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  1. "I hope they heard me...no,they should have..." A girl with long black hair stood at the edge of a building,gazing down at the quiet city located somewhere in Honshu,the main island of Japan.The peacefulness of the still asleep city was broken by a faint distorted cackle that seemed like it echoed around her."...I have to meet them as soon as possible before-!"


    It was a regular Monday morning in November,a month away from testings and the winter holidays.Students everywhere had started preparing for their upcoming tests...or at least that's what was expected from them by the teachers.The temperature has started to slowly drop lower and lower as the days passed by,but it's not really surprising for anyone since winter's fast approaching.In short,nothing out of the ordinary was happening...yet.
  2. I get it! Now begone you uncultured swines! Leave me to my poetry in silence. I care not what you think of it, as the brain of the one speaking it reeks of rot. Which would also account for the incredibly bad breath you pollute this planet with, for every moment you live. Obviously you care not for this earth as you continue to breath. Now please step away before I become a biohazard from your abomination.

    "Okay, I'll try to pay more attention when I am reading and walking."
    Kou had just checked out a book from the library on medieval poetry of Europe. It was something he often took interest in when he had nothing else to do. Unfortunately he ran into a particularly sour teacher as he left the library and had been scolded. After his unfortunate bump in, he headed to class awaiting the end of the day.
  3. Yuki woke up and she looked over her bed, her cat laying on her legs sleepily as she looked at it. "W-what was that kind of dream...Better than all the nightmares..I guess..." She sighed and got up, walking to her closet to gather her clothes, better saying her school uniform as she was..as usual late.

    She finished dressing and walked down to greet her grandfather that was already awake and she got a bite before leaving the house, her thoughts went over that dream she had while she made her way to her school. She was used to odd dreams, but usually it always involved random bits of things about her mother that she couldn't get together.

    Upon reaching school she walked into class and they continued studying for the upcoming test. Yuki felt ready for it, in most topics that was, she was usually studying a lot because she didn't have many friends in her school either, even though it was a religious school she was probably the only one that doubted the whole thing, her grandparents kept telling her that she would get to know more about her mother if she just had the faith, but lately she felt like that was pointless.

    She keept drawing around in her notebook, still about that dream, she was curious where she got that idea for a dream, it was really different and she was also curious how it would have went on, if she didn't wake up.
  4. Today, like every other day, Miharu was at school bright and early. There was always something to do - classroom duty, assisting in the student council room, preparation for clubs...and of course studying. She had been studying in the library prior to the start of homeroom; a barely audible chime alerted her to the time, at which point she packed up her books and walked out. Just as she stepped into the hall, she overheard a teacher scolding another student, seemingly for running into the staff member in question. Most would have looked over; she just took it as a reminder to not let herself get distracted on the way to her destination.

    The normal chatter and noise washed over her the instant she pushed the door open, most of it coming from the jokers in the back row, as usual. Don't any of you realize how important your grades are? she sighed inwardly. She kept her thoughts to herself and gave her usual greeting upon entering. "Good morning." A few said hello as she walked by, or stopped her with questions about the test material, and she helped those who asked to the best of her ability. In the back of her head, she was still trying to memorize a certain mathematical formula, even while discussing the upcoming history test with a girl in her row. There was no space or time for her to dwell on odd dreams - in fact, she had forgotten about it hours ago.
  5. Red walked into class long after many of the other students had already arrived. He was no stranger to cutting it close. As usual, he sat in the back of the classroom and joined the chatter, talking to one of his many friends about the latest album of an underground band that hailed from his hometown. Their music was mostly too hardcore for his tastes, but Green had gotten into them something fierce and Red wanted to be able to discuss them. The strange dream he had was already shoved into the back of his thoughts. Esoteric dreams were rarely anything special for him.

    All the time he spent socializing meant he rarely bothered keeping up with his grades. Schoolwork wasn't all that important to him. He was confident his musical career was all he needed to get ahead in life, not all this junk about math or history or whatever! It was all really boring anyway. When he wasn't talking to the people around him, he spent a lot of his class time working on the synth riffs for his band's newest song.
  6. Seeing many of the seats full with few options left, Leo decided to sit beside Miharu since there was an open seat beside her. He had never bothered to talk to her - actually, he had never bothered to speak with almost all of the classmates due to his anxiety. With a small sigh, he opened up a textbook and began to read while writing down notes with a pen. Leo never used a pencil unless required to do so. He hated those things... he didn't like how the lead scraped against the paper roughly. But with a pen, writing was smooth and felt nicer to him. His thoughts flowed along with the ink.

    Leo turned to Miharu, and bit his lip as if thinking. He wanted to meet people this year. He wanted to let himself take his mind off of his mother, and focus on being happier. If there was any start, friendship would be one of the first.

    "H-Hi, I'm Leo." He stammered awkwardly, looking away from her gaze. Look at her in the eye, you can do this. Why would you start with a girl anyway? Leo's mind fought against himself, and looked back at her again.
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