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  1. Griffin stod proudly in front f te college. He had finally made it. After years of struggling to get free he had made it. All he had to do nw was survive college and his life would finally be his own. This was the beginning of his dream. Anything would be possible once he got his degree. With that thought he went into the building.
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  2. Name: Thadea Lorelei Amos

    Nicknames: Teddi

    Age: Just turned 18

    Gender: FM

    Looks: Teddi ranges between is about 4'10"(Though on a 'good day' she can get up to 5'0"). She is a very small girl for age and has sadly stopped growing.
    Teddi is on the heavy side of her healthy weight. She has had weight problems her whole life due to trying to balance her nutrition, exercise, mental state, and her diabetes. Teddi likes to swim and her shoulders are on the broad side. She's stout if anything in her body type and is solidly built. She loves working out because it make her feel better about her self even those she's not slim at least she's strong/healthy-ish right? She isn't exactly toned though and has a little fat around her stomach especially which covers up muscles.
    Teddi has black hair. It's a curly and she keeps it just below her shoulder in length. Any longer and it would way the curls down and make her look shorter. She like sit braided or in a pony tail and kept out of her face. It gets on the frizzy side during especially humid weather though her curls come out bets them too. If she brushes it while it's dry it turns into a poof-fest.
    Her skin is always lightly golden. Her father was from the middle east so she has a mix between her mother's pale skin and her father's darker golden complexion. She has scars...mostly on her back and thighs but she has some other places. On her face there's a small jagged scar running from the top of her lip to her nose around where her cupid's bow is. On her back os a patchy scar from some type of her burn on her left shoulder blade wrapping over her shoulder and onto her chest just a little.
    Teddi has dark hazel eyes with flecks of gold, silver, and amber in them making them flash and sparkle.
    Teddi has normal facial features, a button nose, light slightly thin lips, and her right ear is normal...Her left ear appears mangled and odd due to a genetic defect when she was born.

    Style: She has a practical/grunge style. Denim, plaid, etc. She also wears exercise clothes.

    Personality: Teddi is a quiet girl. She's self conscious about her body which is why she exercises a lot. She is a people pleaser her own way. She doesn't like t when people are angry or upset around or disappointed in her and desperately wants to make people happy with her...which is turn helps her feel better about herself.
    She almost always feels lonely because she has trouble making deeper connections with people. She's a sweet girl, though she's not the best judge of character.

    Short Bio: Teddi grew up in a rough situation. Her father and mother never married and her father left when Teddi was a baby. Her mother never really tried to raise her daughter and was too busy trying to find other men to take care of her. Teddi was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 4 and her mother immedietly gave her up saying she was too difficult to raise.
    Teddi has been in the foster system since then. She came to this college because they have a work-for-tuition program so she can work around the school instead of going into debt to pay for her eduction.


    Mother: Clara Skylar Ward

    Father: Gideon Malakai Amos

    Pets: N/A

    Extra: She is diabetic. She has trouble hearing out of her malformed ear.


    Thadea had gotten there early. She was making her bed in the dorm room already. She pulled the bottom sheet tight over the mattress. Her sheets were white with a blue, purple, and silver thin striped plaid on them. Her blanket was a fluffy 'urban' camo. She hadn't gone all out in paying to get here. She'd gone to GoodWill or Wal*Mart for all her things. She didn't have a pillow she had a thick rainbow bear pillow pet. Yes it was childish but she liked it. She finished making her bed and climbed down off the loft bed and ducked under to where her desk was. She had some more stuff unpack, though not much. Some office/school supplies and her clothes. She hadn't gotten any posters yet because she needed more spending money for that, but she wanted too.
    Teddi looked at her watch and wondered who her roommate was and when he/she would show up. As a young college female she'd been nervous about saying any gender roommate was OK, but it came with the work-tuition-living package she'd accepted and she would've had to pay for her own room if she had said she had to have a female roommate. Teddi had been late in applying so any other package options were full.
  3. At six foot four he was taller then most people so he didnt have to really watch where he was going people tended to avoid him. The leather pants and jacket might have much to do about that as his size did. Thadea? Griffin read the paper the office had given him as he walked. He frowned at the name. He had wanted his own room but on the work-tuition-living program that hadn't been a choice. He had applied late because his father kept finding and destroying his applications. He had gotten beaten every time his father found an application but that hadn't let that stop him from continuing to try. He wasn't going to give up his one chance at freedom. When he came the room number on the pare he hesitated. He wasn't looking forward to sharing he space. It didn't matter if it was a girl or a guy. He was a private person. But it wasn't like he had a choice. He opened the door to his new room.
  4. Teddi had been neaty putting her clothes on her side of the closet. The closet was split in two with a separator. She was hanging up most of her stuff and putting the rest in some bins.
    Teddi turned when the door opened and sucked her breath in when a hulking man walked in. She looked him up and down quickly, nervously.
    With the leather pants, and jacket she wasnt sure he knew what decade he was in, but she would never say that too him. She swallowed and gave him a crooked smile.
    "Hey...I'm Teddi..." She introduced herself...her voice was very quiet and small. Teddi shakily held her hand out, she honestly was a little afraid of her roommate.
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  5. Griffin stared in shock at the tiny girl in his room. He didn't know what to make of her. He wasn't surprised by her reaction to him. He knew exactly what image he projected. He did it on purpose to keep people away. "You must be my roommate. My name is Griffin. How do you say your name?" he asked in a deep gravely voice. He didn't want to try to pronounce his name and get it wrong. No sense insulting someone he was going to be stuck with for the next year.
  6. Teddi let her extended hand fall shakily to her side. She guessed he didn't feel like shaking her hand. Maybe he was a germaphobe, maybe he didn't like her, maybe he just didn't shake hands. She was over thinking this way to much...wait he'd asked her a question right?
    "Um Thad-ee-uh...but I prefer Teddi..." She explained. She never fully understood why people didn't know how to say her name, at least her first name seemed pretty self explanatory. But she never got annoyed with it.
    Teddi stated at Griffin. She didn't know what to do now. She nervously rubbed her arm and stepped more into the closet to let him through the entry into the small dorm room.
    There were two loft beds on either side of the room, under the loft beds were each one desk and a desk chair. Then on the left side of the room in the entry area was a door to the closet. It was a long not-quite-walk-in closet that has a separator to cut it in half. There were two bathrooms males and females for showering and such.
  7. Griffin looked at the loft bed. "This should be fun." the beds weren't idea for someone of his height. He carried his small bag of stuff. He didn't have much with him. A few changes of clothes and a picture of his mother. He had a few of his mothers things but he hadn't been able to save much but the few things he had he treasured. He tossed his bag on the bed. His eyes swept the tiny room. This was going to suck. How could he share a room with a girl? He knew nothing about them. He had little interaction with them over the years. He made his way up to the bed without hitting his head. He lay on the thin generic mattress and thought about how much better it was then his own.
  8. "Can I help you unpack?" Teddi asked quietly. She climbed up and sat on her bed watching Griffon quietly. She bit her lip hoping she hadnt upset him. Why would be need her help? He was like a hulk and she was a weak little toddler compared to him.
    Teddi put her pillow pet on her lap as she tugged on its ears gently as she waited for him to say something...anything to her. Teddi wanted to make friends, but she wasn't really confident enough in her people skills too.
  9. Griffin looked at the tiny girl. Teddi he thought to himself. The name suited her. She looked like a sad teddy bear sitting there. He hadn't meant to scare her or hurt her feelings. Alright so maybe he had but he wasn't used to being welcome anywhere. He opened his bag and took out his mother's things. "If you want to help I would appreciate it. The desk isn't exactly made for someone my size. If you could put the few school supplies I have in the drawers it would make things easier for me. I'll deal with the rest later." he told her softly. He didn't know how to handle her. He was used to pushing people away but she wasn't a threat to him in anyway. And pushing her away seemed wrong somehow.
  10. "Yeah OK...what pocket of your bag are they in?" she asked. She climbed down.
    "You know..if you want I can um raise my bed more and you can use the desk under mine...I'm um small I can fit in the bed with very little space.. she offered ever ready to please and desperate for friends. Her diminutive height fitting under the loft bed very easily. She ran her hands through her curly mess of hair trying to fix it. She had it down right now to cover her malformed ear. She didn't want her roommate seeing that first off.
  11. "They should be in the right pocket." Griffin told her. He looked down at her offer. He hadn't expected such kindness. No one had been kind to him. Not since his mother died when he was six. He was automatically suspicious of her generosity. Why would she be kind to him? What did she want from him? He watched her trying to figure out her motive. He knew she would have one. Everyone had one. "I'll think about it." he wanted to know what the cost would be before he agreed to anything. He was certain there would be a cost. Nothing in life was free.
  12. Teddi nodded. He didn't seem happy with her. Maybe she was talking to too much. He looked at her like he was suspicious of her. Teddi didn't know what she'd done....she was just trying to be nice! She guessed she'd messed up her chance of making friends on her first day.
    Teddi shut her mouth and opened the right pocket of his bag and pulling out his school supplies she organized them neatly into his desk. He seemed to have about as much stuff as she had except she didn't know if he had bedding. She'd barely got her bedding before she got here. In fact she'd bought it at the local GoodWill and Wal*Mart before showing up today. Her teddy bear she'd had for a little longer. Her clothes well she hadn't bought anything new before coming here and her school supplies she'd picked up yesterday.
    Teddi went over to her bed and looked it over. She knew it raised up she just wans't sure how to do it without breaking anything important on the bed.
    "Um well...if you decide you want to just raise the bed up and move my stuff...there's nothing personal in it don't worry." she told his eagerly. Teddi glanced at her watch. She had to get to the gym. She went into her closet and grabbed her 'gym bag', a plastic Wal*Mart bag with her swim suit(A set of board shorts, and tank top/sports ba that used to be black but now was a weird green/gray colour from being used in chlorine), goggles, a towel, gym clothes, and her water bottle in it.
    "Um...bye..." she muttered waving a little as she stepped out of the room. Teddi shut the door and putting her key in her pocket she headed out of the dorm building.
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  13. Griffin watched Teddi leave. He was curious about the small woman. He didn't know what to think of her. She was a strange person. At least his roommate wasn't boring. Once she was going he got up and went over to her bunk. It had looked like she had planned to be gone awhile. He could have peaked through her things but he wasn't that curious. If he expected her to respect his space he had to respect hers. He studied the bunk as much as he could without looking at her stuff. He saw how to adjust the bunk the way she had suggested. He easily readjusted the bunk so there was more space between the desk and the bunk. Then he left her a note.

    Sorry if I was rude. I'm not good with people. Thank you for your generosity.

    Then he went to his bag. He grudge through his few belongings until he found the item he was looking for. He took the small carving and set it on her bed. He had selected a small carving he had made of a mouse. It looked very life like despite its lake of color. He hoped she wasn't insulted by the comparison.
  14. Teddi changed quickly in the women's locker room. She pulled at the leg of her board shorts. She wore boy's board shorts to cover all the scars on her legs. She looked in the mirror. you could see the scars on her shoulders with it on, but she didn't have a swim shirt and she didn't want to waste a perfectly good t-shirt. She'd had this tank top for a while and didn't really have the money to get a new one.
    Teddi pulled her thick hair into a pony tail. and grabbing her goggle she locked her stuff in her locker and went out to the pool. She put her goggle on and dove in from the deep side.
    Teddi loved the water. It felt so calming and soothing. She started swimming laps.
  15. After placing the note and his gift he unpacked his few belonging. He didn't have bedding. So once everything was unpack he grabbed his wallet and his keys and headed out. He would try Good Will first. Hopefully he could find some decent bedding. He didn't mind second hand as long as it was in usable shape. He walked out of the dorm to his bike. He put his helmet on and took off. Luckily Good Will wasn't far from the dorm. It only took him a few minutes to get there. He looked through the bins hoping for a couple of inexpensive sheets and maybe a pillow. He wasn't picky. He was used to not having much. He found most of what he needed. Everything but the pillow. It looked like he wild have to go out to Walmart.
  16. Teddi swam hard. She'd normally spend a couple hours swimming. She likes feeling the burn in her lungs and her shoulders as she swam. She never did swim classes and only knew how to freestyle and the back stroke.
    Teddi hit the edge of the pool and turned to swim another lap.
    Nobody was there yet, swim team wasn't starting yet and everyone was getting settled in after coming back from break or just coming in.
  17. Griffin hated shopping. Especially at places like Walmart. He hated crowds. It was one thing about college he wasn't looking forward to. He went straight to the pillows wanting to get in and out as fast as possible. He grabbed the cheapest pillow he could find before heading to the food. Meals were included in his program but someone his size needed more then three meals a day. So he bought as many snacks as he could. Once he had everything he headed to the register. He paid for his purchases with the last of his funds before carrying them out to his bike. It took abit of rearranging for him to fit everything into his saddlebags but he managed. Then he headed back to the dorms.
  18. Teddi swam for two hours. She let the shower water rush over her body as she took a quick shower in the locker room.
    Pulling her jeans back on she yanked her white vneck over her head and buttoned up her green plaid shirt.
    She grabbed her stuff and started walking back to the room.
  19. His leg was aching by the time he reached the dorm but he ignored the pain he was used to it by now. He packed in front of his dorm again. He unpacked his stuff and carried it inside. He was relief that Teddi wasn't back yet. He still wasn't sure how he was going to handle her. Once inside he started to make his bed. It was nice to have the things he needed. He cursed as he bumped his head on the ceiling as he struggled to make his bed.
  20. Teddi made her way back to the dorm building going up the stairs to the third floor where they were. She went down the hall and unlocking the door walked in. She smelled like chlorine, she'd forgotten to bring her soap to the lockers so she hadn't truly showered, just rinsed off. She hung her swimsuit up in the closet and put her stuff away.
    The floor were hardwood because they were in one of the older dorm halls. It had smaller rooms than the others and was mainly used by working students.
    Teddi walked over and saw that her bed had been raised and that there was a mouse on her bunk.
    "Did you move my stuff?" she inquired. She didn't sound accusatory, just curious if she needed to move her stuff out of the desk She ran her hands through her wet hair and went over to the window at the end of the room.
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