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  1. Do you save your RP posts?

    Do you save them to read later? Maybe your scared of the site crashing and all your work will be lost? Maybe you like to check how your writing progresses from time to time?

    I like to save my RP posts for the last reason. It is cool to look back at my writing and see that I have gotten better.

    What about you?
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    You know, I never think to save any posts. I think I'm too lazy to actually do such a thing. -_-; Though, I have thought about taking posts from really good rps I've been in and make a short story from them or whatever. Just to do it, really. But never really gotten around to do it that much. But no, I don't save my rp posts. >>;
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    I don't ever save the forum posts, cause I know the chances of a crash are pretty slim... Plus I'm lazy. >>;

    BUT I do have my threads bookmarked so I can go back to read them. I love reading old favorites and recycling ideas that never had a chance to really blossom.

    I also save my private or chat rps that I really enjoyed. >:3
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    I've done it a few times to make sure a character doesn't drastically change just because time passes. An older site I was on had locations and the location threads would get cleared out everyday or so once the people quit. It was WAAAAAAAAY faster than this place. Pages would take place in just hours, not weeks. It was like watching an episode unfold right before your eyes in real time. QUICKDRAW POSTING.

    [Probably the reason I still like to try replying asap in RPs here and get all antsy waiting for others. >_> ]

    But if I didn't save the first few post I made with a char, I felt like I'd lose a little of their original essence to the imperfections of human memory. If it was a character I wanted to use again later. There are some things a bio-sheet just can't contain. Character really do have a certain feel to them and if you make a lot. . . sometimes you can lose something.
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    I start saving successes. ICSYL so far is the only thing saved to my Network drive. But as soon as Dark Reign reaches page 15 that'll get saved as well.
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    I'll usually write in OpenOffice, and just save it there (makes it easier to go back and read what I've already written to make sure I stay in character etc) before copy/pasting it in to a post. It's a lot of fun going back and reading things that I wrote ten years ago and see how much I've changed as a writer.
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    I'm too lazy to save posts, but I feel like I should someday. >>; There's some writing I'm really proud of and would like to keep copies of.

    I have some old documents from chat RPs, though. Just 'cause it's useful to look back on. It's sucks to not remember where you left off when roleplaying in an instant messenger.
  8. I save some, mostly if I felt they were really good but also like what Piro said holds up to me as well, I've saved a lot of ICSYL.
  9. I used to.

    At the request of one of the guys on the first RP forum I was on, I started to save every single post in a specific roleplay, and colour-coded everything according to who had posted it to make it easier to single out who had written what. To give some idea of how ANNOYING this was, the roleplay ended up being somewhere between about 250 - 350 pages of microsoft word, in size 10 times new roman. How we wrote that, I'll never know. We were all local folk so there would be a minimum of like, 10 posts a day going up. In the battle sequences there were more likely to be close to 30 to save by the end of the night.

    Anyway, in the end I sent a copy off to the guy that had requested it, then about 2 weeks later my entire computer killed itself and I lost absolutely all of it. I've never bothered saving posts since, because knowing my luck the exact same thing would happen.
  10. Kinda makes me glad we didn't color code ICSYL would jump straight from 1200 pages all the way to 2000.
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    Also, I liked how it allowed for whimsical RP'ing, for fast one liners to pass the time, idle conversation ..

    Don't let the conditioning leave you, brother.