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  1. Bryce let out an irritated growl as he waited in the cafe with a coffee in between his hands at a table. He watched the steam come up from his cup of coffee for a moment then looked out the window he was by.
    She is 10 minutes late, he thought to himself, clearly annoyed. Of course he couldn't blame her considering it is the first day of summer and they did just finish there senior year in high school. But at the same time she WAS the one that told him to meet up with her at exactly 12 PM. Everyone knew Bryce was not a patient guy. He didn't understand her sometimes. As he waited he leaned back against his chair and crossed his arm, having the usual emotionless expression on, his dark grey as unreadable, it was always difficult to tell what he was thinking . As he looks out the window he finally sees her. About damn time! He had no idea what she wanted to tell him but he was willing to listen of course despite the wait, better than being home. He gave her his irritated scowl that showed he was not amused.
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  2. Leah stared nervously down at the time on her phone, it was already 12:10! Of course her mom just had to bother her about not doing the dishes and the laundry, making her spend an extra 10 minutes to hurriedly take care of it all.

    She stepped off of the bus, practically pushing people out of the bus doorway to hurry. She ran a block down to the cafe, slowing her steps to a walk in order to seem normal and calm when walking in. She spotted Bryce and let out a relieved breath, patting down her hair while walking to the seat.

    Her breath hitched seeing his annoyed glare, but she took a deep breath and rambled on worriedly, "Alright, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, listen my mom made me clean the dishes and do the laundry because I forgot to do it this morning and so after I was done getting ready to meet you she made me do those chores even though she knew I would be late, y'know, but she didn't care and I couldn't just, like, say no or anything so I tried to make it here quickly but I was ten minutes late, I know, I'm sorry, please don't look at me like that because you make mistakes too, y'know!" She breathed deeply, making herself calm again, "Okay, sorry for that ramble. Thanks for still staying here though. I didn't think that you'd even be here in the first place..." She looked down towards the table.
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  3. Bryce rolled his eyes as she rambles on and on and he crossed his arms. By the time she was finally done he simply scoffed, "Yeah, yeah sure. Whatever," he let out a sigh and looked into her eyes, "Now why the how did you want to meet up with me of all people anyways? I just wanna cut to the chase of why I am here in the first place." He said impatiently, taping his foot on the ground impatiently.
  4. "Ugh, you always have such an attitude." She rolled her eyes. "Oh, and, uh right, why you're here in the first place..." She tapped her foot nervously, still staring down at the table. She looked up to his coffee on the table, nervously laughing, "Oh, hey, aha, you have coffee? I'm going to get me something too." She immediately stood up from the table, rushing into the ordering line before he could protest.

    She bought a cup of coffee as well, stalling time. She came back to the seat, still not bothering to make any eye contact. "So, hmm." She thought for a second, taking a sip of her coffee. Wouldn't it be better for her to just leave? Maybe I just got too excited over the first day of summer and let my hopes up... She thought disappointingly. "Actually, um, I..." She rested her head on her hand, looking out to the window next to them. "Nevermind." She nervously laughed it off, trying to change the subject, "What about you, first? Why did you even bother to come here? I thought you hated me."
  5. He narrowed his eyes at her and growled. Every time! Every time she does this shit... he let out a sigh of frustration and looked into her eyes, "Well you hate me so I don't even understand why you wanted me to meet up with you in the first place." he took a drink of his coffee, "So lets just say I came here out of curiosity. But its obvious you are too nervous to even tell me why you wanted me to meet up with you in the damn first place." his arms were still folded against his chest.

    Bryce may not realize it yet but deep down he did indeed have feelings for her. However do to his stubbornness refused to please it can show the feeling so far down he actually believed he did not care for her. But truth be told he liked pushing her buttons, he always secretly thought her reactions were adorable thus why he kept on doing it. However at the moment Leah was the one annoying him. They usually takes turns when it comes to annoying each other. And today it seemed to be Leah's turn.
  6. She scowled, "I never said I hated you!" She stopped herself and thought for a moment, remembering all of their arguments, "Okay, maybe a couple times during our fights, but I was just angry then!"

    "Look, fine, if you really only came here out of curiosity then I wont bother you then!" She huffed in annoyance, taking one last sip of her coffee, then stood up and walked away. She didn't know why she even thought that she would've had the guts to tell him anyways. What was I even planning on saying anyways?! Like, 'yeah, so I've liked you ever since we first met, haha, whatever.' What the hell was I even thinking?! It would only bring me humiliation.

    She walked out of the cafe, feeling slightly mad at herself for knowing that she was the one who caused the argument that time. She looked down to the sidewalk, letting her hair blow in front of her face in the wind. She planned on just walking to the nearest bus stop to get back home and hopefully never speak of this again.

    She paid no attention to the people and things around her. She was just completely absorbed in her own self-hating thoughts, wanting to get away as quickly as possible. Actually, she didn't even know where the nearest bus stop was or what block she was on, so she just hurriedly stepped into the streets, not noticing the huge semi-truck coming her way, until she heard the screeching horn and bright lights only 3 feet away from her.
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  7. Bryce sighed as he suddenly felt guilt wash over him and he ran after her, "Woman hang on..." he found her sure enough in no time at all seeing her pay no attention to her surroundings as she was in the middle of the street. He seen a huge semi truck and his protective instincts instantly took over, "LEAH LOOK OUT!" He bolted after her and luckily enough he got to her before the semi did and tackled her out of the way. The semi past them, honking angrily.
    Bryce felt his forearm had been cut pretty badly from the fall but other than that he's OK. He looked down at the girl that was under him, "You ok?"
  8. Leah grunted in surprise as she was tackled to the ground. For a couple seconds, everything just looked black and vacant to her, until her vision came-to and her slight dizziness went away. She instantly became flustered and her face heated up seeing Bryce on top of her. She stared wide-eyed into his eyes for a few seconds before becoming worried, "Am I okay?! Are you kidding me, you could've gotten killed! Well, I guess I could've gotten killed too... but seriously! You could've been flung across the street by now! Well, that was about to happen to me... but you more importantly!" She rambled on again, trying to distract herself from her body feeling hotter.

    Another car was honking angrily at them, so she stood up, pulled him up, and then grabbed his wrist as she walked across to the sidewalk on the other side. She continued to practically drag him until they reached a bus stop, sitting down on a bench in the shade. Without saying anything, she carefully inspected his forearm. It was bleeding and was torn open pretty badly, but could be easily healed with some antibiotic cream and gauze. She sighed, "Seriously, you should've just let me get run over... You're coming to my house because I want to make sure this gets healed up once the next bus comes in a couple minutes." Whether she was just doing this to distract herself from her feelings or as a way to say sorry-for-wasting-your-time-at-the-cafe, she didn't know, but she did feel terrible for letting him get hurt, especially since he just essentially saved her life back there.
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  9. Bryce sighed as she attempted to drag him to the bus stop he stopped moving abruptly about halfway to the bus stop and listened to her adorable rambling. He pulled his hand away as she looked at it with worried eyes, "Look its not a big deal alright? Better then you getting killed. I'm sure being hit by a semi isn't the way you wanna go," he looked at her with his dark grey eyes, "Look as long as you're fine that's all I care about. I maybe an asshole all the time but I am not gonna let you get killed," he rubbed the back of his neck, "And I'm fine alright. But I don't trust you not to go anywhere on your own now. So I am taking you home in my car."
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  10. Leah flustered more at his words, but instead just stubbornly said, "But what if it gets infected! You could die of that! I'm sure being killed by an infection isn't the way you want to go." She mocked his words. "You can drive me home, whatever, but you're coming inside with me. Do you even have a first-aid kit in general at your house?!"
  11. Bryce sighed and rolled his eyes, "I was planning on just washing it with soap and that would be the end of that. Whatever come on," he said as he grabbed her by the hand and led her towards his car, "I swear to god you drive me crazy sometimes... Do you have any idea how careless what you did was!?!" This time it was his turn to yell. He turned around to face her. His eyes narrowed down at her but they were also had a hint of concern, "You ate lucky I saved your ass. How would your mother feel if you were gone huh!?! I may have only met her a couple times but I know she would be crushed! What you did was absolutely careless!"
  12. Leah crossed her arms over her chest, "You can't just wash it with soap! It can still get infected. You need to wrap it around with gauze!" She sighed angrily, mumbling, "See this is why I have to take care of you..."

    She followed him to his car, rolling her eyes at his yelling, "Oh please, don't yell at me like I don't know that! It was your fault for being in such a cranky mood and not even wanting to listen to me at the cafe!" Though Leah knew that it was obviously her fault, she was too stubborn to accept it. She stepped past him, slightly shoving him irritatingly with her shoulder, and got into the passenger side of his car.
  13. Bryce shot her a glare as she got into the car, "Well woman in case you haven't realized this I have always been a 'cranky' asshole. And that's not about to change. You don't like it then tough shit. This is who I am!" He grumbled something incoherent and got into the drivers side. With that he drove off, "I swear..." he said to himself angrily, "You drive me up a fucking wall..."
  14. "Yeah, well normally you're not as big of a cranky asshole as you are now!" Leah didn't know what to say back, but still argued nonetheless. "And how about you don't say that while you're the one driving, because I swear to God you're so unpredictable, I wouldn't be surprised if actually did end up driving us up a literal fucking wall..." She grunted in annoyance and stayed silent for the rest of the ride.

    10 minutes later, the car pulled up to Leah's house. "Alright, dumbo, you're coming with me." She said, unbuckling her seat-belt. "How's your arm doing now?
  15. Bryce finally finished the argument by saying, "Just shut the hell up. I don't wanna hear you talk the rest of the ride."

    By the time they got to her house he slammed the drivers side door shut, still a little irritated with her. He scoffed as they got to her porch, "My arm is fine. I have had worse injuries than this. Now lets just go in the house and get this over with," he said impatiently. Yeah this only proved how impatient he actually was, "I dunno why you are suddenly caring about my well being."
  16. "I just don't like for people to die because of me, you dimwit." She opened her front door, mockingly motioning for him to come in.

    Her mother called from the kitchen, "Oh, hey, what are- Oh... why is he here?"

    "Mom, don't talk to him, he's crankier than normal today." She grabbed his wrist again, forcing him to walk up the stairs and into her room. She made him sit down on the side of the bed, "Stay. Don't touch or break anything." Then walked out for a few seconds to grab a first-aid kit.
  17. Bryce gave her mother a slight nod, "Hello to you too." He joked before he was dragged up the stairs. Once they were finally up the stairs he jerked his hand away from her, "You act like I actually listen to orders." he said rolled his eyes as he sat down and crossed his arms, "I'm not a damn dog!" He yelled after her. And sure enough just to piss her off he grabbed the closest thing to him and began messing with it. It was a trophy.
  18. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" She walked back to him, trying to pry the trophy from his hands. "You act enough like a dog for me to treat you like one!"
    She grumbled in annoyance, "And you're not helping your arm by acting like a baby! Don't get blood on my sheets, too!"
  19. He smirked as he stood up and held the trophy above his head. There was indeed a pretty good height difference. He is clearly satisfied by her reactions, "Well shorter if you stop acting like a brat then maybe I wouldn't be that much of a dick. So why don't you be a good girl huh?"
  20. "You motherfu...." She let out an irritated breath. "I swear to God, Bryce, if you break that trophy I will cut your dick off." She threatened while jumping up to reach it, trying not to let his little insults get to her. Annoyed, she went for a different approach: Leah stood up on her bed, quickly and hurriedly jumping onto his back, continuously trying to yank the trophy away. "Bryce, you little fucker!"
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