Saving My Angel

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  1. Max walked into his boss's office with the usual kind smile on his face. He had his hands behind his head, "You called for me sure?"
    The boss looked at him not at all amused, "Max. I am at the end of my ropes with you... Constantly breaking the rules will not be tolerated."
    Max tilted his head to the side, "But I only do it for good reasons..."
    "I DON'T CARE! Rules are rules!" Max let out a sigh knowing what will soon be his fate.
    "Ok fine... I am accepting my fate." And he was, "So who will be my final case?"
    The boss looked at him, "I think you know who..."
    And he did. Max nodded, "I will go visit her immediately" And with that Max white angel wings popped out of his back and he flew into the sky.
  2. Kat was sitting outside a cafe drinking coffee. She hug her knees thinking of the last attack by her ex and has broken ribs and a sprained ankle. Sighing she was in a new town now and hope he doesn't find her.

    Getting up she limp home and stood in the bathroom holding a knife. She wante to give up. She was exhuasted from running and fighting and figure no one would care if she is gone. Tears fell her hands shook scared to even use a knife she stood there crying holding it breaking down.
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  3. Max flew down in an alley behind house quickly move to the front door. He was in handyman clothes and knocked in the door, quickly hiding his wings, "Hello miss!"
  4. Kat jump and set the knife down and walk to the door. She open it but wipe her eyes first. "Um hi. I don't think I called for a handyman. Wait did he send you?" Getting scared she close the door and screamed "go away!" She cried and ran hid under tr table
  5. Max raised an eyebrow as he slowly opened the door and kneeled down, "Uh, ma'am. I don't know who he is exactly. But your neighbors called for me because they had some concerns."
  6. "If they called why you here? Your a handy man like fixing things not a psychiatric or therapist. Why you here?" She ask hug her knees tears fell
  7. He held his hands up, "They called me to make sure everything was in tact in this house. That's all I meant. No need to cry!"
  8. "Well it is. It fine the house. Please go" kat said softly shaking. It was clear she was terrified. "There is nothing wrong with the house. Please go"
  9. He let out a sigh as he looks into her eyes, his eyes turned from aqua to golden brown, as he looks deep into his eyes it instantly makes her relax, "Ok calm down."
  10. She look in his eyes relaxing. She was calm and nodded. "Fine look around then leave" she hug her knees staying under the table
  11. He sighed and his eyes turn back to normal, "Ok thank you ma'am." he said, grabbing his tools and going into kitchen, checking the pipes under the sink.
  12. She move out from under the table and went to the bathroom. She sat against the door tears falling held the knife. She sobbed softly her hands shaking. "I can't do this anymore. I give up"
  13. He sensed something was wrong and rushed to help but he felt something being pressed against the door, "Kat! Come on open the door! I know what you are thinking but its not the answer!"
  14. Kat froze hearin he knew her name. "How you know my name?! Why shouldn't I? No one would care! I can't keep fighting in exhausted and hurting and I'm done. I can't do this anymore!" She sobbed and stood and slip on water her sink leaking and she fell on the knife on her side. She gasp cried in pain layed on her back holding her side as it bleed. Tears fell. "I was scared I wasn't going to. I slip" she whimper her eyes close went unconcious her side bleeding knife in her side.
  15. He opened the door and looked down at her, "Shit!" He quickly took the knife out, picked her up and brought her to her couch, laying her down. He brought hands a few inches above her body, suddenly a bright blue light appears just under his palms. This light heals her of all injuries.
  16. She woke a few hours later and whimper. "We where am I? What happen?" She whisper slowly open her eyes. She saw him and look at him tears fell. "You going to yell at me? Say I'm stupid for thinking of doing it? Go ahead nothing you say will be any worse than what I have gone through the last five years. Nothing is worse than what I feel and the fact I should of known the bathroom sink was leaking nd that is I slip and fell on the knife" she whisper
  17. He furrowed his eyebrows, "What? No, I'm not gonna yell," he said giving her a gentle smile, "I am just glad you are alright. So no need to cry! Really, I promise I am not much of a yeller anyways... are you ok?"
  18. She nodded and curl in a ball on the couch. "I haven't been okay in five years" she whisper sadly staring at the floor. "How much do I owe you for checking the house?" She whisper
  19. He sighs, "Its on the house. Consider it my gift to you," he tilted his head slightly to look at her, "And you know things will get better for you now right? Aren't you away from uh... whatever it is you got away from?"
  20. She look at him. "For now. But he find me everytime I leave. It won't be much longer till I have to leave cause he always find me and hurt me" she whisper look down. "Thanks. It will never get better. I'm all alone and I never feel safe or happy"