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  1. Wyatt let out a sigh as he waited in the cafe with a coffee in between his hands at a table. He watched the steam come up from his cup of coffee for a moment then looked out the window he was by.
    'She is 10 minutes late...' he thought to himself. Of course he couldnt blame her concidering it is the first day of summer and they did just finish there senior year in high school. But at the same time she WAS the one that told him to meet up with her at exactly 12 PM. He didnt understand her sometimes. As he waited he leaned back against his chair and ran a hand through his blonde-white hair. He was a rather good looking young man. He got compliment all the time. He had his blonde-white hair, shockingly bright
    blue eyes, and a nice athletic body build. He was also kinda tall, 5'12".
    As he looks out the window he finally sees her. Thank god! He had no idea what she wanted to tell him but he was willing to listen of course despite the wait. He smiled his usual smile, as always his bright blue eyes even seemed to match his smile.

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  2. Carmen stepped off her motorcycle, pulling her helmet off and shaking her head to straighten her hair. She pulled out her phone to check the time, 12:15. She sighed kicking her self for running late, but what was done is done. She rested her helmet underneath her arm and looked up seeing Wyatt inside the cafe smiling at her. She gave a polite smile back, and looked down at her phone that had just buzzed in her hand. She sighed and stated making her way across the parking lot to the cafe as she read the text. Hey Babe! I miss you! We should talk! Carmen rolled her eyes as she unlocked her phone to reply. We aren't talking. I've already told y -
  3. Wyatt raised an eyebrow at her noticing her reaction then out of concern he heads over into her direction. Once he gets to her he smiles slightly, "Hey! You alright?"
  4. Carmen looked up caught unaware. "huh?" She asked confused, not processing what he had just said. "Oh uh, yeah. It's just my ex. He keeps texting me." She said putting her phone away, making a mental note to finish it later.
  5. He tilted his head slightly, "Ohhh Jake the asshole? I could never stand him." He said with a slight chuckle.
  6. Carmen's face dropped into a glare at Wyatt's laughter. "I am well aware of your opinion" She said flatly walking out in front of him to cross the street to the cafe.
  7. Wyatt followed after her and sighed, "Look no need to get all defensive. I did nothing wrong... Geesh!"
  8. "There's no need for that comment if you already know that I know how you feel about him." she said as she walked into the cafe and leaned against the wall to look at the menu
  9. He walked in after her, "I make those comments all the time and now you are flipping out on me? Geez you are acting the same when you dated him!"
  10. Carmen set her helmet down on the closest table and looked up at him, her brown eyes piercing his blue ones. "Maybe that's because I never asked for your opinion!" She spat at him, getting angrier and angrier every time he opened his mouth.
  11. Wyatt ran a hand through his hair, at this point everyone in the cafè was looking at them. However Wyatt didn't pay any attention to them. He kept his eyes locked onto hers, "Will you calm down? You are over reacting to what I said as usual!"
  12. "Well you're the one that started it as usual! Geez you're always getting into my business, especially when you know I don't want you to!" Her hands were in fists and shook slightly with anger.
  13. He frowned slightly, "Then why do you even bother being around me!?! You have always hated me!" His anger was slowly rising.
  14. "Finally! Something that makes sense!" She yelled at him grabbing her helmet and pushed him aside and stormed out the door, grumbling to her self wondering why she even came in the first place. Consumed with her own thoughts and anger, Carmen was totally unaware that a truck had just turned the corner and heading straight towards her, the driver distracted by his phone.
  15. Wyatt saw the car speeding towards Carmen and instantly his protective instincts kicked in. He rushed towards her, "CARMEN! WATCH OUT!!!" He pushed her out of the way and before he could have time to get out of the way himself, he was hit. He immidiatly fell to the ground and was hit so hard he rolled about 4 ft away from the car. The driver stopped and people stared in shock. Some people scream. Wyatt was bloody and unconcious.
  16. "Ow...." she said holding her head in pain. Her hands felt wet against her head and she quickly pulled them back to look at them. She had a deep cut on her left hand and smaller ones on her right. Her ears finally stopped ringing and she heard the crowd that was growing around her. She looked up and saw so many people rushing out the cafe and surrounding stores. Some were around her, asking her if she was alright, but even more were around the front of a truck, that she didn't remember seeing there before. What had happened? She remembered storming out of the cafe... then someone yelled at her... WYATT! Carmen suddenly realized what had just happened and she stood up ignoring the pain in her leg that had gotten a small road rash, and pushed through the crowd. He was Lying on the ground, blood dripping down his face. "Wyatt..?" She whispered as she stood there unsure what to do. Time seemed to freeze, but yet at the same time she couldn't realize the passing of it. The next thing she knew was she was in an ambulance sitting next to Wyatt who was on a stretcher, with a paramedic quickly doing what he could to save his life, and another cleaning up Carmen's hands and leg.
  17. As they rushed Wyatt to the hospital the checked everything... his breathing and pulse was fine. However he did have some road rash, a busted lip, and a few small cuts on his face and few gashes on his arms. The paramedics also assumed he had a few broken ribs as well. Once they got him to the hospital they rushed him into a room.
  18. The doctors took some x-rays over some areas that were in pain, but everything turned out fine. She received some stitches on her hand, but that was the worse of it and she was sent to the waiting room to wait and see what would become of Wyatt. After what seemed like hours she was finally allowed into the room to see him. She rushed in, ignoring the pain, and stood by his bed side. "Wyatt.... I'm so sorry..."
  19. Wyatt let out a small groan as the doctor explained that he had a few broken ribs and a concussion but other than that he was going to be fine. When the doctor left Wyatt's eyes slowly began to open. He looked around confused for a moment then he looked at Carmen.
  20. "Wyatt........ I'm so sorry Wyatt. It's all my fault." She said quietly with tears in her eyes. She couldn't bare to look at him, so she looked at the floor, memorizing the tile pattern as her tears fell in small pools on them.