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  1. I'm yet again searching for any long-term role-playing partners. :) Let me know if there's something you want to discuss that's not on the list, I'm pretty much open to anything as long as they follow my guidelines. :)


    •No one-liners
    •No God-modding
    •No Gary/Mary Sues
    •No text-writing
    •Be willing to double
    •Be able to post more than one paragraph
    •If you wish to drop the role-play, please let me know, I promise I won't come after you ;)
    •If you're over the age of 18 and wish to role-play mature themes in the Libertine section, let me know
    •As of now, please post your replies in the thread until I get my inbox fixed

    About Me:
    •Two - four+ paragraphs
    •I prefer using real life pictures for my character(s); you should do the same
    •I only do heterosexual role-plays
    •I only role-play in the forums/PMs
    •I have a pretty busy life, so please be patient with me
    •I won't do sexual themes with writers under the age of 18; holding hands and some kissing is far as I'll go
    •I can play both Canons and OCs
    •I can play both genders equally
    Role-Plays I Won't Do:
    •Harry Potter
    •Hunger Games
    •Mortal Instruments
    •Percy Jackson
    •Game of Thrones
    •My Little Pony
    •Justin Bieber
    •One Direction
    (****I'm craving to do)

    Fandom Pairings
    X-Men (open)

    Cyclops X Jean Grey****
    Cyclops X OC****
    Wolverine X Jean Grey
    Wolverine X Storm
    Wolverine X OC
    Gambit X Rogue
    Gambit X OC
    OC X OC

    Star Trek (TOS/J.J. Abrams) (open)

    Captain Kirk X OC (TOS)
    Doctor McCoy X OC (TOS)
    Engineer Scott X OC (TOS)
    Ensign Chekov X OC (TOS)
    Captain Pike X OC**** (J.J.)
    Captain Kirk X Lieutenant Uhura (J.J.)
    Captain Kirk X Doctor Marcus (J.J.)
    Captain Kirk X OC (J.J.)
    Doctor McCoy X Doctor Marcus (J.J.)
    Doctor McCoy X OC**** (J.J.)
    Ensign Chekov X OC (J.J.)
    Commander Spock X Lieutenant Uhura (J.J.)
    Commander Spock X OC (J.J.)
    Khan X Lieutenant Uhura (J.J.)
    Khan X Doctor Marcus (J.J.)
    Khan X OC ****(J.J.)
    OC X OC (J.J.)

    Star Wars (open)

    Han Solo X Princess Leia
    Han Solo X Mara Jade
    Han Solo X OC
    Luke Skywalker X Mara Jade
    Luke Skywalker X OC
    Anakin Skywalker X Padmè Amidala
    Anakin Skywalker X OC
    Young Obi-Wan Kenobi X Padmè Amidala****
    Young Obi-Wan Kenobi X OC****
    Kyp Durron X Jaina Solo****
    Kyp Durron X OC****
    Jag Fel X Jaina Solo
    Jag Fel X OC
    Jacen Solo X Tenel Ka
    Jacen Solo X OC****

    Lord of the Rings (open)

    Eomèr X OC****
    Aragorn X Arwèn
    Aragorn X OC
    Boromir X OC
    Legolas X OC
    OC X OC

    Red (open)

    William Cooper X OC

    Hairspray (open)

    Corny Collins X OC****

    27 Dresses (open)

    Kevin Doyle X Jane Nichols
    Kevin Doyle X OC****

    The Notebook (open)

    Noah Calhoun X Allie Hamilton
    Noah Calhoun X OC
    Lon Hammond X Allie Hamilton
    Lon Hammond X OC****

    The Box (open)

    Arthur Lewis X Norma Lewis****
    Arthur Lewis X OC****

    Enchanted (open)

    Prince Edward X Giselle
    Prince Edward X OC****

    Hop (open)

    Fred O'Hare X OC****

    Jurassic Park (open)

    Doctor Grant X Doctor Sattler
    Doctor Grant X OC
    Doctor Malcolm X Doctor Sattler
    Doctor Malcolm X OC

    Independence Day (open)

    Daniel X OC
    Jimmy X OC
    Steve X OC

    Interview With the Vampire (open)

    Lestat X OC
    Louis X OC

    Van Helsing (open)

    Gabriel Van Helsing X Anna Valerious
    Gabriel Van Helsing X OC
    Dracula X Anna Valerious
    Dracula X OC

    The Mummy (open)

    Rick O'Connell X Evelyn Carnahan
    Rick O'Connell X OC

    Daybreakers (open)

    Doctor Edward Dalton X OC

    Insidious (open)

    Josh Lambert X Renai Lambert
    Josh Lambert X OC

    Almost Human (open)

    John Kennox X OC

    Xena: The Warrior Princess (open)

    Julius Caesar X Xena
    Julius Caesar X OC

    Supernatural (open)

    (I'm only on the fifth season)
    Dean Winchester X OC
    Sam Winchester X OC
    Castiel X OC

    Bones (open)

    (I'm only on the fourth season)
    Seeley Booth X Temperance Brennan
    Seeley Booth X OC
    Jack Hodgins X Angela Montenegro
    Jack Hodgins X OC
    Lance Sweets X OC

    Comanche Moon (open)

    Captain Woodrow Call X OC****

    Revolutionary War

    Civil War****




    Regency/Victorian Era****

    Celebrity/Fan (I'll give you my list, if you're interested)

    Old West****


    Medieval Fantasy




    Highland Romance

    Native American

    Ancient Rome

    Ancient Greek

    Ancient Egypt

    Supernatural Creatures

    Science Fiction

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  3. Hello there. I would love to do something set around WWII era with you.
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