oh lord, please help me with this lamb of yours," he prayed when Danny was gone. He certainly had to talk about his flirtatious ways, it was really bad, and it made him feel... Awkward. Hopefully he was only playing with him.

    Sighing, Gabe headed to his next class, hoping lunch would go well.
  11. Danny went through his morning classes with ease. espite what people thought, he actually had all his grades about C's. He wasn't stupid. Finally once lunch came around he stuffed his things into his locker, leaving everything there. He bought lunch at the cafeteria, since Christian schools didn't serve crap for food. He waited in line, passing the pudding. He'd let Gabe buy his, as promised. He walked over to his usual table, deciding to wait for Gabe to get there before he went further. He usually sat alone, seeing as all the kids here either hated him or were to afraid of their peers to sit by him. He smirked at the thought. It was fun for him. He had his own friends outside of school, so he didn't need any here. Besides it was more fun that they weren't friends. When he made a perverse joke, his friends played along. These people looked disgusted, frightened, or confused.
  12. Gabriel went through his classes, a little distracted, but his overall performance was wonderful as usual. By lunch-time, he'd told his friends he'd be working on something and wouldn't be eating with them, they'd probably understand once they heard he'd eaten with Daniel.

    Walking to the lunchroom, he politely asked for more servings of pudding and the lunch lady obliged. He quickly walked to Daniel, looking around every now and then. "Uh... Um... Hello," he said, sitting down next to him nervously.
  13. Daniel smiled, not bothering to ask before taking the pudding cups.
    "Thanks," he said, opening the first and downing it like a shot. Once he swallowed his smiled.
    "Gee, stop acting like such a timid bitch. I may act like Satan, but that doesn't mean I am him," he said, smirking and winking. He was glad Gabe sat across from him.
    "Or am I?" he added, slipping his shoe off unnoticed before dragging his foot up Gabe's leg to the inside of his thigh. He picked up a french fry, eating as if he was doing nothing wrong.
  14. He watched him quietly, actually a little amused as he ate the pudding. But as he spoke, his small smile fade and he opened his mouth to speak. Only to choke on his words as Danny's foot rubbed against him. He pushed it down, blushing a harsh red colour. "Call me what you will, but don't say such things or... Do that," he said, motioning under the table.
  15. Danny smiled, sticking his still slightly swollen tongue out, showing off his new piercing.
    "Whatever you say. I just think it's adorable when you blush," he replied, slipping his shoe back on. He ate the second pudding after finishing the last of his sandwich, which he ate most of before Gabe even arrived. He put the empty pudding cup beside the other one, linking his fingers and resting his head on them.
    "So, what do you want to talk about? I've already been given three bibles as gifts, one kid actually tried to exorcise me (before I broke his nose and hand) and my parents sent me to a Mercy facility in hopes they could 'fix' me. So, you got anything new?" he asked, looking Gabe in the eyes. His smirk was gone and he looked pretty bored.
  16. Gabe stared at him blankly for a few moments after seeing the piercing. And to think, he'd made the gesture of su-- No don't think about it! He told himself, suddenly becoming pale. He quickly shook his head. "Oh no, I wasn't going to do anything like that," he replied, blushing a little more and biting his lip. "I just... Thought I should learn more about you..."
  17. Danny had to bite his lip and cover his mouth to keep from laughing. He opened the third and final pudding, dipping his finger in and sucked the pudding off. Slowly. He pulled his finger out of his mouth, nodding.
    "Okay, what do you want to know?" he asked. No one had ever really wanted to know him at this school. Besides, he liked Gabe. He was cute, fairly truthful, and didn't try to exorcise him yet.
    "I'll give you... ten questions. Anything you want to know."
  18. Gabe thought for a minute, thinking of what he wanted to ask. Or... What he wouldn't ask, rather. Finally, he nodded, ignoring Danny as he played with the pudding. "Um... What do you like doing on weekends?" he asked, a little shocked with himself. Odd question, but okay... Please don't say anything perverted... He prayed, looking at Danny hopefully.
  19. Danny thought about it. He was very extroverted, so his weekends were usually pretty busy.
    "Well, I have sex, eat sweets because of my insatiable sweet tooth, and I go out with friends," he said, putting his hands behind his head, feet up on the table, and leaning back in his chair.
  20. Not the answer he wanted, but at least having sex wasn't the main topic of weekend hobbies. Gabriel smiled a little, pushing back his annoyance as he saw the other boy's feet on the table. "Sweets huh. That explains the pudding, do you like cake?" he asked, not sure where he was going with this anymore. He'd figure it out though, might as well get familiar, right?