Saving a Shadowed Dimension

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  1. "Help me. . .Please help"

    Hearing the soft,weak plea,you opened your eyes and was astonished to find yourself standing in the middle of what you'd call "the end of the world".Looking around,you spotted a huge,blurry,black figure hitting a smaller glowing figure,which crashed a few meters way from you,making dust fly everywhere.As the dust cleared,you saw the glowing figure rise. . .it was a figure of a girl.Then,the rest of the happenings seem like a blur,until you just found yourself on your bed.It was all just a dream. . .

    Or was it?

    Assuming that it was just a dream,you headed to school like always.At the same day of the weird dream,a mysterious girl suddenly transferred into your school.Right in the middle of the school year.For some reason,she reminded you of the girl from your dream.

    Is that girl the same one from your dream?

    You're just a regular high school student who was chosen by Akira,a girl from an altered world,to help her save her dimension.But,shadow demons are coming to Earth to stop her from coming back to her world,and to bring her 'chosen ones'.In return for your help,she promised to grant you one wish. Any wish that might even seem impossible to be granted.

    Will you help her in her mission?

    This is an RP that I hosted in this one forum...but sadly the forum is pretty much dead as of now.That up there was the old RP introduction/plot I used.If I see that people are interested with this idea,I'll probably revise that...or maybe I won' xD

    The RP idea was inspired by the anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica".What is it,you may ask?Well...Google it.*shot* xD
    Srsly tho,'s a link to a brief explanation of what it is.

    So in a nutshell,the RP is going to be about this girl from a different dimension(that I will play as...xD) who appeared in a dream of some students(a.k.a the RP participants) asking them for help to save her dimension.

    Pretty simple,yes?,yeah...xD
    W-what do you guys think? ^~^;
  2. Sounds really nice actually, I would join in.
  3. I'd be interested
  4. Okay, i like. I the story plotted out.
  5. Yay,three people xD
    Ee...I might post this up this Friday then. :v
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.