Saving her

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  1. Lily sat in class once more taking notes. Though this time she was in more pain as she wrote and sat against the chair her back sore with bruises. Once class was over she went and sat under a tree alone with her sweater on over her long sleeve. The last few weeks she been distancing herself from everyone. She would sit under a tree with tears falling as she look down at her book reading. The abuse was getting worse and she was in worse pain with the bruises and cuts on her arms and legs. Sighing she got up and started walking home she had to start dinner and clean or she would be punish.
  2. Kyle ran up to catch up to her. Thinking he could finally get her to talk to him. "Hi" He said with a smile looking in her eyes.
  3. Lily jump and look at him. She look down "h hi" she whisper. "I I have to go home" she continue walking not use to talking to people.
  4. "Whats the matter with you all the time?" Even though he knew full well what was wrong with her, he just wanted to see if she'd talk about it
  5. She look at him. "What you mean? I'm fine. I just have homework to do so I'm going home" she said softly pull her sleeves down.
  6. He stopped her. He pushed her chin up so they were face to face. He saw right through her lie. "You can talk to me, I know what you're going through. I went through the same thing when I was younger.
  7. She look at him tears fell. "I don't know what your talking about. Please just don't follow me" she pull away and ran home.

    The next day she wasn't at school. She was in bed had gotten beaten the night before and had a black eye now added to her injuries. She got up and limp downstairs. Sneaking out she went to the park and sat under a tree hug her knees tears falling wasn't going to go back there or to school. She is running away.
  8. Kyle noticed her absence and that day being Friday he went to the park as he always did. He saw her by the tree. He sat on the opposite side of the tree. "I noticed you weren't at school today..."
  9. Lily turn her back to him and cover her eye. "I was feeling sick" she said softly didn't want him to see her eye.
  10. "What about that eye?" He knew about it because he had done that same thing when he went through this. "I told you already and I'll probably say it a thousand more times to you, you can trust me. I know what this is like."
  11. She look at him showing her eye. Tears fell shaking her whole body in pain and her leg was bruised bad it could be broken. She had a hard time breathing from her ribs and was in pain from arms and legs. "I'm running away. Don't stop me or say it will get better or that I have to be in school cause I'll go somewhere else get a job and Figute it out" she whisper tears fell
  12. "Come now. Theres no need to run away" Said scooting over closer to her. "If you run away it will only make it worse. And if you run away, who will I have to talk to?"
  13. "I don't have anywhere to go. No one care about me" she whisper tears fell in pain. "I can't go back I'll be dead tonight"
  14. "I care about you" he said slightly looking down. "I actually am glad I admitted that , it feels like a weight has been lifted"
  15. She look at him surprised. "Y you do?" She whisper and felt tired and in pain. She shifted to try and get comfy but it didn't help.
  16. "Yes I do, and I'm sure that theres more than me." He said in a whisper. He held her hand, though he didn't know why.
  17. She blush felt his hand in hers. "No no one else does" she whisper. She sigh held her ribs and side. "I can't go home. It get worse everynight" she whisper
  18. "I'm pretty sure theres some people out there like me who cares." He looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Then just come home with me."
  19. "I'll be a bother. I can't. I'm just a bother" she said softly look down tears fell.
  20. "No you're not!" He said standing up. "You only make yourself a bother by saying you're a bother"