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  1. “Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” William Faulkner

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    The clock was slowing. Rumour spread like wild fire through the city, reaching everyone's ears, be they young or old. They clock was slowing down and that meant the end. The rumour impacted Enox particularly. She was working in her workshop, fiddling with her latest invention, when the messenger arrived for her. He was dressed in a scarlet and blue robe fastened around his waist with a thick leather belt. The hood was folded down to reveal the youthful face of the Keeper, blonde hair ruffled from the constant raking of fingers through his hair, presumeably from stress.
    'Enox Elrida, the Elders request your presence.'
    He said, handing her a small golden key. His hands were cold to the touch compared to her work warmed body, clammy and a little sweaty. there was no wonder why really. After all, if Enox was being called to the guild, that meant that he had MANY people to deliver the message to. After all, there were a LOT of wielders in the guild when she was there. Everyone had branched out and lived normal lives. Now the Elders had sent out messengers to collect them all. Which could only mean one thing. The rumours were true. She took the key and slipped it into the leather pouch she wore around her waist. 'I understand.' The messenger nodded and was on his way again, dashing onto the metal streets to continue his duties. She sighed, wiping her coal stained hands on the rag that was slung over the stool beside her bench, patting the half a robot sadly. 'I'll come back to you eventually.' She murmured, putting out the fire in the large forge before walking out of her workshop.

    Enox found her parents seated at the kitchen table, their faces drawn and pale. Before she could speak, her father did so for her.
    'The rumours are true aren't they? You're going away?' He said, old hands trembling a little from emotion. She was their daughter, their child and now she was being sent to fight a war that many believed wouldn't come. She'd been taken from them for so long. They hadn't got to raise their own child, and now they were being separated from her again. It was traumatic to say the least. Enox sat at the table opposite them, clasping her hands in front of her. 'Father, I wish I didn't have to go, but you know if I don't, I'll be letting everyone down. it's my duty, what I was trained for.' She said, pleading with him. He sighed, shaking his head so that the salt and pepper hair flicked a little.
    'I just wish you didn't have to leave.' Enox sighed, looking to her mother who refused to meet her gaze, the woman's hands trembling. Enox sighed again, reaching across the table to hold her mother's hands. 'Mum, I promise I'll come back. I have to do this, you know i do.' The woman nodded, wiping tears. Slowly, Enox stood up and kissed both her parents on the cheek. 'I have to go. They're waiting for me.'

    Half an hour later she was standing outside the large metallic doors of the guild, waiting for the other Time Wielders to arrive so they could be let in. It was a large building, almost gothic in structure. It had been built many centuries before, based on the information that the traders provided their architects and Shiners. thinking back on the history of the building, Enox felt a surge of pride. Her ancestors had built most of the city. She knew that the current Shiners took great pride in the smooth way the city functioned. She herself had helped fix important parts of the city a few times and so she understood that pride. She shifted her large rucksack filled with tools, clothes and anything else she felt might be necessary. After all, she didn't know the nature of their future quest, so she didn't want to come unprepared.


    Atticus scanned the streets carefully before ducking through the narrow gap between two incredibly large buildings and opening a hatch at the base of one, looking around again before stepping through and sliding down the chute into the dimly lit passageway. The sound of water dripping echoed in the metal area, the sound amplified multiple times over, as he walked. His footsteps made a similar echoing noise. After a few feet he pushed on a panel and the sheet of metal slid aside with a minor grating sound, to reveal the semi-brightly lit meeting chamber. He pulled the strange gasmask he wore to hide his identity away from his face, smiling coldly at the few other men in the room. 'Ah so we ARE all attending today. I was worried the message wouldn't reach you all.' He took his seat at the head of the large hexagonal table and clasped his hands neatly in front of him, resting on the ornate table top. He wondered how his predecessors had managed to get it in there in the first place. It was massive. It wasn't one that could be easily smuggled through the entrance to their little gathering place. He pushed the curiosity out of his mind. It wasn't any of his business anyway. He was just one that controlled the Mages now. He almost laughed at that thought. it sounded as though he had them on a leash. Yes, he was their leader, but in his mind, he more guided them to their goal. And now the time had come. 'The time is upon us. The clock is slowing. The guild has sent out messengers to their 'heroes'.' He rolled his eyes, spitting the word with sarcasm, gesturing for his fellow Mages to take a seat. 'We need to be ready to move the moment they do, if not before.'
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  2. Sebastian Dodgson was among the mages seated at the large table. There has been a few meetings before, he even came with his father and sister. Now was the first he went alone and their absence was even more pronounced. Such meetings didn't have the urgency of this one where the mage Atticus announced that the clock is slowing.

    It wasn't so difficult to notice at all, if you would watch it everyday. Most mages have their ways to. Sebastian had been so absorbed in his creation that he barely even noticed that there was a meeting. He said nothing, fiddling with the clockwork key he wore around his neck. It was the one a charming young woman was going to use on one of her creations. He kept Panne's key when he discovered her side on this conflict that gripped their city. He looked around at the faces, tense, some scheming, some he couldn't guess. War is definitely upon them, but Sebastian couldn't find his place in a battle. Not that he was afraid or weak. He just had...other things in mind.

    Xandre Lovelace had to end his meal early. Enforcers were called on duty, high alert was announced suddenly. It didn't take much to figure out what was going on. It must be the clock, he thought, buckling his shoes as his fiancee handed his holsters to him. He gave her a kiss as he strapped it on.

    "So it's true." His father's voice came from behind his fiancee. "About the Clock."

    "We're not certain yet, father." he said, his voice was pretty calm. His fiancee whispered something, asking if he needed anything else. He put his weapons in the right holsters and shook his head.

    "What of your sisters, Xandre?" his father asked again. "Your mother still wants to see all of you at dinner."

    "I'm sure they shall be sent home if the situation calls for that." he said, turning to face his father.

    "Will you be home later?" His fiancee managed to ask despite her trembling. Xandre's gaze softened. "I just hope I won't be too late."
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