Saving a Life

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  1. He stared at the wall in his father's office in shock. He had only ever seen something like it in movies. The wall was covered with pictures of a girl his age or a few years younger. There was also a copy of her work and school scheduled. This could only mean one thing. His father was obessed. He had to warn her before it was too late. He grabved the copy if her schedule and headed out the door he oped he wasn't already too late.
  2. Sarah Hart was smiling with her friends, it was after class and she could finally relax at school for an hour before going home. Wearing a bright pink tank top and a jean skirt showing her beautiful curves, she moved her lucious blonde hair to the side as she waved her friend goodbye and sat down on a bench by her favorite water fountain and started reading the book "Wicked," as she bit down on a juicy apple.
  3. Griffin knew where to find the woman that had been displayed on his father's wall. He had taken a copy of the her schedule before he left his father's office. She would be at or near the school. So that was where he headed. He had to get to her before his father's men did. He didn't know when they planed to grab her but from the notes it looked like it would be soon. She parked near the school. He found her with little difficulty. He approached her hoping to convince her to listen to him. "Can Italk to you for a moment?"
  4. "Oh, hey! Umm are you okay sir?, you look worried or something?" Sara said with a slightly concerned look; her head was cocked slightly to the side as she looked at the man with her gorgeous blue eyes.
    The woman bit down on her apple as she started listening to him.
  5. "I am worried." Griffin admitted. "About you." He held out the copy of her schedule. "Think of me as...a body guard. According to my sources you are in need of protection. This copy of your schedule as well hundreds of pictures of you were found on the walls of a very dangerous man's office. This man his known in the underworld for his cruelty. I am here to offer you protection from him."
  6. The young woman took the schedule and looked at it, "w-what? Seriously?" she started hyperventilating, it was clear that she was trying not to panic but she couldn't help the shaking of her right hand that was holding the piece of paper. "Is he here now?" The girl asked and stood up looking around with her books clutched against her chest.
    "This is so fucked up, why me? I'm not even that special!" she said holding back tears. "I just don't understand...w-where will you even be taking me? Oh gosh I think I'm gonna be sick..." she said as she ran her fingers through her hair.
  7. "Take a deep breath." Griffin encouraged. "I don't know the hows or whys. I will try to find out. I have a couple of places I think will be safe for you to go. It will be a couple of weeks. I need you to come with me. Call who ever you need to. But be careful what you tell them. You will put them in danger if you give them too much information. This man will use them to get to you. I can take you to pack a few things but we have to move fast. His men will be looking for you soon. If they aren't already on their way." His eyes swept the area but he didn't see anyone he recognized. Not that he knew all of his father's men but he knew most of them. "Will you let me protect you?"
  8. She nods before looking back at her school, "the things I need are at my friends Cindy's house...but I think it's better if I don't show up, or else shes going to start asking questions and i generally slip up when trying not to tell her stuff, but I have a huge savings account so I can use that for my clothes.." she walks with him to his car trying still to calm down.
  9. "Better drain that before we leave town." Griffin advised her. "Those kinds of thing can be traced. And trust me he will trace them." Griffin lead her down her to his car. Just as they hit the parking lot, he saw that two thugs he recognized. They were talking to some of the other students. They were showing a picture to the others. He stepped between her and them. "Get down out of sight. Go around behind the cars. Get in as quietly as you can. I will keep an on them. But I don't think they've seen you yet."
  10. She nods as she sneaks behind the cars and quietly opens the passenger side door, getting in she kept her head low.
    All these thoughts were racing though her mind, why her? Why now? She didn't know if there was some secret way she might have provoked the man but at least she was safe now...
  11. Griffin watched the two thugs. But they never looked in his direction. When he saw that she was in the car he headed towards it. He drove a black Ford Focus. It wasn't a flashy car. He had purposely picked a car that would blend in to most places. He didn't want his car to attract attention. Now the challenge would be to get out of the parking lot unnoticed. He slowly made his way towards his car. He climbed in. He watched the two men. "Stay down out of sight." He told her as he started the car. He carefully pulled out of his parking spot.
  12. The young woman ducked, terrified as they drove out. She couldn't stop shaking as he kept driving but nonetheless she stayed out of sight until she was instructed to prop her head back up. She hoped that wherever they were going had a shower because she needed one.
  13. Griffin waited until the school was out of sight. "Alright you can sit up. Tell me where your bank is. Can you drain your account from an ATM or do you need to go into the bank? Is there an place where people will easily be able to identify you? We want to avoid those places."
  14. "At CNT Bank of's right up the road here..." she said looking sad and depressed
  15. Griffin nodded. "Do you need to go inside?" He didn't want go inside but if that what it took than was what they would do. She needed to stay out of sight. "What cities should I avoid taking you to?"
  16. "I don't know...just let me go in and I will think about the places..." she then opened the car door when he stopped at the bank and closed it behind him, she walked in and waited in line, looking around as she held herself.
    She didn't even know why this man wanted to help her, she was somewhat thankful for it but still scared of following her...she took a deep breath reassuring herself that she was safe, there was no way he could know what type of bank she goes to...with that in mind she started thinking about the guy who saved her, he was pretty cute.
  17. Griffin stayed close to her as she went into the bank. He was going to have to introduce himself eventually. He would like to wait until they hit the city limits though. He scanned the lobby looking for anyone he recognized. He didn't know all the people that his father had in his pockets. He didn't doubt that someone in this bank worked for or know his father. Which made it dangerous for him to be in the building but he wasn't going to allow her out of his sight. If someone here know that his father was looking for her they would call him and put her in danger.
  18. "Yes, may I help you?" An old womad said adjusting her glasses, studying the young girl.
    "Hello, my name is Sarah Hart, I would like to pull out all the money from my savings account please..." she said showing her the ID
    The woman looked shocked for a moment but then took her ID and scanned it, "right away Mrs. Hart let me get you some papers to sign and you will be on your way..."

    The woman walked away, leaving the two by themselves. Sarah turned to the man, "is he here?" she whispered.
  19. "No. I don't see him or any of his men but we need to get out of sight as soon possible. I don't know everyone that works for him." He warned her. He was glad that she was willing to drain her account for this. He had some money but he knew it wouldn't go very far.
  20. The woman walked back and handed her some papers, Sarah looked at her protector before signing the papers and giving it back. The woman walked away and grabbed a couple of huge bags full of money. The woman walked out with them, putting them into the car before closing the door and getting into the passenger side.
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