Saving Eternity

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  1. "I sit beside the fire and think
    Of all that I have seen
    Of meadow flowers and butterflies
    In summers that have been

    Of yellow leaves and gossamer
    In autumns that there were
    With morning mist and silver sun
    And wind upon my hair

    I sit beside the fire and think
    Of how the world will be
    When winter comes without a spring
    That I shall ever see

    For still there are so many things
    That I have never seen
    In every wood in every spring
    There is a different green

    I sit beside the fire and think
    Of people long ago
    And people that will see a world
    That I shall never know

    But all the while I sit and think
    Of times there were before
    I listen for returning feet
    And voices at the door”

    J.R.R. Tolkein

    “Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” William Faulkner

    Few people knew those words, least of all those that lived in the clock realm. To them, keeping the clock functioning, working, keeping time turning was everything. Without it, the world would stop. It is written in the archives of Time. No one should stop the clock. If the clock stopped working, all natural order of life would cease. The Time Keepers relied on time more than anything else. Without the clock they wouldn't be able to tell when to do things. For humans it was okay, they had the sun and the moon to rely on. But the Time Keepers had only the chimes of the clock. A world without time was the end of the world altogether. What people didn't understand was that the Strasbourg Cathedral clock was in fact the most important clock in the world. It was the home of the Time Keepers and if it stopped, eternity would freeze. No more changing time. But the clock is slowing. It gets slower by a minute every day. In less than two months it will stop altogether and then... well you get the idea.

    Generation after generation of Time Keepers have watched over the clock, kept it working. Every generation five new Time Keepers from each class were selected to be raised in the ways of the Time Wielders, those chosen by their esteemed leaders to be trained to aid the oncoming events. It was certain that one day the clock would slow and they would need to have a chosen army to help save the clock. These chosen Keepers were trained in many different arts, the history of the ancient clock and even certain fighting styles and techniques. There is an order of Keepers that believe the clock is killing time. They will do anything to prevent the Wielders from saving eternity. This order is known as the Mages.

    The setting:

    Inside the clock is a city that runs on coal and steam. It is not a modern city. Everything is clockwork, cogs, steam and coal. There is no sky, no earth, no sea. Everything they need to survive is brought in on supply carts from the traders that explore the Great Unknown that is the outside of the clock. Few keepers have set foot outside in the Great Unknown. Even fewer have made it back. It is a dangerous place.
    The City (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Time Keepers:

    These small people are generally peaceful. They work in harmony to keep the clock going. They live their lives without too much drama. A lot of their buildings and creations were influenced by reports from the Great Unknown that the traders brought with them, with tales of the giants, the buildings that reached the Great Beyond and the mechanical creatures that the giants rode around in. Of course, there are conflicts on occasion, but that is to be known with so many people living together.

    There is a class system of the higher ups and the lower classes:

    The higher ups are the Elders and their families. The Elders make the decisions for the societies. They decide who becomes a Wielder, who is banished, though that is a rare occurance, who does what job. T

    hen there are the Enforcers, which are essentially, the police force of the Keepers. They just monitor, make sure everyone does their assigned tasks and that there are as few conflicts as possible.

    Then there are the Tinkerers. The Tinkerers are those assigned to the very important task of maintaining the Clock's working order. It is a great honour to be a Tinkerer.

    The Shiners are the ones that manufacture Tinker tools and much of the city. They work together with Lesser Tinkerers, that is, apprentice Tinkerers, to build much of the city and machinery they use. Shiners are pretty much the handymen of the city. good enough to make the city work, not quite good enough to be trusted with the great task of keeping the clock functioning.
    Lesser Shiners are those apprenticed to the Shiners.

    The Scrubs are on the bottom rung. They have the task of cleaning the streets, the plumbing and all the mess that a city leaves behind. It is an undesirable job. Of course, there are those that don't even have the fortune of being put in a class, but they go unnoticed for the most part. Time Keepers live for up to 200 years. After their 199th year their health begins to deterriorate rapidly and they have the year to pass on their legacy, if they have one.

    The Time Wielders:

    The wielders are the chosen. They were raised to be the saviors of time. They have a few magickal abilities, that is knowledge of small enchantments such as protection and defensive magicks. But they can perform these only with use of runes. They do not know offensive magicks, as offensive magicks are considered dark. They are trained however in the use of weaponry and fighting techniques. Remember, they are peaceful folk and prefer not to end lives. They know the lore of the Ancient Clock and the reasons for their tasks. They have their own techniques and skills. Some are good with machines, some are talented artists. These Keepers are the best educated, even above those families of the Elders. The Wielders are all aged from 12 years of age to 190 years. After their 190th year they are inducted to be tutors of the next generation of the Wielders so that the legacy may live on. Children begin their training at the age of three. It isn't until their twelfth year that they are officially made Wielder's by ceremony.

    The Mages:

    This is the order that opposes the Wielders. They have a large artillery of dark magicks at their disposal, and much fighting skill. They don't live by the same code that the Wielders do. They will risk anything to stop them saving time. They know of the lore, the prophecy, but don't believe it. They do not possess godlike abilities. They do not have any unnatural physical strengths. They are just as the Keepers, only they are all covered in violet runes that glow omiscently. They may perform magicks that can enhance their physical strengths but their powers are limited to a time period. The older the Keeper, the longer they are able to cast magicks.

    The Rules:
    1. Listen to the GM (me) at all times
    2. No God Modding. That means no over enhancing characters, no giving them abilities they shouldn't possess. No immortality. Everything dies
    3. At least 1-2 paragraphs per post. Each paragraph should be at LEAST four lines long. I'd prefer more but I understand mental block
    4. This is a friendly rp. No disrespecting other members, no bringing in conflict from outside. I don't care how much Sammy Joe and Jimmy Jack don't get along. In here we are all friends.
    5. If you have problems or questions about the roleplay, bring them up with me. Don't b*tch about it to your friends. The problem can't be solved if I don't know about it. Honesty is key.
    6. This is a steampunk rp. No cyberpunk, no modernisation okay?
    7. the only species in this is Time Keeper. They can look like normal humans, they can look like sea monkeys. But they are all one species.
    8. Have fun. It's why we're here right?
    9. No one is permitted to be an elder. Elders are NPC only or played by myself.

    Character Sheet:



    Age: (15-199)

    Class: (enforcer, tinkerer, lesser tinkerer, shiner, lesser Shiner or scrub)

    Appearance:(if you must use anime make it decent. none of that sketchy style)



    Other:(what they specialise in, sexual orientation, family, anything that you feel people need to know)

    My character:

    Name: Enox Elrida

    Gender: female

    Age: 19

    Class: Shiner/ Wielder

    Enox (open)

    Personality: Enox is playful, loving and superstitious. She has a love for mechanics, and her friends in the Wielder Guild. Her friendly attitude makes many people trust and respect her. She has respect for the Elders and Scrubs alike. She shows nothing but kindness to people. unless they get on her bad side. She has a temper and a stubborn streak. She is willful, possessive and protective. She often climbs to the highest point of the clock just to see the Great Unknown. She is curious about it, inquisitive and has a passion for new things. She fears the ending of time.

    History: Enox was raised by her mother and father to be a cheerful, inquisitive girl. At the age of three all the Keeper children were tested for the abilities that would allow them to be exceptional Wielders. She was chosen among the five Shiner class children for her generation and taken to the Guild to be trained. through that time she was tested, pushed to limits physically, mentally and emotionally and trialed in written and practical exams of all her skills. She saw many of the other recruits fail tests and trials and gradually one by one the large number of recruits dwindled until only a few from each Class remained. She knew that one day they would be needed, and though she was sad that she wouldn't get to spend her life finding a partner and living the dreams she'd often had in the first few years of the training, she knew her task was an important one. She was allowed to get out and join society again when she was fifteen and she returned home to her parents who helped her maintain her place in society. The elders didn't believe that they should be subjected to 190 years of seclusion. If the time came for them to be called upon, they would be. They had to go in for regular conditioning once a week, to keep in shape and keep their skills and knowledge sharp, but other than that it was a peaceful life that Enox had. Until the clock began to slow.

    Other: She is working on manufacturing her own working prototype of a steam powered droid. Specialises in engineering. is very good at climbing.
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  3. This looks actually really interesting. I am surprised you don't have any takers good sir. I'll give it a shot.

    Name: The Pioneer

    Gender: Male

    Age: 90

    Class: Enforcer



    Personality: The Pioneer is a very intelligent individual. He's clever, very clever. He likes the occasional joke, although his humor is ancient and may not make sense to many. He has a knack for analyzing people, places, and things. He's sensitive when it comes to innocent souls, but if you cross him, be wary. He can be a sometimes, but that usually means he's over thinking. A protector of The Keepers, their safety is his priority. He can easily see through tricks, and rarely lets anyone get the best of him. He refuses to be played for a pawn, he is very cautious when it comes to any questions or interest in The Keepers.

    History: Not much is known about The Pioneer. He basically lived his whole life in a library. He grew up as an orphan in the great walls of The Clock. He doesn't remember why he was named The Pioneer, but his peers and colleagues that grew up with him also as orphans say the name came on a necklace that he was born with, and the fact that he is constantly seeking new adventure and naturally takes a leadership role makes the name rather fitting and instinctual.

    Growing up The Pioneer stuck his nose into the pages of constant murder mystery books and loved scouring the news and prints of local papers for recent crimes and obituaries in order to piece together any suspicions or clues law enforcement might have missed. He has solved several crimes as a child for The Enforcers, the owner and keeper of his orphanage, who was only known as The Caretaker, has encouraged him t[SIZE=2]o join The Enforcers when he was old enough. Originally he wished to be a tinkerer because he loved the way things worked, but as he grew and evolved and[SIZE=2] learned, he soon realized there was no better being suited for The Enforcers than himself.

    The Caretaker, who secretly had vast knowledge of multiple fighting techniques and ancient magics taught The Pioneer the minor art of Self Defense. The Pioneer refused to l[SIZE=2]earn any magic, but he agreed to learn what he could to defend himself in such a cold city. He never asked The Caretaker how he knew what he did, [SIZE=2]the orp[SIZE=2]hanage closed after The Car[SIZE=2]etaker passed away from sudden illness and The Pioneer never saw him again.[/SIZE][/SIZE] Finally, [SIZE=2]a[/SIZE][/SIZE]fter years of training from peers and The Caretaker, The Pioneer registered himself with The Enf[SIZE=2]orcers, whom in which were blown away by the extent of wisdom he had acquired[SIZE=2] as a child in not only fighting tactics, but intell[SIZE=2]i[SIZE=2]gence an[SIZE=2]d wit as well. He passed all [SIZE=2]assessments[/SIZE] and tests with flying co[SIZE=2]lors that The Enforcers threw his way, and is now one of the most dedicated and focused indivi[SIZE=2]duals walking the streets of [SIZE=2]The Clock to this day.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Other: The Pioneer specializes in modern weaponry and technology. He is also a modern day Sherlock Holmes with a vast brain capable of piecing together problems, crime scenes, and investigations with little effort. He's very clever. His cleverness can get him out of tight situations. He also has a weak spot for children and those of kind nature.
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  7. Can you describe the Mages more? I'm quite interested in them. Are they the same race as the Time Keepers, but just enchanted by the wickedness of their souls or something?
    Name: Jan Lorena

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Class: Scrub

    Appearance: (Do we have to provide visual appearance references? I can't draw humans well.) Jan is of an average, medium weight and build for a thirty year old human. He has short (1") dark brown hair and wary green-grey eyes. (I'll see if I can find a base or draw a decent picture of him.)

    Personality: A doubter and a skeptic, he is wary of trusting others. This is all derived from fear. He fears that he will be hurt and betrayed if he personally trusts and believes in others. He honors honesty. He doesn't like to lie, and is uncomfortable doing so. Jan likes to work alone, although he doesn't mind working with a trusted friend (however few). However, he does act kindly to others, and may accidentally deceive others into thinking that he is their friend due to his friendly polite behavior. He often will think poorly of someone and yet still treat them with respect and kindness. He thinks a lot.

    History: Jan grew up as a normal Keeper, nothing very special. He underwent the normal Wielder test at age three and was not chosen, like many. But his parents didn't mind; they had a positive mindset, which they tried to pass on to their son. They were kind and gentle to him. Once, they got angry at him once for sneaking out of the house to a party with his friends. He was impacted by this because he had never been thoroughly lectured and spoken to like that. He was a coward, and his parents spoiled and were too gentle with him. He was very unused to bullying, and he flinched at the slightest mean, inconsiderate comment. However, his friends helped him with that a bit. He got a job as a Scrub, and although the lowest class, he was thankful for it. It was better to be classed than un-classed, was his thought process. He worked hard at what he did, fearing what would happen if he didn't. The city, overrun with junk that had the time to multiply due to there not being anyone cleaning it? He worked hard at his job. Until the clock started to slow down. Jan became a skeptic. His doubts and fears made him shun the beliefs that he had once held dear.

    Other: He likes to write poems and songs in his spare time.
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  8. Name: Adrian Lamont

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Class: Enforcer/Wielder

    Appearance: Click here for image

    Personality: Lamont can be incredibly enthusiastic, especially when something or somebody interests him. All the same, he can be very sarcastic. Not always successfully. He loves a good joke, though he is apt to make several bad ones before he strikes gold himself. But he certainly puts the "sass" in "sassy gay friend," despite his attempts to "not play to the stereotype." He will often use his sarcasm and sass as a way to hide any discomfort or pain he feels - he hates to think that others are inconvenienced by him, and much prefers to take care of others rather than to be taken care of. He tends not to let others take care of him, even when it would do him some good.

    History: Adrian Lamont is the son of an enforcer-turned-elder and a tinkerer. Becoming an enforcer had been a dream of Lamont's since he was 13, and joined the force (green as summer grass, but brimming with pride) at age 20. Within the same year, he was declared a wielder. There was a fair amount of scandal surrounding the choice of young Lamont as a wielder - he was, after all, the son of one of the Elders, and a rumor quickly blossomed that Adrian was chosen not for his skill, but for his connections. But nothing was proven and the young Lamont went into training as a wielder. Surprisingly, he was none too enthusiastic about the extra training. "I just want to get out there and be useful," he complained to his father. But his father would hear none of it.
    "You have the honor of being one of the chosen," the elder Lamont told his son gruffly. "Now put on your game face and accept that honor with the same pride that you joined the enforcers with."

    Well, Adrian Lamont has been back on full-time duty as an enforcer for a few years now, and he's not quite as green as he once was. He even has a couple of scars, one on his left leg and another on his right shoulder, to prove it. But a couple of "scratches," to use his words, can't keep him from being his usual "eager bunny" (if sarcastic) self.

    Other: Lamont is left-handed and keeps a pistol on his right hip, and is a quick draw - it's best not to sneak up on him, since he's come to instinctively reach for his gun when surprised. He is also bi, and known to be a flirt.

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  10. Name: Tuesday Jones

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    Class: Lesser Tinkerer

    Appearance: ((I swear if this doesn't work right))

    Personality: She likes to watch people, and likes to think of herself as lovingly sarcastic. When she's not working on one of her interests, she jokes with an acquaintance. She sometimes doesn't understand differing beliefs, and often writes about the few arguments she has ever seen as a student. Her interests include writing for and making music boxes of various size, making up stories and seeing if others will believe them, and drawing things she dreams.

    History: Tuesday has always been particularly adept at machinery. When her family stove broke down as a child, she would sit and watch the mechanic as he solved the problem, and then she would play with toy machines in her room, taking them apart and putting them back together. Her family has never been particularly well-off; in fact, she is the first child in the family to be anything above a Scrub, having been entered into school by a good friend with connections.

    She was quiet in school, preferring to be the girl everybody vaguely recognized in the hall rather than the social one who knew everyone back. Like everyone she knew, she graduated with a few low grades under her belt, having sometimes let her interests proceed her priorities. However, she was landed with a great master and she no longer has to worry about reading too much fact. (It was beginning to mar her storytelling skills.)

    Other: Her style of dress could be considered unusual. She likes overalls better than anything, and there is no feeling to her quite like that of soot on her face. Her hair is often braided back and twisted into a low knot so that it does not get in the way—sometimes, when she's bored, she bends weaker metal scraps into a moderately ornate-looking hair-band. Occasionally she will sell these for pocket money on the street or to friends.

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  11. This looks very interesting.

    I'm also interested in hearing more about the mages. For example, can they hide the fact they are a mage (i.e. cover their runes)?